Home, home on the range...
Elessar and the Elf
take 1

Authors: Grygon (getspurked @ popullus.net) and Mayhem (amandamontrose  @  houston.rr.com )
Rating: NC17 for M/M sexual situations. 
Pairing: LORT, Aragorn and Legolas

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Synopsis: Aragorn and Legolas finally both confront their desires for each other. 
Note: This was originally the log for a thread between Grygon and Mayhem on the PBeM RPG Dreamer's Paradise (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DreamersParadise/

Elessar was the name given to him in the land of Rivendell, in the house of Elrond. It was the name he chose to use from here after, though many still called him Aragorn.

It had been but a few weeks after the defeat of Mordor and Sauron. The ring was destroyed and the Hobbits laid resting. Aragorn had healed them the best he could from their ordeal and he was glad to see both alive even just barely, though he could see Frodo suffered the worse.

He now stood just outside his tent. He refused to go into the city just yet till the time would come when he should. It would be a little while but he just knew now was not the time. The air outside seemed fresher. The flowers were blooming again. The wind was gentle and the sun...at last one could see the sun set without the clouds.

The wind caught gently at his hair and blew it back as the setting sun caressed him strong features.

It was over. It seemed to Legolas a life time ago that he could lay his bow aside and enjoy the warmth of the sun, the tickle of a breeze as it sent a stray blonde strand across his face, or the smell of an untouched meadow.

The stiring behind him was just a small animal though it caused him to half tense in reflex to grab for his dagger just the same. It would be a long while yet until his subconscious would remember it was over.

The moment broken Legolas retrieved his bow and wandered back through the swaying grass away from the trees and hills. He couldn't put this off forever. It had eaten at him their entire journey. He had no excuses to put it off any further, if he did he'd be lieing to both himself and to Aragorn.

Approaching the dark haired man and tent he stood a few feet away. Both names stood on his tongue though he was torn. He had always liked the strong sensations Aragorn would bring to mind. And Elessar slid off the tongue like welcomed water.

"It's still there, Elessar. I went for my dagger and it was but a woodland creature." He leaned his bow against the tent.

Aragorn turned his head slightly and nodded, "And it shall be for a while.  We have been like this for so long. Always looking over our shoulder. For over a year you and I have traveled and ran, trying to beat these forces and it has engrained in us these things."

He turned fully to face the fair elf, "But let us put it aside for now." He moved past Legolas and into his tent, "Will you join me?" He asked in waving to a small table set with food and drinks. "They felt I had not eaten enough and am to thin for a King. There is much to much food for one man to eat."

He moved over and picked up a cup to extend it out, his blue eyes catching Legolas as the sun glittered upon his hair as he entered. The way he moved was with such grace and it stirred him as it had before. Watching him silently upon their journey.

Dare he trust himself upon such close confines to this man? Legolas steeled himself as he entered and accepted the cup, his hand lingering over the Aragorn's fingers before pulling the cup away.  Fingers he had seen well at work during their journey. Fingers he admired and longed to feel on his fair flesh for so long now it ached.

"As King you need your strength. They are right to think you too thin." Legolas found his own strength in a teasing smirk aimed at the said King as he raised the cup to his lips. He held back a sarcastic comment about feeding the leftovers to the wolves. He couldn't help but wonder what happened to the beasts without their masters on their backs. Wasn't their fault to be used as they had been.

Shaking the dire thought before the liquid had slid down the back of his tongue his emotions had only shown fleetingly. Eyeing the table of food he felt no need for it currently, his stomach was complaining about more than being empty.

"Elessar, there is something I must confess. I fear I'll have no appetite until this is freed from my conscience. Will you hear me?" His voice grew urgent as he gripped the cup in his hands.

Aragorn noted the linger of fingers so his blue eyes held Legolas' for just that brief moment before lowering his hand and taking up a cup of his own.  He smiled and looked down with a slight blush it seemed as Legolas said he was thin.

Taking a drink himself, his eyes looked at Legolas over the rim, taking in the elegance that was he. He lowered the cup and tipped his head as he heard the urgency in the voice of the man before him.

Drawing a breath he nodded and smiled, "Of course you may speak and you know I will always hear you." He stepped closer and placed his hand upon the other man's shoulder, "I may be King but I am still your friend."

Legolas covered the other's hand with his own after setting his cup aside. He rubbed the hand as if to be sure it was real. Breathing seem to become difficult as he held the other's gaze, fell into those deep pools of blue.

"You've been a good friend," Legolas felt frozen. The words he had never thought about and now as he searched for them he grew lost and weak. Moving his hand away from Aragorn's he laid it in the crook of the other's neck, his hand twitching slightly at the feel of warm flesh.

"I cannot find the words, my friend. If you feel the need to strike me for what I am to do then do not hesitate. But know it comes from an ache in my heart that will not mend." Without a pause to reconsider he pulled himself close, his lips brushing over the other's like a frightened butterfly.

Aragorn blinked a few times, confused on what Legolas was trying to say. But the feel of his hand upon his neck made him hold his breath and the touch seemed to feel like it was burning.

As Legolas moved forward, Aragorn did not move. He watched as those lips he started at from time to time, thought about, came close to his and brushed over his lightly. It was like a dream.

Aragorn did not pull away or even flinch. Instead he pressed in more, making full contact. Aragorn held Legolas tightly to him and his other hand moved into those golden locks.

Legolas' breath hitched as Aragorn pulled him into an embrace, pressed into him, and sent a hand tangling into his hair. Opening his mouth Legolas welcomed Aragorn with a slow and hungry kiss. Relief and ecstacy flooded his bloodsteam with a burning fire as his heart melted.

His hands reacted slower than the rest of him. They finally came to gripe the back of Aragorn's shirt, one just above his hip and the other behind a shoulder.

As the kiss broke he gazed into the other's eyes with a mixture of longing, confusion, and something undefinable. "How long I have waited..." his breath came in slow gasps through parted lips. "How long I have yearned. Please tell me this is real."

Aragorn stared into Legolas' eyes as they parted, reading the longing, the confusion and more within them. His own must have showed the longing, the desire and hunger laced behind them. For so long he wanted to take this elf in his arms but it was not to be upon their journey.

"It tis real," breathed Aragorn, however he quickly pulled away as he heard a noise outside his tent. The smell of sweet perfume caught in the air and he knew it was the fair lady Eowyn.

"My Lord?" She called out.

"Enter," Aragorn commanded as he threw a glance to Legolas and moved over behind the table and sat.

Eowyn walked in and smiled a little at Legolas. "My brother and I will be departing soon and I wanted to...thank you for all you have done." She shifted a little.

"I should be the one to thank you, for allowing myself and my companions to fight along side the Rohan." Aragorn smiled a little.

She walked around and knelt before him, taking his hand in hers, "And I wanted to thank you for saving my life." She placed a kiss upon his hand while he other rested upon his leg, gently rubbing.

What he saw in Aragorn's eyes made his heart stop. The same desire and want in them that had plagued him for too long. For how long? The moment was ripped away too soon and only Legolas' quick reflexes stopped him from stumbling.

He reached for his cup as Eowyn entered, the sweet perfume she wore but a gentle breeze in the tent as he returned her smile. Legolas watched her kiss his hand and rub his leg.

Forgetting his manners he couldn't help but watch, though he knew he should turn away. Hidden behind his amused smirk was sweet jealousy. The hand she kissed was the one he had longed to feel along his fair flesh, burning a path to his heart.

The leg she... with a blush along his elf ears Legolas turned his head to the thin streak of blue sky and green grass beyond the tent's entrance.

Aragorn smiled politely and looked up to Legolas, catching that blush. He looked back down to Eowyn who slowly stood. "There is no need for thanks. I did it for all of Middle Earth."

Eowyn nodded in stepping back. "My brother and I will be leaving soon, will you be coming out to..."

Aragorn nodded, "Yes I will. And I will be here when he returns for your Uncle. We will keep his body safe."

"Thank you, my Lord," Eowyn paused a moment then went in and hugged him.

Aragorn looked to Legolas then hugged her back before she pulled away. He walked over to Legolas and whispered him, "I think we will need to find a more quiet place to...talk."

Eowyn walked over, "I will take my leave, My Lord. Lord Legolas." She turned and walked out, stopping to look back at Aragorn then walked off.

Aragorn leaned over to Legolas' ear, his breath gracing it, "Do you know of a place we can go?"

Legolas sighed as the warm breath sent chills down his neck. Turning his head he searched the other's face before replying. "I do." His eyes held promise as he described a place just beyond the meadow. A strip of woods with a shallow stream and a cliff and a trail from woodland hooves and paws to the cliff's bottom where a small waterfall hid a grotto. The ground covered in thick moss and grass.

He had been on his way back from that hide away when the horned creature had come close to tasting his blade. Legolas broke the intense gaze and looked at the tent entrance again. "I will wait for you there... if another were to see," he trailed off from stating the obvious.

Before he could lost in Aragorn's blues again Legolas set his cup aside and left the tent, retrieving his bo as he went. It had been too close with Eowyn suddenly showing. Legolas didn't want to fancy what would have unfolded had neither heard her in time, or if she had been some one else.

He waited just beyond the strip of woods at the cliff edge where the meandering path began it's downhill slope. Here the cliff walls, thick tree tops and the bubbling stream would conceal their voices. Here he could relax with nature.

Aragorn touched the archer's arm, "I will find you," he spoke softly then went back to gather some things as Legolas swiftly left. Aragorn paused a moment, watching Legolas' back as he left.

Gathering his sword, he held it for a moment, "I hope you stay sheathed for a long time to come," he spoke to it before placing it around his waist. He then attached his elven blade, pulled his cape about him and slowly walked out.

It was hard for him to sneak away. People always around whenever he came out. Men thanking him, women offering him food, when all he wanted was a little piece. At times Gandalf was there to drive these people away but now, he avoided them on his own. Just nodding, talking a little before pressing on.

At last he made his way down to the grotto. He paused a moment and looked about, taking the the quiet beauty. Then his eyes fell upon Legolas.

Aside from appearances Aragorn could be very elfish at times.  He was silent compared to other humans who Legolas would hear from miles away.  To his ears the other's footsteps were but a sigh on the earth, and his breath but a whisper in the breeze. 

Legolas smiled as he heard the man stop.  Turning he closed the distance between them in silence.  As his eyes searched those secretive blues he brought a hand to the strong shoulder.  His other came up to trace the jaw line where the unshaven hair was alternatively smooth and rough to his finger tip.

"Elessar," he spoke it slowly as his hand carressed the bare neck, feeling the pulse as it traced a path to the layered clothing.  His lips remained parted and moist as he tipped his head to the side just a hair.

Aragorn felt like he was holding his breath. To hear his name breathed out in such a soft tone from those lips was almost painful but so pleasing. He was almost scared to touch Legolas even though he had earlier. This was all so dreamish. The location, the two of them and the shared feelings of desire, need, possibly lust.

He reached up, taking Legolas' wrist and pulling his hand away. Slowly however, fingers caressed up the back of the slender hand. He turned it slightly and raised it to his lips, kissing the wrist softly. His eyes closed as lips touched that skin and the taste was sort of...sweet. Blues opened slowly then slowly came up to Legolas'.

Just breath. Legolas watched Aragorn through thick eye lashes. His dark eyes locked on the lips that kissed his wrist above his pulsing vien. His eyes opened again, like an innocent doe as Aragorn's blues sought his.

"This man who has slain orcs and risked his life..." his voice a near husky whisper. "So gentle, so soft." Turning his wrist in the other's hand he thread his fingers between the others, turning again and bringing them both up to his lips.

Each knuckle he kissed, slowly. Just a teasing glance of the tip of his tongue touching as he inhaled that musky scent.

Aragorn closely closed his eyes. The brush of Legolas's lips felt much like butterfly visiting for just a mere moment. But it was enough for this great King to hold his breath. For how long he did not count, only knew one hand released the others and moved around the waist.

He did not press more, clothing already was crushed between them from their closeness. Aragorn used his other hand to place along the neck of the elf and his thumb slowly slide along the jawline till was forced to go under.  With his thumb pressing, he gently nudged Legolas to tilt his head. In turned he did as well.

The kiss he gave Legolas fully upon the lips started out sweet. It broke after several beats but then Aragorn returned for another and this one was much deeper.

His heart was pounding so hard against his ribs Legolas felt sure Aragorn could feel it through the layers of leather.  Too old for one to recount his age and yet he could still get flustered over a potential lover. 

Tilting his head as Aragorn's thumb urged him to do he tasted the man's lower lip and barest touch of his tongue.  Then parted his lips for a deep, sensual kiss.  As his tongue slid under and around Aragorn's he slipped his hand up into the dark and tousled strands of hair. 

The whisper of facial hair against his flesh, the silky strands between his fingers, the smooth surety of Aragorn's mouth, and the throbbing of their tightly pressed bodies were Legolas' focus.  The surround trees and bubbling waterfall below them were of no interest.  They were safe and the tense muscles throughout his body had nothing to do with danger.

For a moment Legolas pressed deeper into the kiss with a rising urgency, his other hand gripping Aragorn's shoulder.  He broke the kiss with a soft gasp, heart pounding as a small tremor ran through him.

The kiss was long, tongues danced, saliva exchanged. Aragorn slid his arm around Legolas, his hand resting at the small of the elf's back, not pushing, not urging, just resting. He knew he did not need to, this was something they both had wanted.

Blue eyes slowly opened at the parting of the kiss. Aragorn's heart was pounding wildly and his blood race through his body to only center in one place.

Stepping back slowly, Aragorn looked down at Legolas' clothing, trying to determine what to remove first. He then knew and reached up for the broach at his neck. 

Legolas cupped Aragorn's hand as it released the broach, not aiding or hindering his movements but simply feeling the fingers work.  He had used the broach to clasp his cloak, and now though free it still clung to his shoulders from the straps of his arrows.

Taking Aragorn's hand Legolas retrieved his bo from the edge of the path.  They could still be found here above the fall and Legolas did not want further interruptions.  Above all if word went out about them in the woods it would only hurt the king. 

As they neared the safety of the fall and grotto he pulled away to shed his arrows and cloak.  Two of too many layers to be removed.

Once more returning to the warmth surrounding Aragorn's body, Legolas eyed his clothing in turn.  Leaning in he inhaled that musky scent, brushing his lips against the other's neck.  As his hand came forth to unclasp the boach he kissed the warmth flesh. 

The tip of his tongue tasting what it had so long wished to taste; a slow motion running the barest touch of his tongue along the side of the adam's apple.  The throbbing of a pulse beneath his lips caused him to sigh and lightly lean against this man.

Aragorn followed Legolas to a more private place so that they may shut out the world around them for this moment. To forget all that had happened, the pain, the sorrow, the happiness and joy. It was to just be them, frozen in this moment of time.

As Legolas stripped off his bows, Aragorn removed his sword and gently laid it upon the ground with his elven blade. As he came upright again, he was touched by this man before him. Heat from their bodies swirled around the two, already doing what bodies would soon slowly follow.

Aragorn placed his hands upon the slender hips of him as he leaned in. His head tipped slightly, feeling his own cape sliding from his body. It fluttered to the ground to softly land at their feet. In that moment it took to do so, Aragorn drew in a breath, soft and yet shaky.

His blood raced even as he fought to keep control of his breathing, arms sliding more around Legolas and one hand venturing up into the long blonde locks. Fingers weaved then twisted into the hair before he pulled to arch Legolas' neck back.  Aragorn tipped his own head, brougth his lips toward flesh but did not touch, merely teased with his breath up the elegant line to just under ear. Then came a taste, a soft kiss with an exhale of breath, "Take your shirt off," He breathed the command it  seemed into that pointed elegant ear that his tongue started to taste.

Legolas' lips remained slightly parted and moist as Aragorn eased his head back, exposing his neck and teasing his hungry flesh. He exhaled in a whispering sigh, nearly a whimper, as the king teased his flesh.

And then the warm brush of lips along his sensitive ear, the breath that gave him goosebumps, and the cool moisture of tongue. All made Legolas tense. His hands and arms clung tighter to the strong shoulders. A tremble ran through him. And a moan he could not stop slipped past his parted lips.

His mind reeled as this man tasted his ear. It burned, it was torture, it was bliss, and it was heaven. He wondered if the same small gesture would ignite the same staggering sensations in Aragorn.

Haultingly, afraid Aragorn might stop his ecstatic attack upon a very senstive organ, Legolas freed one hand to do as commanded. Closing his eyes he ran his palm up his chest to the first small clasp holding his shirt closed.

Hot breath steamed over wet skin as Aragorn tasted of the Elf before him. The flavor of Legolas was not to much unlike any normal person but to him, much sweeter. Tongue traced around the elegant curve of pointed ear and down, around, then back up again. Lips then kissed the point before working down again to the lobe which he covered and sucked upon.

Fingers gripped more firmly, body pressed and he trembled slightly. It started at the base of his spine and raced up. It was a need, a desire, hot and longing. It was also one of anticipation as more clasps were undone.

A hand raised and as Legolas worked down his own shirt, Aragorn slipped a hand inside, touching the shirt below and feeling the heat that was under it. A muscle twitched, heart was beating fast, chest slightly panting, it was the same as his.

Slowly his hand moved down, pushing open the delicate but yet sturdy material. He pulled back with a nip and a suck to Legolas' ear, his head tipping to watch as his own hand caressed and pushed the material open before catching at the edge to pull it off.

 Aragorn was doing everything right, a little too right.  Legolas felt like the last leaf of fall barely clinging to it's tree.  Weak and light headed as that moist and hot tongue bathed his ear, as strong hands held him firm, and a tremble...  The tremble raced through this king just as Legolas trembled.

Opening his arms he lowered them to allow the long sleeves to fall to the ground.  Catching the collar as the shirt slipped off his wrists Legolas gently tossed the shirt aside.  A shorter, thinner shirt lay beneath.  Soft and with but one tie to keep it closed.

Bringing his hands back up he lay them over the loose knot that hid his taut muscles over a slim frame.  Turning his head he caught Aragorn's gaze before catching his lips with a kiss.  As he nipped and sucked Aragorn's lower lip he neatly untied the knot.

Aragorn had tipped his head back up, meeting those eyes of his elven companion. It seemed like many breaths but actually only one was taken before lips met. A more opened mouth kiss was given this time and a deeper breath was drawn in.

For a slight moment, a more frantic pace was taken. Aragorn heard the slipping of the knot and with some eagerness, he grasped the material and seemed to tear it from Legolas' body. Flinging the material aside, rough hands at last touched the bare soft skin.

Aragorn, once caressing skin, felt like he was getting weak in the knees, his head was dizzy and this all seemed to much of a dream. It could not be really happening...Pulling back from the kiss, Aragorn's breath heavy, he held the man tightly to him, fearing it seemed if he let Legolas go, he would fade away.

"Tell me...this is real," his voice a mere whisper.

The sudden urgency in Aragorn's movements startled Legolas. Finding himself with hands braced against the man's shoulders, pushing back so he could look him in the eye while his abdomen and hips were pulled tightly against the other's. With heavy breaths a slow blush came to his ears and face from his startled reaction, nearly tearing himself from the embrace he so desired.

"It is real, Elessar," he breathed, slowly melting into the strong embrace. He could feel the throbbing where their hips pressed. Feel the throbbing through Aragorn's shirt as he pressed his chest against the other's. Feel the throbbing as he kissed the other's neck.

A sighing moan sent hot breath over that vein before he sealed his lips to taste it, suck on it. Bringing his hands between them he deftly worked his way down Aragorns shirt. Pushing it open as he finished with the clasps. "This is real," he repeated, nipping where he had left a small red mark.

Aragorn seemed to melt the first words of reassurance that spilled from Legolas' lips. His grip upon the elf loosened some, however the contact was still there. His blue eyes closed, his head tipped in feeling lips brush his over sensitive skin. Fingers gripped some, digging a little into flesh before flexing once again.

A hand rose into the long soft, perfect hair. Golden strands were petted, grasped then released while Legolas tasted of his skin. He could feel the suction, the drawing of blood to that area. It distracted him of the task Legolas' hands were busy at, removal of his outer layer.

A hissing breath was taken in, at last releasing his companion to remove the outer layer. He pulled it from him and it fell to the ground. He had opened his eyes and was now staring at Legolas. He cupped his chin with his hands on either side then leaned in and kissed him so lightly. Fingers then slowly moved down, following the curve of that elegant neck, over strong but narrow shoulders, over a well defined chest and further down till he reached the ties that held those pants up.

 Aragorn's hands, kneading and pressing into his flesh, left burning fires in their wake.  Legolas' felt his flesh come alive with his touch.  His lips tingled and his ear where he had licked so ecstatic still itched for more.

He forgot to breath as those firm and commanding hands traced a fire down his belly to his pant ties.  Hands that were so gentle at times and yet could tame the wildest of beasts with persistent pressure.  A gentle smile came to play upon his pouty lips, his gaze suddenly coy as he tipped his head to gaze upon Aragorn.

"Untie them," he spoke past the pouty smile as hands come down to remove the next layer that hid Aragorn's flesh from his hands that hungered.

 As Legolas tipped his head, Aragorn merely met them from under his lashes without raising his head any further. As the command was given forth and that smiled played over those lips, Aragorn froze for several long heart beats, making the elf question if he was going to continue.

Then slowly he pulled one string, releasing the tie, "As you wish," He spoke softly then pulled it open. The scent that greeted him was heady, manly and it made his mouth water.

Swallowing, he paused and stepped back from the other, reaching up and removing his shirt. Bare shoulders and chest were revealed, showing off tiny cuts, a gash at his shoulder and other bruises from long battles he had fought.

Reaching out, he took Legolas' hand and in lowering, pulled him down with him into the soft green under them. Gently laying the elf back, Aragorn remained sitting, taking a leg and started to pull off the first boot.

Legolas watched from lowered eye lashes as his boots were removed.  He lifted each leg in turn and helped by pulling it away.  As his second foot was revealed he sat up, tucking his legs under him, a playful toss of his head as ran a hand down Aragorn's chest.

Playing a random pattern over his shoulders and ribs, Legolas connected old scars to new scars.  Leaning in he brushed his lips over one nipple before kissing it softly.  Drawing it between his teeth he tugged as he licked it.

Pulling away he bit his lip as he faced away, looking over his shoulder he pushed the leather down around his hips.  Shifting his weight he had them around his thighs, lean and firm with hidden muscle.  Straightening both legs together he brought them up catlike and pushed the bunched material in a pile on the ground. 

Folding his legs to his side he stayed facing away, looking over his shoulder at Aragorn.

After the last boot was removed, blue eyes turned to the other's and a tiny smile played upon the King's lips. With heart beating rapidly, the feel of slender fingers upon his bare chest tingled and set his blood pumping harder.

Soft was the touch, teasing it seemed as each scar was touched. There were history behind some...some this elf knew about. But then a gasp was drawn, eyes closed and a slow moan released as a hand went into blonde golden strands. His body shivered at the sensation while eyes opened again to look down.

He was teasing and Legolas knew this. Facing away, Aragorn admired the strong back and long hair covering it while slender hips shifted and clothing removed. Aragorn slowly reached out just as Legolas gazed upon him over his shoulder.

Rough fingers reached out and touched all to smooth skin. First the shoulder then turning to the backs of them, slowly slid them down the back. He leaned in, teasing lips with a kiss but never connecting. Instead one was laid upon the bare shoulder before him. "You are like the sun, rising early in the morning, kissing the dew that lays freshly upon the ground."

His arm moved around and drew Legolas back against him. His mouth covered the other's with a soft kiss, "As refreshing as a stream upon a hot summer day." His other hand teased along a muscular thigh, kneading it with his fingers, ever teasing higher till the backs of his fingers brushed firm flesh.

Legolas swooned at these words from Aragorn's mouth.  Much as he wished to reply he was silented by a touch that kneaded his thigh, made his words catch in his throat.  It moved higher and Legolas closed his eyes, leaning his head back against a strong shoulder.

Ever higher, closer, and then... a touch.  Like a butterfly it was so soft against his aching flesh.  Shifting his hips slightly Legolas made the touch more stable and consistent.  As he did so a soft cry emitted from his parted lips. 

Blood rushed in his ears, his heart pumping so hard and fast he was sure his words would be drowned.  "Elessar..." a breathy moan.  "Touch me there," a husky whisper. 

Turning his head he gazed with so much want and need written in his dark eyes, a desire long due.  Twisting his torso just a hair a hand came up, weaving into Aragorn's locks as Legolas pressed his lips to his.  Hungry and passionate he delved his tongue fully into that inviting mouth. 

Aragorn could feel the eagerness in Legolas' body. It trembled and radiated out to him. It was what excited him, not to mention those eyes, the way he held that look, at times sultry and with hidden words and meanings. Also his lips, Aragorn often found himself just staring at them when he talked some times not hearing what he had just said to him.

But now he was kissing them, with all the hunger and passion that was being shown to him. Lips parted and the invitation was accepted. His tongue caressed while his hand did the same, grasping hard flesh and slowly stroking him.

Pulling back, he spoke softly, "Lirimaer, lle naa vanima*" He then moved, releasing Legolas' member which he hand been rubbing his thumb over the crown to lay him down upon the green so that his own body could lower down upon him while his mouth found that lovely neck again.

*Lovely one, you are beautiful

Legolas could not have counted the times he had wanted to bring Aragorn happiness while out on the trail.  Had wanted to kiss away his fears and woes and make him smile instead of grieve.  And now he had this man, thrilling him with his soft words and eager kisses, a sure and yet gentle touch to his most intimate place... it all made Legolas sigh.

Legolas tilted his head to give Aragorn acess to his neck, his hands came up and around to touch and feel the spry muscles of Aragorn's back and shoulders.  "A'maelamin *," Legolas breathed in a sigh as those lips and tongue caressed his neck.  "You make me weak... yet I have never felt more alive."

He was finding thought and words hard to hold onto.  With the cool moist grass and moss beneath him Aragorn was the polar oppsite above him: warm and full of throbbing life.  Legolas closed his eyes and gave in to pure sensations of flesh.  Teasingly he pressed his hips up against Aragorn's, slowly grinding.

* beloved

Aragorn's breath was hot, panting over heated skin. He heard the words that fell with a sigh from those lips, however he found it hard to focus upon them. He was too buried in the fact he was actually tasting this all to perfect skin that he had been longing for since the day he laid eyes upon him.

He had ached so badly for him, much akin if not worse to the time he saw Arwen. The two were like a weed getting into one's blood and making them want more. A simple touch from them poisoned him. A mere look into their eyes and he was falling.

Legolas' pressing of his hips brought Aragorn out of his thoughts and made him release that as he was thinking, he had also found a male nipple to suck upon, nibble and tease. Coming up over those lips Aragorn gave a kiss but then pulled back, "I hope not too weak," he smiled then with a grab, quickly rolled the two so he was now looking up.

The long blonde hair fell down around him like a curtain as he gazed up into blue eyes. "I hope you still have energy to remove your King's pants..." with hands to shoulders he gave a little push.

With a smirk and lowering of his eye brows Legolas touched the tip of his nose to Aragorn's.  "I am not the one your people are attempting to fatten back up, King Elessar."  With a saucy toss of his head he rose, brought his legs around to straddle Aragorn's hips.

"Ohhh, I think they are trying to fatten you up as well. Many speak at how skinny the elves are...much much too skinny," Aragorn smiled. His hands came to rest upon the thighs of Legolas as he straddled his hips.

Running both sets of fingertips down Aragorn's chest he brushed over the nipples.  "I assure my King he won't be disapointed."  Sliding down to straddle his King's hips Legolas lowered his mouth to flesh.  Nipping a nipple as nimble fingers loosened the pants tie.

Aragorn had been keeping his breathing somewhat under control even though his blood was racing. A small reaction was given as nipples were brushed with finger tips but then when a hot mouth touched already hot flesh, it made Aragorn gasp, his chest rising up into Legolas as he did.

"But does my King have patience?"  Legolas tilted his head to look sidelong up at Aragorn with a seductive smile.  He ran his tongue over one nipple and then blew cool air upon it.

His body still trembled now and then in eager anticipation but Legolas knew the wait and games before were well worth it.  Building them both up to lusting heights and then shoving the last few levels with hot, thrusting, sweating bodies before they fell into ecstacy.

Fingers had dug into skin, grasping firmly while his own blue eyes grew darker. Then slowly a hand moved up Legolas' back, "I have waited a long time...do not make me wait to much longer." His fingers gripped tightly into the long hair, pulling Legolas up as he leaned up himself.

A hungry kiss was planted upon those teasing lips while hips pushed upward.  Aragorn released Legolas then dropped back down.

Legolas froze as he felt Aragorn push up with his hips, the short thrust up between his legs driving a sensation straight up his spine.  Like a starving belly introduced to a small slice of bread, his elfhood throbbed angrily.  His eyes closed as he tossed his head back, hands tensing on Aragorn's flesh for a few moments.

With a short tremble Legolas slowly moved, released a held breath, and moaned as he returned his baby blues to Aragorn's.  "You will not wait long," he breathed in a sultry voice.

Lips, tongue, and teeth traced a line of fire down Aragorn's chest to his belly.  Though he had wanted to tease and make this man wait his actions were no longer quite slow. 

Reaching his pants Legolas untied them and pushed them open and down.  Freeing each leg from it's boot he pulled the pants off and turned his gaze upon the throbbing, proud manhood before him.  He traced the large vien with a finger tip as he knealt and lowered his head.

Tracing another line along the side with his nose Legolas eagerly inhaled this scent before licking the crown.

Aragorn was trying to control his breathing, keeping it calm but he was hardly able to do that. His chest rose and fell with quick breaths, his heart pounded, making him swear Legolas was going to hear it.

Noting actions were no longer quiet a slow, he helped as much as he could to get free of his clothing. The cool air struck the rest of his body but he didn't acknowledge it.  The shiver that raced through his body was from that one little touch and soft hair brushing his over sensitive skin.

He reached up, leaning on one elbow, to move the long blonde hair to one side. A hissing gasp was taken in and his member throbbed with in the grasp of the elf.

"Legolassss," he hissed out the name, his hand coming to cup a cheek.

The taste of this man naked before him was heaven itself.  His name upon those lips made him throb with a desperate need for release.  Leaning into the hand Legolas closed his eyes.  "Elessar," his voice a mere husky whisper.

Releasing a hand that had gripped into the earth beneath them he brought it up to lay over the one on his cheek.  Simultaneously the hand that gripped firm flesh released it's hold and came up to Aragorn's shoulder.

Then he was moving faster with a sharp inhaling breath.  He pulled the hand away from his cheek by the wrist, pushed on the shoulder he gripped and rose to straddle muscular thighs. 

"Need you," he moaned, lips crashing against lips as hips rubbed against hips.  Trapping both their members between their bodies Legolas rubbed and grinded and thrust with yearning.  A strangled whimpering moan slipped past parted lips as he broke the kiss to look down into deep blue pools.

Aragorn shivered as a sensation raced through his body with the mere touch of Legolas, the mere voicing of his own name from those lips. He laid back with the pressure and the urging from his companion. Arms going around the other's slender body as he laid out over the top of him.

His manhood throbbed at the contact from the other. The moan released from that and the words spoken, was deep and sighful. Kissing Legolas, feeling his hips rubbing, grinding, only caused to strengthen the need and desire in Aragorn.

"I need you," was what was voiced back. A shift, a roll, the blonde was now under the slightly larger human and he was hooking those legs. Slowly he was raising them, moving closer. He turned his head, kissing along the right leg of Legolas. Stopping he looked down. Spit would have to be used to slick the way and he wondered...was this the first time for his lover?

Legolas could not control his trembling now.  So close.  So close!  His chest rose and fell with ragged pants, and fingers dug into the soil.  As Aragorn stopped the elf held his breath and peered with question at this man. 

The slight question held in the eyes of the man made Legolas squirm and whimper.  "Elessar," he pleaded.  "I am not as prestine as you'd think... it's been ages but..." he took a breath.

"Take me," he pleaded.  "And ride hard," a near growl, needy and desperate.

A hesitation was given. Smoky blue eyes dared a glance to Legolas as he spoke with a plea lacing his very words. The tremble he felt through the other man's body waranted a soothing touch down a muscular leg.

Words spoke, Aragorn gave thought to just flipping the Elf over to his stomach and doing just that, taking what his body desired. But he held back. Wetting his hand to wipe over that trembling entrance, he made sure that it was good and wet. Then slicking himself before manuvering to the correct possition.

"Take I shall, but only if thou will give," He breathed. And with the ending of words, the first push was given. Legolas was breached and Aragorn did not stop till ass touch hips and only then did he stop to let a tremble that shook his body race over him. "Legolassss," He groaned in dropping over them man under him.

Legolas was stretched.  Filled.  It had been too long, and though it hurt the pleasure and knowledge of who it was with were much greater.  As Aragorn fell onto him he released a breath he had held past the pain in a shuddering sigh.

"Yes," he gasped.  "I give," a whimpering moan as hands came up to embrace his lover, fingers dug into flesh and he tilted his hips and spread his thighs to make the position easier on both of them. 

Waiting for the pain to subside and his voice to be trusted he clung to Aragorn as he breathed in soft, short pants.  He could feel Aragorn inside, felt the throbbing heat and thickness of this well endowed king. 

He kissed Aragorn, fully and with an unquenched hunger. 

"I give you my heart and my body," he spoke in a gasp as he broke from the kiss, ready for their dance to continue.

A tightness like he had not felt before. A quivering body under him but was not the softness of a woman's body. No this was of one he had admired from afar. One he had longed to hold, to touch, to kiss, to do this very thing to. To feel that which was Legolas. A perfect Elf in all forms to him.

Hair of golden sunlight. Voice of assurance that sang to his soul. Lips and flesh so perfect as the morning dew upon flower peddles. And Aragorn was experiencing it at this moment...this perfect moment.

He leaned in to kiss his lover, a hunger showing that he had kept hidden all this time. The words spoken made him shiver. And then it began. A slow withdrawal was given, a deep groan, then a push back in. Again it was repeated till he seat a pace that was pleasing to them both.

Aragorn was showing more and more of his hunger for him and it made Legolas quake in awe, the control Aragorn had.  He knew this man held great passion within him, perhaps so it would frighten the elf if he experienced it all of a sudden.  Their slow incline to this moment was... nothing he had ever felt before.

Nor was this.

Strong, battle hardened muscles sliding along his body.  The facial hair teasing his chin and cheek as they kissed long and deep.  Aragorn's knowing tongue leading his own in a fierce dance of love. 

Legolas sighed a moan as the pace was set, his body relaxing and the pain disapearing into pleasure.  His elfhood trapped between their bodies and Aragorn's manhood roaming within.  Legolas touched, felt his lover's body above him and the muscles controling this intimate union.

Aragorn tore away for breath, gasping it in as if to prevent himself from dying. To have Legolas touch him like this, caressing in only ways he had imagined and only experienced with one other elf...Arwen.

Chest heaving, laboring with each breath, he panted as his hips moved and did not want to stop. Legolas felt so...no mere words could describe it. Who would understand them?

He pushed back, pulling away from Legolas. A whimper was heard as he placed one hand upon those narrow but yet strong hips. He then grasped that manhood between them, sliding his thumb up the large vein only to circle at the top.  It was then that his own hips started to thrust harder, making a grunt here and there fall forth from his lips as sweat glistened upon his body.

It was his hand upon that hip that drew the Elf back to him, keeping him from inching away with each powerful thrust. His hand in turn started to move in time over the swollen manhood before him. "How I longed for this moment," He breathed, his hair at times falling to cover his face but then was thrown back as he closed his eyes, tilted his head back and let out a deep low groan.

Legolas' hands fell away as his lover sat up.  Soon though they were digging into the moss and grass either side of him, digging and gripping and kneading in ecstacy.  Aragorn thrust harder, faster, his hand upon his hip and... with a cry and moan Legolas arched his back as Aragorn gripped his elfhood, began moving his hand in time to his thrusts.

"Yess-s," was all he could moan in reply past the panting breaths he took.  Heels following the head-reeling beat Aragorn had set.  Digging into the earth as he was pulled onto him, releasing the earth as he was pushed away. 

Through it all he watched his lover's face.  The way the sun shone upon his features, the shadows his hair made when it fell.  The free and unburdened, lost and heavenly look as he tilted his face skyward and groaned. 

Aragorn brought his head back down, eyes burning darkly, hair falling in his face. Blue eyes met other blue eyes in a passion that was exchanged, returned by the other. Chest rose and fell rapidly, his hips never slowing.  Even his hand gripping that elfhood, stroking it firmly.

Aragorn lowered back over Legolas, lips moving to that pointed ear. He kissed it softly, "Cum for me, Legolas, Show your King how much you care for him." He moved his mouth over the other's and captured it in a kiss that would melt the ice upon the Misty Mountains.

He pulled back slowly, "I'm so close," he groaned that admission out, his body trembling.

"Yesss," Legolas moaned, pushing himself up and down to aid Aragorn's rising climax.  His own, within the man's firm and steady hand, was not too far behind.  He dug his forearms and hands into the giving earth, pushing harder and faster when he felt his lover tremble in need.

"Take your Prince!  Fill me now!"  Legolas cried aloud as he came long and hard, arching his spine like his bow and quivering with the long needed release.  It had been too long.

Aragorn did not need to be told to take his beloved Prince. He took and gave equally. To see the way Legolas squirmed under him, panting and pulling at the ground. It was all things that revved up Aragorn. His eyes drifted down to that elfhood in his hand, seeing and feeling how tight it had gotten.

As if on command, a bitten out "Yes," left those lips, a hard last thrust given before he released within his lover. Throbbing jolts were sent forth and his whole body was tense. The fluid he felt upon his hand was caught and brought it to his own lips to clean off.

As he slowly calmed down, he lowered down and kissed Legolas tenderly. His tongue gently caressed while he pulled himself from within to let his lover relax fully. He rested his body down beside him but never broke the kiss.

Legolas parted his lips to invite his lover to play.  The taste of himself upon that tongue drew forth a whimpering moan and he pressed into the kiss eagerly.  He hadn't seen how he had gotten onto that knowing tongue and it was a pleasant surprise for his senses. 

Turning onto his side Legolas pulled close to Aragorn, wrapping a leg about his thighs as their kiss eased onward.  His lover knew how to kiss, the soft and yet steady tenderness left Legolas weak.  With an inner smile he knew it wasn't just the kiss that had left him weak.

Pushing with hesitent and seeking limbs Legolas eventually rolled them after he was sure Aragorn knew his intention and then he lay on top the slightly larger male.  Despite himself he never broke the kiss.  Despite the need for rest that his body seemed to scream at him, he delved into that heavenly mouth all the more eagerly. 

Aragorn moaned softly, his kiss deep at times but then soft as he drank this lover in. He never knew it could be like this but always dreamed it could.  And it was far more greater than he imagined. To hold perfection in his arms which wrapped around the strong lean body of Legolas. Hands caressed tenderly even though his own were harden by battle.

Each muscle was caressed and memorized. Each delve of his tongue into that luscious mouth was drank in. At last though, he had to break for air which breathing through his nose could not give enough. A gasp was let out in the parting. A hand rose to caress fair cheek and brush the long golden strands that tickled his own.

"I have longed for this since I saw you that day in Rivendell. And many times after I wanted to sink into your arms, hold you as we are now to drive the darkness away for even just a mere moment." He gazed into the blue eyes.  "I can only wish now that this moment not end." The admission came so easily now when before, he knew he could not dare breath these words.

Legolas gasped softly for breath as the kiss broke.  Eyes closed and lips parted he relished in the tingling that his lips and tongue were left with. 

And then those words, opening his eyes and caressing his heart.  He flexed his hands, not knowing until then that they had been gripping Aragorn's shoulders as if he were afraid of falling. 

"Even if just for a moment," Legolas repeated, knowing those words like only one other.  "There were times the darkness threatened to settle in my very core... only you, and my yearning, seemed to keep it at bay."  Legolas turned his head to kiss a shoulder, rubbing his cheek along bare flesh and soft chest hair. 

"This moment may end but the love, Elessar, can live on."  He searched the others eyes.  "I gave you my heart.  Do you accept?"  Though he knew the answer he had to hear it.

Aragorn placed a hand behind Legolas' head. His fingers played in the blonde strands that gently caressed his fingers as the other man caressed his shoulder and chest. His own eyes were soft, filled with deep affection.  "Yes...it can," he breathed softly. "I do accept...but..." He paused and looked away, guilt suddenly filling him.

His hands pulled away while eyes closed so he could figure out how to word what was to come out next. "I love Arwen as well. We share a bond." He looked back to Legolas, "And I love you. I want you both in my life. She as my wife to bare my child and you as my love, my very breath to breath."

Legolas smiled down into blue eyes.  "Guilt is a useless emotion, my love," he leaned in and kiss Aragorn's chin.  "I see nothing to fear if Arwen will accept my presence and our bond."

Feeling the lull of sleep Legolas tucked his head beneath Aragorn's chin.  Closing his eyes he listened to the strong heart beat for a moment.  With a sudden thought he lifted his head again, attempting to hide a sly smirk. 

"You will have quite the harem, my King.  Do you think to keep us seperate or do you wish for a..."  He trailed off with a soft, impish laugh and glint to his eye. 

Aragorn was gently stroking Legolas' back, just enjoying the weight of his lover upon him. He was also relieved that Legolas understood. Now if Arwen would. With eyes closed he opened them when the Elf lifted his head again to speak.

Aragorn smiled, his eyes sparkling as he did, "I am greedy for a human and intend to have my way with you both. In the same bed..." He then leaned up and kissed him. "You want to rest a little then go for a swim?" He turned his head toward the water then back to those blue eyes.

"Mmmmm," Legolas moaned into the brief kiss.  "I think we shall enjoy tiring you out." 

He turned his head to regard the waters as well.  "What you mean to say is get some rest and then you're going to drain me again," he turned back to those blue pools with a smile and then lay his head on Aragorn's chest.  "I wouldn't want it any other way.  You are steadfast for a human as well."

His hand traced small circles on the bare shoulder of his lover as he listened to the beating heart and drawing breaths beneath his sensitive ear.  It lulled him until he wasn't sure if he slept or had slipped into a state of peace like he had never known before.

Aragorn smiled, arms circling tighter around Legolas. "You figured out my ploy." Aragorn placed a hand into those soft long blonde locks, fingers playing with the braid, finger twirling around it.

Soon Aragorn drifted off to sleep, a soft light sleep but one of refreshment as well. He did not dream, which was good for his mind was fully at rest. How long he laid there with his lover upon his chest, he did not know but then his own body moved, stretching as he started to wake after some time. A soft moan left his lips.

His arms tightened around the body near him and he nuzzled into the hair fondly, moaning softly at the scent that greeted him.

Legolas stirred as he felt the body beneath him stretch.  That moan reminded him of who he was with.  He felt his hair nuzzled and strong arms envelope his form and heard another moan.  He was slower to awaken and slightly stirred again with a soft sigh. 

Turning his head he rubbed his cheek against Aragorn's, the facial hair a sensation he relished in with a barely audible 'mmmm'.  Shifting the position of his legs and hips he couldn't help the moan that escaped his lips.  It would seem at least part of him was already awake before he had been.

Blinking sleepily, two parts of his body warred.  The lower part and the part still wanting just five more minutes of rest.

Aragorn kept his eyes closed, his face buried in those long blonde locks. He moaned as well when Legolas moved, shifting and rubbing. He too felt the same thing Legolas did, a part of their bodies awake before they were. He shifted, legs parting, hips rubbing. He moaned again as his mouth started seeking out skin to kiss.

Fingers began to roam, touching, caressing elf muscle. A hand then slid down to that firm ass and gripped it, pushing down as his hips pushed up. His body trembled while his lips moved up Legolas' neck and then to his ear where he softly ran his tongue along the shell to the point then back down again. His hot breath caressed as well, it was shaky at times for his body was waking faster before his mind was.

Legolas sighed, feeling that tongue on his ear again.  It sent shivers coarsing down his neck and into his arms and back.  Drawing his legs up he spread his thighs and grinded his hips. 

"Elessar..." a whimpering moan.  His lips moved, brushing across bare shoulder which he then kissed.  Aragorn's hot breath across his neck and ear, quivering from the same opposing needs as his.  Turning his head with slow kisses along Aragorn's shoulder and neck he made his way to those lips.  Those heavenly lips.

Moaning, he kissed his lover awake.  The need and intensity of the action increasing until he was nipping at Aragorn's mouth.

Aragorn moaned with each kiss it seemed. His breath huffed out in pleased sighs. To feel the body above him was more than he could have ever imagined or dreamed of for this was real. Returning that kiss, intensifying it as much in return, Aragorn curled his arms tighter around Legolas.

At last he was sucking, moaning and nibbling upon those lips before him. In a quick action, he rolled them over so his body was half atop of the other's. A hand held that ass and pressed hips against his own. The other arm braced him up and also held Legolas to him as he did not breath the kiss just yet.

When he finally did, his lips made a trail over soft skin, upon neck, shoulder then arm. He moaned quietly as his own hips started to rock, to rub himself against the other which sent a shiver of sensation through his body, "Legolaaaasssss," he moaned then found his lips again, covering the other's in a deep felt passion filled kiss.

Legolas panted in small, sighing moans as Aragorn rubbed their hips, grinded them in a gentle motion.  Their member's rubbed along side one another as well as the flesh of both their lower abdomens.  He lowered one forearm to hold his upper body close to Aragorn's, his other arm wrapped around Aragorn's back.

How often had he dreamt of this?  Awaken from dreams hot, panting and with Aragorn's name on his lips only to be left alone with a need for some warm body next to his. 

Fingers dug into flesh and muscle along Aragorn's shoulder blades.  Even when the kiss broke for breaths he still nipped and sucked along that lower lip.  "Don't stop," he breathed inbetween nips.  "Elessar, don't leave..."  His tongue delved into his lover's mouth again. 

Fingers dug into skin in almost a bruising fashion as Legolas nearly seemed to beg him with fear not to leave. He had not intentions on stopping, no intentions on leaving either. Not with this wonderful tongue that delved into his was tasting of him. It caused him to moan.

"Won't," He answered as much as his brain would allow him to form words.  However he was hungry for more, wanted more, wanted inside this perfect elf and so much more. At last he pulled his lips away, though it was hard to do for he wanted to keep kissing him.

"I...I need inside you," He moaned, "Need to feel you around me, please," He this time begged as he tried to push his lover up and raise him down upon his ever so eager cock.

Legolas attempted to follow those lips as they broke away, to reclaim them and do it fast.  However, Aragorn's words stopped him, made him moan.  His king was begging and he had no intentions to let him down.  He aided Aragorn in pulling him onto his cock, not wanting to stop for the ease of any lubricant.  He needed him now.

As his lover pushed into him he wrapped his legs about his hips and pulled.  The pain and pleasure so equal and so great he squeezed his eyes shut, arched his back and cried aloud.  Hands clawed at the earth beneath their palms.  "Elesssaaar!"

As he was breached, finally felt Aragorn's hilt and hips against his ass he sighed a trembling moan.  The desire and need in his eyes as he opened them to gaze up at his lover said all he needed to say.  Take me hard, take me fast.

Aragorn groaned as Legolas lifted only to start to lower himself upon his King.  He groaned deeply for there was no lube, no working up to this point to be careful. No, this was raw want, need, desire. Aragorn gasped as his crown breached his lover and then he was buried deep inside. He could feel Legolas tremble, it caused him to shiver.

Blue eyes were deep in closer. A hunger was upon him and showing in his every feature. He gripped those hips firmly and with a roll, had his lover under him and without hesitation, started driving into him fast and hard. He had to grip harder to keep Legolas from being pushed away with his thrust.

"Legolas..." He groaned then threw his mouth down to reach skin that he could, sucking, biting, licking and kissing where he could with a fevered heat upon his breath.

His King, his lover, and his friend had let go.  Had given into the raw hunger and animalistic urges Legolas had seen hidden inside him for so long.  And it made Legolas cry out, head reeling, body taking and giving pain and pleasure with unleashed desire. 

Feeling the bite marks and kisses Legolas reached for his lover, tangling his fingers in his dark hair and pulling his mouth to his own.  He nipped at his lips, tongue darting between bites to taste the other's.  He was panting and grunting with each hard thrust. 

"Arag-" he finished with a loud moan, arching his shoulders back to the soil.  Fingers raked down the king's neck, chest, and stomach before they again clenched into the soil.  "My king... Elessar..." he finally managed to moan aloud. 

Hips were punishing, savagely it seemed to be thrusting into his lover.  Aragorn groaned deeply as he could feel every inch of himself sliding in and out of Legolas. He then took those kisses, his own lips nipping, licking, kissing.

"Your King," Aragorn moaned as he dropped his mouth to that neck, making it red with such attentions. His hips searched and found Legolas' love button, and he hammered at it relentlessly, trying to push his lover over the edge, drive him there without having to touch him. He wanted to see if he could do it, by just plain fucking him till he released.

Legolas clinched his teeth in a hissing breath, hand burying itself into his King's hair and gripping firmly as his mouth ravaged his neck.  Then those pounding hips shifted slightly and Legolas arched as tight as his quivering bow. 

He panted, gasped with each hard thrust, his heels pressing tighter and tigher against his lover's back, hands gripping whatever lay beneath them firmer and firmer as he felt that elusive drawing so near... so near.

With one final painful tightening of his spine, heels, hands, and breath he cried out as he came.  His hot seed painting both their chests and stomachs as it exploded with his orgasm.  Still, he held onto his King, held on as if he were afraid it was not real.

Aragorn could feel the tightening, making it harder for him to thrust into his lover. But it was what he wanted, what he needed. The feel of that hot spray made him groan. His body trembled as it kept hitting him. "Yesss, Legolas, yesss," He moaned.

As soon as Legolas went weak, Aragorn went back to work. His hips now punishing Legolas. He drove in hard and fast till at last he was shoved over that edge of bliss. His breath caught, teeth clenched. His hips stilled as he released deep into his lover. Eyes were closed rightly till at last he fell over and landed upon his lover's chest.

He laid his head there, eyes closed and listening to that heart beating.

Legolasí head still reeled from his loverís punishing and yet pleasuring release of raw animal hunger.  He was somewhat aware of his hands coming up to rest on his loverís back, slowly stroking sweaty flesh.  All thought was vanquished, he now only had his 5 senses and they were all consumed in the aftershocks of both their releases.

Their smell hung heavy in the air as Legolasí breath slowed.  The bruises on his hips throbbed as blood flowed back into them.  Visions of Aragorn above him, pounding hard, hair in his face swam before closed eyes.  The sweet and fading taste of his own blood, or Aragornís? from where one had bitten the other just a tad too hard teased his tongue.  His ears followed and attempted to match his own breathing with that of his lover.

Thoughts returned, though slowly.  "Sleep well?"  He murmured with a hint of humor.


All of Aragorn's senses were alive. He was alive more than he had felt so in a long time. He slowly lifted his head and smiled softly to his lover before leaning in and kissing him deeply. "Yes...I did." He answered in pulling back. With the feel of Legolas' lips still upon his, Aragorn pushed up on his powerful arms and slowly, carefully, pulled from his lover.

The reaction upon his lover's face was beautiful and once he was free, he leaned in and kissed those lips once more. As he pulled back, nibbling on bottom lip, he moaned before looking at the water. "Join me in the water, oh pretty one?" He smiled as he got up and walked over to the water then dove in, coming up as he shook his head and ran his hands over his face.

Legolas rolled onto his stomach to watch Aragorn for a moment.  Carefully he got to his feet, surprised at how stiff and sore he was with a smile and soft chuckle.  It would pass shortly, he'd get used to his lover's demanding urges and he'd no longer feel twice his age in awakening from a long night of rough sex.  

Standing at the water's edge he smiled across at his lover as he unbrained his hair.  Then, regaining some of his catlike grace he slipped into the water without a splash.  Surfacing in front of Aragorn he brushed up close to him and nuzzled his jaw.

Aragorn slipped his arms around Legolas before leaning in and capturing his lips with a deep and hungry kiss. Pulling back he smiled softly as he gazed into the other's blue eyes. "How I longed for this moment." His head tipped and he was kissing at that neck working his way up to those pointed little ears where his tongue ran along it and he nibbled upon the edge.

He slid a hand down and cupped that firm little ass he so loved to feel against his own hips. He let out a sigh though, "We should be getting back to camp soon. I am probably already missed."

"Yes, you are," Legolas breathed a husky whimpering moan.  "But you speak the truth... they might be looking for you."  He pulled back to smirk up into his lover's eyes.  Imagine the shock if they had been discovered down here by an unsuspecting scout.

With a reluctant noise Legolas pulled away and waded back to the shore.  Tossing a saucy look over his shoulder he used his cape to dry off before reaching for his tunic, vest, and pants.

Motionless the King stood, his eyes watching the elven form of his lover moving in the water, then out. He stared for a long moment, even as that look was tossed back to him. Aragorn had been with men before. Not many times but a few. He had been with women as well. However he found that no one pleasured him more than an elf.

Was it because they were so atone to what was around them? Was it just because of their sometimes delicate nature? Was it their elegance in everything that they did? Whatever it was, it attracted him. First it was Arwen, and now...it was Legolas.

Moving, Aragorn, waded out as well, his hand not resisting the urge to touch perfect flesh upon that well formed ass. Of course he left a wet trail which made him smile. He then started to dry off, and he too, finding his clothing to place back on.
Legolas wriggled into his pants and boots.  He paused after picking up his tunic, shirt, and vest to glance at his lover.  Before Aragorn could tie his pants in place Legolas sidled up, his clothing in one hand and the other placed around his King's neck.  Not even fully dressed and he already wanted to please his lover again.  

Forcing his mind from such thoughts Legolas nuzzled his neck.  "Will you be telling Arwen tonight?  I can't beat the thought of sleeping alone."  

Aragorn was looking down, his hair hanging in his face as he was trying to lace up his pants. However a body stopped him from doing so and a heated breath was upon his neck. He moaned softly as he raised his hand to grip at those long blonde locks.

"I'll tell her tonight," Aragorn breathed into Legolas' hair and against his ear. "I don't think I want you away from my bed ever again." He admitted in gripping the beautiful hair to pull Legolas' head back as he kissed at his neck.

Legolas moaned lowly, eyes closing as his head was pulled back.  Aragorn's tongue was like the sea, forever calling and beckoning him... yet full of fire when it touched his flesh.  Barely dressed and already the elf wanted to rip it all off again, just for that soft and demanding tongue.  

"I wouldn't sleep without you," Legolas managed to get out in a strangled whisper.  And it was true, he'd be up all night fretting and dreaming of this man if he was forced to remain to his own bed, alone.  

Despite himself he slowly rocked his hips against his King's, one leg lifting to run a teasing heel along the back of Aragorn's calf.

Aragorn's mouth found it's way to Legolas' ear. Lips and tongue slowly working around it, knowing full well what it would to to the other man. Elves were always sensative at their ears and he was no different, if not more so.

Feeling those hips rock, Aragorn, placed his hand at the small of Legolas' back and pressed to keep him from rocking or was it to press him there even more? "You tease like the west wind with a storm upon it but yet not allowing it to rain. And if we don't stop, we will never leave this place." Not that it would be a bad thing.

Legolas moaned as that mouth found his ear.  His hands gripped shoulders as his head reeled.  He pressed his hips harder, turning his head to nip at Aragorn's lobe.  With a husky moan he kissed it, running his tongue into the inner ridges.

"Once more," he begged, pressing, licking, grinding.  "Perhaps you should leave while I recover..." a twist of his hips.  "Being seen together... after a long absence... my hair, your clothes..." words were not easy in coming but he hoped his lover understood people would figure it out just by the sight of the two friends.

So easy it would be to loose himself in that which was Legolas. To stay within the warmth of those arms. To loose himself in this moment in time. The need, the want, the desire so deep imbedded in him. At times it would scare him to know how much he wanted someone so much.

"Agreed," Aragorn breathed as he found his own hands reaching up to take his own clothing back off, shirt being pulled at the hem up so he could pull it over his head but was stopped because their bodies did not seem to want to part.

Aroused, eager, yearning as he had never before been Legolas at first continued to grind against that marvelous body.  Shortly becoming frustrated with the lack of flesh to caress he tore away to aid Aragorn's arms up over his head.  His lips and tongue kissed and tasted his King's chest before Aragorn's shirt had even been shed.

He could, and probobly would, exhaust himself one day for this human.  For his own need of this human.  And then in his forced slumber dream the whole day over again...

Moaning, Legolas stretched his spine as he loosened the knot to the King's pants.  

Arms at last were allowed to raise, his shirt coming with them. Aragorn however felt lips upon his already heated flesh, kissing, licking, covering his chest as much as it could.

Once his shirt was aside, his hands came to cup cheeks and draw that head to his lips once again for a kiss that was both soft and deep. Slowly hands moved downward, over the neck and shoulders. Smooth skin tickled here and there.

With his own breath heavy, his lips traveled down that long neck, teeth scraping at times before he would nip at that skin so fair. "Mmm, you taste so wonderful," he breathed as arms encircled and one hand grasped those golden strands and the other a firm ass cheek.

He gasped and shivered slightly at the feel of Legolas' fingers brushing over his skin. He groaned softly, eyes closed, head upon shoulder. "Need you so much. Want you so much." He professed quietly in words barely audible.

Legolas tilted his head for those teeth and lips, his hands roaming strong shoulders.  "I am yours," he moaned in turning his head.  That ear again.  Reaching between them he unfastenedn both their pants while his mouth once more tasted and teased his lover's ear.

"All yours," brushing his body against Aragorns he slowly knelt before him.  Kissing his navel his hands gripped and slowly pulled on his pants.  The scent that greeted him was head reeling, making him throb and hunger.  

"Ahhh," Aragorn shivered as his ear was teased. That hot moist mouth
covering his shell with a teasing tongue. He could feel the sensation all the way to his toes, making them curl and his cock rock hard.

He then looked down as his lover dropped down. A hand went to those blonde locks and he smoothed his hand over it, brushing some over a bare shoulder. Oh how he wanted to lick then bite it. That smooth perfect flawless skin and place his teeth marks into it.

He bent over slightly, curling arms around his lover, "Never again will you sleep alone," He breathed softly.

Legolas shivered in his lover's soft embrace.  Arching up and back he wrapped his arms around him.  "For that I am glad," he whispered as he nuzzled an upperarm.  "I could not sleep without you... would not."  

Moaning then he gripped Aragorn tighter.  "How often sleep never came, just thinking of you..." he inhaled sharply.  "Touching myself..."   

Aragorn shivered at the words leaving his lover. Fingers moving into long golden hair, he pressed in more as he righted himself, pressing Legolas' head against his hip as his own head tipped back in a deep groan.

He felt he would never get enough of this man. And he wondered how Arwen would take to having him in their bed. Would she accept? Would she understand his needs and desires for the both of them? How he loved them both and feared he would have to choose. He knew he would not be able to.

"Show me," he looked down to his lover, "Show me how you touched yourself."

Legolas nuzzled his loverís hip as he was pressed to it, inhaling his musky, arousing scent with deep sighs.  He looked up at those words.  Show me.  Touch yourself.  And moaned, eyes closing for a moment.  In that moment he could already see himself, feel the silk sheets, the need and desire for this man.  Despite the war, despite the ring, he needed Aragorn like he needed water.  

Opening his eyes Legolas found he had moved already.  Though still close to his loverís hip his hands now lay on his own chest and abdomen.  He closed them again, head turning to once more inhale his scent.  With slow, fluid movements his hands traveled down his thin, muscular body to his pants.  Slipping them down to his knees they paused there as he nuzzled Aragornís hip once more, a soft up and down, back and forth shake.

Brows furrowing his lip pouted.  ďNeed you,Ē he whimpered.  And his hands moved up.  One gently tracing his length, the other up his abdomen as he arched his spine.  

Aragorn watched through hooded eyes as his lover ran his hands down his own chest. With his eyes closed, head tipped slightly, it was a treat to see he brought this kind of reaction to the male elf. The heady scent of elf arousal drifted up to him and the feeling of Legolas rubbing against him made him tremble.

The King of Gondor grabbed a hand full of blonde locks, twisting the hair around his wrist as he pulled Legolas' head back, arching it up as his mouth covered it with a heated kiss. "I know you do," he breathed over the lips as he himself lowered down and was pushing his companion to his back.

His mouth covered that exposed neck, his hair tickling over pale skin. His groin pressed against the other and started to move in slowly thrusts, rubbing them together. "Tell me how badly," He nipped at that all to sensitive ear.

Arching his back and tilting his head further the elf moaned.  He returned the thrusts, his hips grinding in slow circles against his king's.  Legolas whimpered at the demand.  

"As much as I would need the sea," he moaned.  Turning his head he looked his lover in the eye.  His yearning, his lust, his love, his friendship all there on his face, in his pale blues. 

He moaned.  His eyes closed for a moment as he fought the overwhelming physical needs of his body and drowned in them at the same time.  "I would rather be dust than live without you," he finally whispered.

Aragorn turned his head to catch that look and it made his heart stop for just a moment. Such yearning, devotion, love, he had only seen it in the eyes of another. Arwen. He leaned in, kissing those lips deeply after the words fell from those lips.

It was a deep kiss. One that would if possible could be felt throughout all of Middle Earth. "I would not have you as dust. I could not bear it to be so." He breathed over lips already heated from his kiss. His hands caught at legs, just behind the knees to raise them up around his waist. His leaking cock showing the need.

Legolas' moan was cut short as he reached for his lover's lips again, biting and sucking at them.  He squirmed, anxious as he was lifted onto that leaking, throbbing cock.  The cock that stretched him just so, nearly to his pain threshold.  And yet he'd still crave it if it did tear him each time...

He growled as he felt his rose breached, wrapped his legs around to pull himself onto the large member.  With a moaning cry he bucked and arched.  "Uuhhnn Elessar!"

Aragorn groaned deeply. The heat surrounding him, the feel of the body under him, and the words, the cry urged him to pressing till flesh touched flesh. He shuddered upon his arms that were supporting him, trying to gain some composure before driving into the elf under him.

Then drawing back slowly, he started to thrust, driving into Legolas. His hips shifted slightly, finding the right angle to get this elf to squirm and cry for him. Shake with such need and desires. Fingers slowly raced over that neck as he leaned to one side before cupping around to his ass once he reached it for support. It was hard to believe this was his lover, his other lover.

Legolas' parted lips emitted gasping moans with each thrust.  He started up at Aragorn with slitted eyes.  Eyes that rolled closed with a loud moan as he felt the large member shift within him, driving into that spot.  Only this human could make him cum without touching his yearning elfhood. 

His mind pictured Aragorn with Arwen.  He wondered how she liked it with this King, his King.  The thought of them together, gentle and soft, seeing them entangled drove Legolas closer.  He arched and squirmed, panting as his eyes opened again to seek out his King.  He was suddenly anxious for tonight, for Arwen to know.  He was curious and yearning.

He squeezed his King, crying aloud at the pleasurable pain that caused.  His whole body tensing at the sensation.