Home, home on the range...
Said Lupo
parody of Said the Rose by George H. Miles
Said Lupo

I grow sick of being Evil
Said Lupo
All my 'mates are always beating
Senseless cries and the shivering
And heroes will soon be coming
From the sky.

But I hear my master coming
Said Lupo
He will drag me to his chamber
Where shackles and chans will danger
and i'll bleed there all November
'spite my howls

Harsher fell his fisted fingers
than a tree
Ah, how stubborn I persisted
Bared my teeth, snapped and bristled
As I was keening and yes dragged
on my back

And he cut me in his lair
like a slab
And I bled there all the morning
Sabretooth, Toad... each one laughing
Knives, daggers shining crimson life
That was mine

And as midnight approached he tied me
In a cell
All of damp and shivering winter
And i heard his footsteps leaving
Up and out the darkening hall...
Left me be

I lay in a pool of bloody urine
Angry... sore
Last, I growled.  No.  No more slaving
in this coerced gang for killing
As the world they think are teaching
With each blow

As the morning i made resolve
Not another would I follow
No more squatting my belly low
And accepting their fisted blows
I would grow

Crusted wounds and sores i had worn
Always more
>From my fur an acidic smell
My eyes heavy, always fatigued
>From gazing over my shoulder...
Tail tucked in

Alas, must know a freedom
Without fear
Though my odor will betray me
Sabretooth's nostrils will seek me
And fierce claws attempt to make me
beg for death

Magneto took my bonds... a sneer...
Walked away
Then, finally, he let me be
His anger quenched but just for now
I knoew from days past it rested
Never died

Oh how the forest trees greeted
My escape!
How the pines danced with tender paws
That tingled with moist and fresh soil
'neath their claws.  oh my sense rejoiced
In freedom

So i ran from my evil past
Like a doe
I lept, dodged, panted, desperate
To find a lasting resting place
Free from pain and fear, hate and rage...

An inncent home with sweet scenes
And a mate?
In my head-lone exhausting dash
A blur of black, an odor for
Longing.  female wolf all alone...
Full of life

So i kneel and whimper to her
In a sigh
If she accepts or rejects me
Does not to much concern Lupo
For this is freedom, to court her
And have choice