Emotions in Motion

Authors: Grygon (getspurked @ and Shael (lycanthrophile @
Rating: NC17 for M/M sexual situations and violence.
Pairing: Remy LeBeau (X-Men)/Alex Krycek(X-Files)

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Synopsis: Continuation of "You Always Hurt The One You Love".  Remy and Alex live life on the run, together. 
Note: This was originally the log for a thread between Grygon and Shael on the PBeM RPG Fight Club Unlimited ( 

Remy stood leaning on a balcony over a swamp. Overhanging trees turned any bright day into a cool and seemingly overcast afternoon.  This two story mansion was usually empty and Remy had volunteered it for some company before Krycek made their next move. Behind him the glass door to the master bedroom stood open.

Though his taste was for wine he now held a beer in his right hand as he surveyed the swamp in the near distance. A dog dozed up near a tree trunk at the water line. The Guild kept dobermans about for security; the mansion was not used as often as it had been and needed Guild members to drop by every Friday for cleaning and security checks. It wasn't a surprise to find Remy about more often than not, though he had never been with company before.

Remy turned his thoughts to that company. He was used to running away from problems. He had been doing just that since he COULD run. But it had always been alone. He had never ran with some one, not very far. He wasn't used to the company though he was far from complaining. He was glad for it. An end to the solitude!

"You look worried love," a voice came from the bedroom. Alex stepped onto the balcony. He wasn't wearing his prosthetic arm, a sign of how comfortable he was around his lover His own beer was held loosely in his right hand as he stepped up next to Remy.

It as amazing how things had changed for him. Before he would have been hiding out in some flophouse in the city. Not in some mansion in the middle of a bayou, something out of a cheezy romance novel. Not to mention that he wouldn't have been running with something.

Now, he couldn't see it any other way.

"Do I?"  Remy chuckled.  "Jus' thinkin', chere."  Both their lives had been so different before this.  And compared with Rogue, Alex was  easy to live with.  They both craved to be together, to hell with any problems it created.  Rogue was running off at every smirk he gave her.

"Sleep well?"  Remy turned to loosely wrap an arm about his lover.  Alex was a light sleeper, Remy wasn't sure he had yet to wake before him on any given morning.  And he knew how to leave the bed without waking him, something that still made Remy anxious.

Alex nodded, leaning slightly against Remy. "No nightmares tonight at least." The nightmares had been part of his life ever since his stint in the missile silo, waking up next to the UFO. He'd often wake up in a cold sweat, a silent scream trapped in his throat. He wasn't certain if they were true nightmares or just suppressed memories of when he was acting as a host.

But nightmares or not, there were times where he was compelled to leave the bed and patrol around. There may be guard dogs and other security measures in place, but Alex couldn't rest easy until he'd checked out things for  imself. And although he knew Remy didn't like waking up alone, he still felt he had to do that. "How about you?"

"Like a baby," Remy smiled. Pulling away from the balcony railing he stepped past Alex to stop behind him. Tracing the edge of his hair from behind his ear to his neck Remy leaned in to gently kiss his nape.

A short whine from below made him pause as one of the guards leaned it's head against Alex' thigh and looked up at him with a pathetic plea in her eyes. 

"I t'ink she wants y' t' pet her," Remy returned his lips to that soft neck, leaving a pattering of small, moist kisses. Setting his beer on the small, one-seat table he loosely wrapped his arms around Alex' abdomen.

"Some big tough guard dog you are," Alex teased, reaching down to scratch just behind the base of the furry ears. The dog let out a happy whine and started thumping her tail against the floor.

"So what plans do we have for today, lover?" Alex asked as he continued to pet the dog. He knew they had to lay low for a while, and amazingly he was enjoying the downtime. But that still didn't totally negate the itch to be out there stirring up something.

"Y'r makin' me jealous. Why couldn' y' jus' say y' got a girlfriend?" Remy looked down at Alex' hand on the dog's head.

Into Alex' ear: "Y' ever been out dere on de bayou?" After a light nip of his lobe he snuggled into Alex' neck, he couldn't get enough of his scent.

"Last time I checked, you don't chew on my calf if I don't rub your ears," Alex joked. He leaned harder against Remy. It was times like this he wished he had both arms, so he could wrap one around his lover's waist.

"No, I haven't been out on the bayou before." Alex had stayed close to the house, not wanting to wander out there without backup. "You want to go exploring?"

"... not dat de thought nevah crossed my mind, chewin' on y'r calf an' all."  Remy grinned and pressed against his lover as he leaned back against him.  

Seeing she was the third wheel the gaurd huffed and slipped back into the house.

"Y'll like it," Remy smiled, taking Alex by the arm and pulling him into the bedroom.  Releasing him he pulled on his boots and fetched his trench coat.  "Real peaceful an'... private.  Maybe I can chew on yo calf."  He threw his lover a meaningful smirk.

"Promise or a threat, lover?" Alex asked with a smirk. He grabbed his leather jacket and slipped into his boots. "Maybe we should raid the kitchen before we head off into the middle of the wilderness. Have a little something else to chew on besides me?"

"Y' an' yo appetite," Remy flashed his teeth in a teasing snarl.  "Come," grabbing Alex by his pants Remy lead him out into the hall and down the stairs.  "Pack us some lunch an' snacks," he pointed towards the kitchen door and then disapeared down another hall with a sly smile thrown over his shoulder.

Returning with a brown paper bag, contents hidden by the folds, Remy set it on the table and leaned onto the counter.  "Soo... whatcha pack us?"  He feigned innocense with a childish grin.

Alex grinned back over his shoulder as he rummaged through the refrigerator. "Well, fortunately you didn't sneak out of bed last night and ate the last of the leftover chicken."

His eyebrows lifted in surprise at the bag that Remy had plunked down on the counter. "Looks like you've done a little packing of your own."

"Dessert," Remy winked and tucked the bag back under his arm protectively.  

"An' de faster y' pack us a lunch de faster I might show y' what it is,"  Remy licked his lips in mock hunger.  "I'll get de boat ready," he took his secretive package out the back door and to the small, two seater boat in the back.

Getting it ready he tucked the package beneath one of the seats and then began pushing it into the water.  

Seeing how eager his lover was to get out into the bayou, Alex was tempted to make the packing process long and slow, just to tweak Remy.  He was so adorable when he got frustrated. And when Remy let released that frustration... well, they had already had to replace a mattress once.

It was about ten minutes later he sauntered out the back door to the waiting boat, arm tucked through the handles of a wicker basket. "Ready to go," he asked Remy with an innocent expression on his face.

Remy had manuevered the boat to a place where Alex could easily step in without needing to wade.  He had worried his lip, subconsciously, and rubbed the handles of the paddles in a way that would have made him blush had he known.

Shifting in his seat he was ready to go in and personally retrieve Alex Bang Me Hard Krycek when the man finally appeared.  He knew his anxiety showed, and there was no way to hide it.  He watched in silence, that innocent expression gnawing at him.  He held still as Alex eased into the boat.

Licking his lip Remy tucked the paddle handles behind him and leaned forward face to face with his lover.  He didn't speak, just stared with pent up energy into those emerald greens.  Hands reached forward to run up each muscular thigh, squeezing as they haulted... kneaded once.  

The chuckle reached Krycek's eyes before escaping his lips. So this was how Remy was going to repay him for making him wait. Well, two could play at that game. He reached down and rested his hand over one of Remy's and squeezed it. He pinned it in place on his thigh, not allowing him to move it higher, or pull it away.

He looked into Remy's eyes, the challenge clear. There was no question in his mind about what was going to happen. The only question was how long he'd be able to fend his lover off. Or how long he'd want to be able to fend him off.

If it was one thing Remy loved aside from sex, it was the challenge of acquiring it.  Knowing Krycek's left hand, had it been there, would be holding his right hand in place Remy held it as still as the other.  Leaning forward he smirked as the boat rocked just a tad.  If his lover leaned too far back to avoid him they'd end up fish bait.

Rethinking his strategy he came back, this time leaning towards his lover's thigh.  He kissed along the back of his hand, rolled his tongue along the curve of his wrist, and nipped along the knuckles.  The sweet salty taste of flesh and the angle at which he was forced to hold his neck made him salivate.  Instead of quickly adjusting his angle and swallowing it he allowed a bit onto his lips, moistening his next kiss.

His tongue traced the curve and slight webbing in the dip of each knuckle, pausing at the little finger's knuckle to delicately feel and lick the ridge of the bone up to the wrist.  

Alex held perfectly still, his eyes shut to better feel the sensations. His first impulse was to tackle Remy and pin him to the bottom of the boat, but he had no desire to go swimming at the moment. So he was forces to stay still, for the most part.

His right leg slipped forward between Remy's, pressing against the inside of his left leg. Slowly he rubbed it up and down, as if they were already naked and rubbing against each other. He kept his movements slow and steady, to both tease Remy and to keep from upsetting the boat.

Remy chuckled softly.  So this was what it took to get his lover to slow down: threaten him with a wet and slimy dump into a swamp.  Nothing like some hungry and 2 inch teeth to spoil a lover's tryst... though it also might heighten it what with the sudden surge of adrenaline... Remy didn't want to risk it though, the rubbing against his inner thigh was too good.

"It's not de speed but de technique," Remy flashed his lover a grin as he looked up past auburn locks.  He sat up, hands still planted firmly on muscular thighs.  "An' dis no way t' start a tour," with a gentle pull he freed his hands and reached behind him for the paddle handles.

This time he touched and felt the handles with purposeful strokes, eyeing his lover as he did so.  

Alex knew exactly what Remy was trying to do - get him so hot and bothered that he'd jump his lover the moment they foot on solid ground. Especially given how suggestively he was handling the paddles.

So he leaned back in the boat, determined to enjoy the show that Remy was putting on for him, a look of interested amusement on his face. "So where are we heading, Remy? Are we going to be flashing some gators?"

Remy chewed his lower lip, head lowered a bit and turned to look behind him as he began to paddle.  "Don' forget herons, egrets, frogs... an' snakes," a glance at Krycek's crotch with a sly smirk and brief touch between his own legs.  

They passed out into the bayou where large cypress trees with the skirt of roots large enough to support several men stood proud.  Though the ones in the water hid their roots, the ones upon shores flaunted them openly.  

"An' we head any where y' want, Alex.  'Less y' afraid o' some lil animal nipping y' on y' neck?"  He rowed slowly, favoring the handles with each stroke.

"It's not my neck I'm worried about getting nipped," Krycek said with a slow grin. Watching Remy tease him with the handles was getting him hot. But then watching Remy, period, always got him hot.

Catching his lover's gaze, Alex fluttered his eyelashes like he was a flirting southern belle. "Promise to protect me from the big, bad gators?"

"Somet'ing tells me de gators ain't what y' need ta worry 'bout, lover..."  Remy was enjoying their game though a part of him wanted to do things that would seriously rock the boat and send them both into chilly water.  He needed to pace himself.

He slowed their rowing further as they came to a shadey and hidden part within the waters, thick folige and overhanging limbs from the trees protecting them.  Not there was many other people out here but the illusion of privacy still held.

Before he tucked the handles into the boat he brought one up, the tip gracing his lips as he closed his eyes with a soft 'mmmmm'.  Slowly he ran the barest tip of his tongue along the rough wood and then lowered the handles across the space between them like a fence.  

"Careful," Alex teased. "You'll get splinters." And oddly enough, alex found himself jealous of an inanimate object. Just watching the tip of that tongue, and knowing what it was capable of, got him hot and excited.

However, he tried to play it cool, even though he was failing miserably. "So how long before we get there, Remy?" he asked. "If it's too long, I might just take a nap." He made a big show of stretching, chest muscles rippling beneath his T-shirt, and folded his arms behind his head as if settling in for sleep.

Remy chuckled as he watched his lover squirm.  "Y' really should buy some... kinder pants, dose are much too tight fo y'."  Remy ran a hand through his hair, twisting a strand up to the corner of his mouth coyly.  "Much... too... tight..." he emphasized each word with a slight tilt of his head and parting of his pouty lips as he stared at his lover's bulge.

Releasing the strand of auburn he ran his fingers down his neck to his shirt collar, unbuttoning it as he went down.  "Shirt too," Remy 'oohed' rather innocently as he slowly shed his own shirt.  Reaching over the side of the boat he brought up a dripping hand and ran it down his own bare chest, head tilting back with a moaning gasp as the cool water brought both nipples to attention.

"Dere...?" Remy pretended he barely heard the question.  "Oh, we dere.  Have been since y' set foot in dis here boat..." he gestured around.  "Bayou meet Alex, Alex meet Bayou."

Alex rolled his eyes, although he was devouring his lover's form. "I was referring to when we can get off the boat. So I can finish taking your clothes off. If you're not already naked by the time we get there," her smirked.

Under the pretense of being hot as well, he peeled his shirt over his head. "And since you think my jeans are too tight..." He trailed off as he slowly lowered his zipper.

"Who said anyt'ing 'bout gettin' OFF de boat...?" Remy smirked.  He watched Alex' hand slowly lower his zipper tooth by tooth and licked his lower lip in anticipation.  "Oui, much... too tight," he purred, touching his own bulge.

"Want some help wit' dem?"  Remy's eyes were glued, his hand now not only touching but rubbing himself.  He moved his hands away from himself to move the handles out of his way.

Alex's eyes were glued on Remy's hand. "At least will we be getting off?" he asked with a smirk. "Your pants are looking awfully tight as well, Remy," he said, eyes half hooded with lust. "Need a hand with that?"

Remy tilted his head.  "So long as y'r offerin'," he smiled and knealt on the boat's slightly curved floor directly in front of his lover.  With his knees spread as far as the boat would allow his lover was now sitting a foot higher than him.  

"Y' know..." he reached around Alex' slim hips and up the back of his shirt.  "It's all technique... y' don' need a... firm... an' hard surface t' get all y' need from a body.  Wit' de right balance an' movements y' can still pound my world."

With a chuckle Remy lowered his head and tugged on Krycek's pants with his teeth before unbuttoning them with his mouth.  Nudging them open he inhaled deeply.   

"Now wait a minute. Your pants are tight, but my jeans are around my ankles. Not that's not too much of a complaint." He stretched his right arm behind his head, left shoulder mimicking the motion. He hadn't bothered putting on the artificial arm. Cautiously, Alex leaned further back, scooting a bit closer to Remy and his talented mouth.

"Any one ever tell y' dat y'r a greedy lover?"  Remy grinned, though moved no further.  Catlike he rubbed his cheek along Krycek's thigh.  Sitting up he soaked his hand over the edge of the boat again, this time splaying his wet fingers over Krycek's lower abdomen.

Krycek shivered under the cool, sensual stimulation. "Yep," he said unrepentantly. He reached down and tangled his fingers in his lover's thick hair. "But they've also said that I give as good as I get," he said with a wink.

"Dey?"  Remy pouted up into his lover's gaze.  "An' who might 'dey' be, Alex Krycek?"  He pressed his moist and cool palm higher and over a nipple.  "Cause if dere somet'ing y' want to tell me..." he maintained the 'I'm not your first?' pout but a smile crept into his eyes.


Sinister let himself into the mansion.  The dogs, fightened, ran and cowered.  The alarm system, turned off by Remy when he had bedded with his lover here, stayed silent.

Sinister traced the tip of an index finger over the prosthetic arm in an almost loving manner.  Picking it up he stroked it as one would a cat.  "My dear, dear, Remy you really need to careful about who shares your bed..."

The arm, for just the time it takes to draw a breath and release it appeared to glow metallic.  And then the odd light was gone.  With a none too happy smile Sinister replaced the arm where it had lay.

Back on the Bayou:

"Well, that depends on how you define first," Alex said with a pout of his own. His lover wasn't playing fair. Alex could never resist that sexy pout he had, and Remy knew it. "They are no one of any importance to me. Unlike you." His right hand drifted down Remy's chest.

"An' fo how long?"  Remy lowered his head, letting his auburn locks hide his face for a moment.  He rose to place his knees either side of his lover's lap.  The boat tipped a bit with the weight but Remy moved slower now and the water stayed underneath the boat's rim.

"How long till another comes around," Remy crooned, tracing his lips up Alex' chest.  "An' steals my savior away," a gentle nip on his neck.  "Breakin' poor Remy's heart."  He looked up through the soft strands of auburn that still hung in front of his eyes.

Alex's eyes were half-lidded as he responded. "Never gonna happen Remy." His fingers affectionately stroked Remy's hair out of the way so he could better see those odd red eyes that had captured his heart. "Never gonna happen."

"I learned long ago, chere, never t' trust a lover dat says 'never'..." Remy raised his head so he wasn't look up past his lashes at his lover.  "But... help me, I do trust y'.  An' I do love y'."

Tilting his head he leaned in to lay kisses along that firm jaw, cheek bone, and between those emerald greens.  Moving down he caught lips in a bruising kiss, pressing hard and hungrily.  

Alex wrapped his arm around Remy's back, scratching up his spine and then tangling his fingers in his lover's hair. Hey may not have been the most verbally demonstrative man. So he tried to show Remy instead in how tight he held him, how deeply he returned his kisses.

Moaning and suddenly forgetting about where they were Remy lowered his knees back to the floor of the boat and pressed up against his lover.  One hand gripped his shoulder while the other snaked up between Krycek's legs, taking a firm hold on his throbbing member.

Alex gave a yelp and jumped, the boat shaking perilously. If not for Remy holding onto him, he probably would have if not capsized, at least overbalanced and fell out of the boat. His free hand automatically grabbed for Remy's shoulder as he leaned forward, hips working against Remy's hand.

Remy smirked at his lover's reaction and leaned back to rebalance the boat with him.  Still, his teeth and tongue nipped and tasted his salty neck.  Moving up he ran his tongue along the inner ridges of his ear.  His skilled fingers and palm still worked below, the strokes slow and from tip to hilt despite knowing his lover liked it fast and rough.

His breath was coming in harsh pants. He could feel hot breath and wet tongue caressing his ear, and it was a heavenly sensation. Not to mention the feeling of Remy slowly stroking him. But Alex needed more.

Trying to urge his lover on, Alex's hand wandered down his lover's broad back, defining the muscles and every vertebra of his spine as he went. But when he reached that magnificent ass, Alex cupped one full cheek and squeezed.

Moaning into his lover's ear Remy then bit at it and pushed back against his hand.  He halted his strokes all together.  Sitting up he reached back for the brown paper bag and twisted to dig in it without allowing his lover to see what he brought out, hidden in a fist.

Blocking his view by catching his lips with nips and sucking kisses his hands went to work below.  First a tugging on his scrotal skin through a plastic ring, followed by popping the balls through and then a gentle bending of his cock down and through the ring. 

Firmly fit into a cock ring now Remy pulled back to look down at his lover's throbbing member.

Alex had noticed the rustling of the paper, but allowed himself to be distracted by his lover's plush kisses. And he was still distracted until her heard the final snap of the ring closing around his flesh.

Alex looked down and then back to Remy's eyes. One eyebrow quirked. "You do realize that this gives me free rein to not only do this to you, but use the handcuffs as well?" he said with a dangerous glint in his green eyes.

Remy grinned at his lover's words.  Reaching up he framed his face and pulled him in to nip at his lips.  "Oui.  An' I look forward t' it."  Pressing closer he kissed him fully and slowly, tongue seeking out the other.  

"No one I'd rather have tie me up, take full... advantage o' my body?"  Remy hmmmmed as he pulled back.

Alex's cock throbbed at the image his lover's word evoked, the sensation made stronger by the tight ring. "Good," he breathed in Remy's ear. "Cause I may have to kill anyone else who even thinks of trying that with you." His kisses became more biting, trying to mark his lover to that others would know to stay away.

Remy whimpered, turning his head and offering his neck and bare shoulder for his lover's insistent need to bite him.  Reaching up he held himself close by wrapping an arm about Krycek's shoulders.  "Yours," he moaned into an ear and proceeded to taste the lobe.

With his other hand he reached between their heated bodies to grip his lover's thick.  With throbbing flesh at his mercy he slowly stroked it tip to base, fingers pressing at the swollen vein beneath.  

Krycek trembled beneath the onslaught. With the ring in place, his cock felt twice as hard, the sensations twice as intense. With a groan he softly nipped at the tendons in Remy's shoulder before biting down hard enough to leave marks.

His own hand wasn't idle, but also explored Remy's back. Deciding that two could play at the teasing game, it slid down his spine and between two so tight cheeks. The longer finger wrapped around and lightly brushed Remy's balls from behind before pulling back to tease his anus.

With a sighing whimper Remy slowed his strokes and nuzzled his lover's ear.  "Y' devil," he breathed into his ear, licking along the inner ridges.  "Y' de one in de ring," with a hint of humor.  He wanted to give him what he craved, stroke him hard and fast then swallow him whole.

But he enjoyed his games too much.

Pushing back against his finger Remy wanted more, though knew this might be an eye for an eye.  Gripping harder he stroked slow, but thorough.  Fingers, thumb and palm massaging every inch in their own, faster strokes.

Alex groaned out loud as he pressed harder against Remy's anus. His little plan to distract his lover into moving faster hadn't worked as planned, but he wasn't too disappointed. Especially since Remy had increased the torturous pressure on his cock. He could feel his balls try to draw upwards, straining for orgasm, but be held back by the ring. Concentrating on that feeling, he let his finger pop inside Remy up to the first knuckle.

Moaning, Remy pressed back against that hand as a finger entered him.  Trailing his tongue and lips up his neck and shoulder he kissed his lover hard.  He knew his lover was close but was also at the mercy of the ring, and his hand.  Stroking him a hair faster the cajun broke the kiss to suck and bite Krycek's lower lip.  

"Dieu, y'r so big," Remy moaned.  "Want y' deep inside," he nipped Krycek's jaw.  "Makin' me scream," he stroked faster as he spoke, eyes closed and feeling his Alex inside him, pounding hard.

He had wanted to hold off, to frustrate his lover much as he was frustrated himself. But Alex found himself responding with a moan to the hot images Remy was creating. And he found himself adding a second finger and doing just as Remy had requested, ramming into him up to the third knuckle.

Alex let out a soft whine as the pressure in hick cock became an almost unbearable pleasure/pain. "Please," he let out in a soft moan. "Please..."

Remy moaned at the plea of his lover, at the pleasure of his fingers inside him, and the throbbing rod he stroked harder and faster.  Reaching down with his other hand he teasingly massaged Alex' balls.  

"If y' desire..." he groaned, turning and leaning in to lick his sideburns.  "I yearn t' swallow y'," he panted.  "Take y' whole, taste y'..." he inched backward, knowing his lover would have to withdraw for him to take his throbbing, pulsing thickness.

"Please," Alex repeated in a moan, letting his fingers pull out of his lover. He squirmed closer to Remy, trying to keep in contact with those talented hands. Hips arched, he was offering with his body, his voice, and his eyes. "Please..."

Each plea only made Remy the more hungry.  He loved to hear those pleas.  Pleas for release, for an empathetic act...

Bending close Remy tasted his lover with his tongue before taking him in.  He moaned, vibrated himself around his lover until he reached his hilt.  Then, with one hand released him from the confines of the cock ring as he worked his throat and tongue along his length.

Alex's hips bucked up violently. He let out a hoarse cry, unable to hold his pleasure back. The sudden release of pressure on his cock and balls tore his orgasm from him. He continued to pump into Remy's mouth as he quivered with release.

Remy's head reeled in his lover's release.  The taste, the smell, the feel of him pumping in and out.  His hot seed dripping down his chin and neck, bursting off his tongue and the back of his throat.  He held onto Krycek's bucking hips as he felt the boat rock.

As his lover eventually tired he continued to clean and sooth his softening member with his cool tongue.  Breathing heavily from the strong and long orgasm Alex had he hung his head between his shoulders to catch his breath.

Alex was breathing heavily as well, still shaking slightly. He reached down and ran his fingers through his lover's thick locks, brushing them back so he could better see his lover's face.

Moving carefully not to upset the boat, Alex leaned forward to kiss his lover. His hand wandered slowly down Remy's chest and abdomen until they wrapped around his erection. Fingers gently squeezed and explored his lenght.

One hand came up to cup the side of Krycek’s face as he tipped his head.  He moaned into the kiss as fingers found and traced up and down his throbbing need.  Bringing his other hand up to frame his lover’s face he pulled from the kiss slowly to gaze into his emerald greens. 

As his hand stroked Remy's cock, Alex reached for his back with his other arm. It was rare moments like this that he forgot that his left arm was missing. He was breathing heavily as he leaned closer, his hand moving faster over the hot hardness, thumb gently teasing the slit at the tip. 

"Don't stop," Remy gasped out in a moan.  He lowered his hands to his lover's shoulders.  He had expected torture for the sly thing he had done, and here he was receiving immediate attention.  It made him moan louder, thinking of what was to come.

Hips moving against that all-too-knowing hand Remy's eyes hooded, then closed with a groan.  Then his spine went rigid and with a cry he came in his lover's hand.

Alex continued stroking Remy's cock, trying to wring out every bit of pleasure for his lover. His thumb teased the slit, trying to coax more fluid from him. With an evil smile, he leaned forward to breathe in Remy's ear. "Someone once told me that revenge is a dish best served cold. Don't worry, lover. You'll get yours eventually."

Remy whimpered at Krycek's words.  "I'm lookin forward t' it," he breathed, turning his head and leaning his forhead against his lovers.  He smiled, anxious and curious about his just deserts.  Embracing the man he pulled closer.  "Don' be easy on me," he whispered in a seemingly conspiring tone.

"Don't worry," Alex reassured. His hand lightly squeezed Remy's cock as his lips brushed over Remy's mouth. "I won't be." With an evil grin he pulled back and resettled in his seat at the stern of the boat. 

Tilting his head Remy regarded him lover for an instant, that grin planted so delicious on his face.  Luckily for Alex, Remy's thoughts and plans were interrupted by a sharp sting on his thigh.  A bayou mosquito, and more on the way.  The day was cooling down and the swarms were soon out of their hiding holes.

Remy reluctantly pulled his clothing back on and grabbed the paddles.  Leave it to him to loose track of the time of day out in the middle of mosquito heavens.

Alex worked his shirt back on and his pants up. "Ow!" The mosquitos, sensing he couldn't brush them off his right arm, had also started feeding off of him as well. "At least they're not bees," he muttered.

Remy perked a brow at the bee comment, curious.  With a chuckle he paddled faster.  "I have half de mind t' stop an' let dem eat y' alive.  I wouldn' mind doin' de same."  Though the way he slapped at his own bare neck and the way he paddled it was sure he wouldn't be keeping that idea.

He could use his mutant gifts to keep them in a bubble, the buggers dieing as they touched the very around them.  But then what excuse would he have for rubbing along his lover to relieve the itching?

Tying the boat to the post Remy grinned and slapped Alex on the shoulder "Tag!" as he bolted for the mansion.

"You'd better run," Alex called after and bolted. Running one armed he always felt slightly off balance, even with the prosthesis on. However it didn't stop him from being active. There was always the thread, although now dim, of the Cancerman's goons catching up with him. But there was a more important reason. He knew that Remy really appreciated his well defined thighs and sculpted torso.

Remy chanced a glance over his shoulder, though he could feel the breath of his lover on his neck he still glanced to flash an award winning smile at him.  And promptly tripped over the dog.  As he fell he pivoted to catch, or grab, he wasn't sure which, his Russian lover.

With his mutants gift the trip had clearly been on purpose.  For as much as he enjoyed Alex Krycek's thighs and torso there was always a warm tingling he got from the arm and chest that held him.  Even the cool plastic of the prosthetic gave him shivers when Alex used it.

Alex tried to pull up short, but barreled almost full speed into his lover. Laughing he wrapped an arm around his neck as they tumbled to the ground together. He worked one leg between Remy's as Alex's mouth found his.

His breathless grunt as he bore both their weight to the ground quickly changed as he found Krycek's mouth pressed to his, a leg rubbing between his.  Despite having half the wind knocked from his lungs he returned the kiss yearningly, lifting the thigh his lover straddled to return the favor.

With his tongue wrestling Krycek's he knew the one licking his cheek couldn't be the same.  Laughing he pushed at the dog's neck as he buried his head in Krycek's shoulder, leaving his lover at the mercy of a very slobbery muzzle.

Alex twisted his head this way and that, trying to avoid with limited success the licks of love from the dog.  "Damn it, Remy.  The only slobbery kisses I like are yours."  With his arm trapped under his lover's shoulder, he could only try to duck the dog's affections. "Little help, Remy?"

Remy wriggled up with a look of mock indignation on his face.  Grabbing the pooch on either side of her ears he pressed her face to Krycek's.  "Y' apologize, Alex Krycek, or y' be spendin' de night on de couch.  She has feelin's y' know."  The dog grinned and wormed away after leaving Alex with a sopping wet face kiss.

Without the dog to protect him now Remy scrambled to his feet and made to get away.

Alex made a face at the dog's forced affections. And then he scrambled after Remy. "You are such a dead man, Remy LeBeau. Just wait until I get my hands on you." he chased after his lover, following him into the bedroom. He caught up with him, leaping into a flying tackle that sent them both onto the bed.

Squirming against Remy's body, he kissed him passionately, arm wrapped around his waist. And when they were breathing heavily, he broke it off abruptly. "Oh, I forgot. I'm supposed to be sleeping on the couch."

"Uhn, non!"  Remy grabbed for his lover's shirt and pants, falling off the bed as he did so.  Leaping from the floor he chased him out the bedroom door into the hall, bowled into him and pinned him against the wall.  

"All forgiven," he panted between kisses. Rubbing his body up and down Krycek's he grinned as he snaked a hand between them, grinding and massaging his lover's bulge.  "Now come back t' bed, chere... 'less y' want company on de couch."

"Hmmm," Alex moaned between kisses, his crotch moving lewdly against Remy's hand. "Kinky sex on the couch or room to stretch out on the bed. Choices, choices." His hips continued to move, despite the look of deep thought on his face. "Comfort wins out this time," he said pushing Remy backwards towards the bedroom.

Remy danced around Krycek until their positions reversed, pushing him into the bedroom door and towards the bed.  Ducking down he hitched his lover's knees and dumped him on his back.  Just as fast he was on him, hot smothering him, eagerly rubbing, grinding, kissing, scratching.  

Mouth attacking one ear he breathed into it between nips and licks, husky and mock innocence: "Get y'r arm, darlin'..." Tone changing to a husky moan as he squirmed so deliciously against the firm body below his: "Remy got a cravin'."  

Alex chuckled into his ear as he wriggled against Remy. "Maybe I should get a vibrator installed in one of the fingers." He nipped at the tender lobe as he shifted his lover to one side so he could reach his artificial arm.

He placed it on the bed next to him. It would be hard for him to get the short off one handed with his lover squirming on top of him. "Little help, Remy?" he said with a grin.

"Y' have ta ask?"  Remy grinned, biting at his neck as he helped his lover out of his shirt.  Pushing Krycek back to the head of the bed  he took the arm from him.  He had watched him place the prosthetic on enough times to fumble through the procedure himself.  

As he went through the steps slowly his tongue and teeth made up for what his hands were too busy to do.  Flesh was ravaged, nipped, licked, suckled, and bitten... slowing him down.

Finished, he slowed the assault on his lover to lean back, grinding their crotches together.  Taking the arm he watched his lover's face as he suckled the index finger, moaning around it.

This always tore Alex in two. He loved watching Remy lavish attention on his artificial hand, as if it were no different from his flesh and blood one. But there were just so many damn times he wished he could feel it.

But for some reason, instead of moving onto the other fingers with those obscenely talented lips, Remy jerked back. "Something wrong, lover?"

"Uh..." Remy brought a hand to his own lips. "Felt like... static..." he grinned. "Maybe got too excited dere," he refered to his own powers, still feeling his stung lips with his fingers.

"Jus' see what y' do t' me, lover." Remy purred as he bent close to nip his lover's lips. "Losing control o' de 'gifts' cause of y'." Reaching between them he cupped Krycek's bulge, squeezed and massaged. "I want y' t' use it on me, chere. De arm," he breathed, fingers admiring and giving Alex everything they could.

Krycek's hips rose and fell underneath Remy's all too knowing caresses. He bent over to whisper in his ear. "You want me to do that to you, lover? Make you lose all control?"

Moving his left hand, he caressed Remy's side, slipping around to caress his ass. Now he really wished he had some sort of sensation in this hand. "Besides, I still owe you from your little stunt in the boat."

Remy squirmed at the warm whispers, a sigh at their promise.  "Oui, Alex."  His voice husky, needy.  "Make me loose control.  Forget who I am, jus' fo a while."  

He moaned as he was touched, eyes rolling closed.  "Show me what a bad bad boy I was fo doin' dat," he cooed. "Teach me a real good lesson."  Opening his eyes he turned a pouty expression onto his lover, looking up past thick eye lashes and strands of auburn hair.

Alex chuckled, a slight menace tinging the laughter. "Remember you asked for it," he said as his right hand undid Remy's fly Once his pants were loose around those slim hips. Pulling away slightly, he pushed hand prodded Remy until he was laying across Alex's lap.

Using his left hand, Krycek pulled his pants down further. Then he caressed his lover's tight ass, again wishing that somehow he could feel using the plastic appendage. Flexing the muscles of his upper arm so the fingers were fully straightened, Alex lightly tapped the palm against Remy's ass. And then he delivered a sharp, stinging slap to the well toned muscles.

Jumping with a surprised grunt as the smooth plastic bit into his tender flesh Remy relished in the sting.  "Harder," he nearly moaned, hands twisting in the sheets.  He arched his spine at the next blow.  On the third he buried his head in the covers with a moan.  His member teasingly rubbed the sheets below him with each of Kyrcek's blow.

On the fourth he cried out, spine arching tight at the shock.  It hurt much worse than the others, causing Remy to bite his lip.  Looking over his shoulder Remy arched a brow at his lover.  

And Krycek arched a brow in return, not knowing why Remy was giving him a puzzled look. "Something wrong, lover?" he said in a teasing voice, thinking that Remy was giving him a hard time. "Can dish it out but can't take it? Instead of stopping, he delivered another hard blow to his ass.

"I-" Remy stopped short as another blow was dealt to his ass.  That one didn't feel like it shocked him, though it hurt like hell, yes.  Remy inhaled with a hiss and gripped the bed covers harder.  "Give it t' me an' I'll take it," he growled in challenge.  His masochistic side was awakening, craving attention.

"If you insist, Remy love," Alex said. The next few smacks were delivered to alternating cheeks with a medium strength, not quite as heavily as the earlier ones. They were more to relax him, to lull him into a false sense of security. And when Remy was squirming on his lap, Alex let loose another hard, stinging blow.

Remy yelped at the blow, then moaned.  "Yes, again," he begged.  He panted and raised his hips a few inches, spreading his legs.  "Please."  

He became more and more needy with each blow, though his ass was red now and throbbing painfully.  His arms trembled as he held his chest a few inches from the bed, knuckles white from gripping the covers.

Alex's blows had no set rhythm, meaning to drive Remy crazy with need. A few gentle taps were followed by sharp, stinging slaps. He was squirming with his own needs as he watched Remy write under his blows. 

"This what you wanted, lover?" Alex said with a light caress of the bright red flesh. And before Remy could answer, he delivered another blow, the strongest one yet.

Remy cried out, body tensing, breath held behind clenched teeth.  His whole body on fire with need.  "Dieu..." he panted as he dare breath again.  "Yes, lover.  Want."  He moaned, squirming with need and pain.  He knew Krycek squirmed with the same need, and daring, he untangled one fist from the covers to touch his lover's bulge.

Alex let out a hiss. "Remy," he moaned, the hand still delivering firm slaps to his ass. Feeling his hand on his cock sent tremors through his body. Squirming and wiggling as if he were under the assault instead of Remy he delivered one more hard blow, ready to roll over his lover and fuck him senseless.

Seeing his lover squirm with just a touch of his magic fingers made Remy all the more anxious.  Still wincing and moaning as the last blow fell he leaned into his own hand, massaging his lover hard as he twisted to look at him.  "Take me," he begged.  "Need you now," he gasped, leaning in to that mouth, claiming it with a harsh kiss.

Alex returned the kiss with a biting one of his own. There was one last firm slap to Remy's ass before he encouraged him to unzip his fly. Once his pants were down around his ankles, Alex shoved Remy flat on his stomach on the mattress. The artificial hand traced lightly over the muscular ass, ready to deliver another blow at any moment. "You ready for me now? Or you need me to slick you up first?"

Remy squirmed at the seemingly soft touch from his lover's artificial hand.  His ass throbbed painfully.  "Damnit, Alex," he hissed.  "Now," he pressed back against his lover.  

Alex chuckled low in his throat as he delivered one more last, painful slap. Grinning maniacally as Remy jumped, he swung behind his lover and tugged on his hips, jamming a pillow beneath him to keep his ass in the air. "What Remy wants, Remy gets," he whispered in his ear as he positioned the head of his cock and shoved hard.

Remy gasped out a strangled moan as the air was knocked from him.  Tears from the pain stung at his eyes but it felt so good.  So raw.  He pushed against Krycek with an animalistic growl.  "I thought I was bein' punished," he panted, dogging his lover onward.  

"But denying you would only be hurting myself," Alex purred in Remy's ear. "And why would I want to punish myself?" His hips started to move at a rapid pace. There was nothing gentle about his thrusts, or how Alex's hand grabbed at his shoulder.

Moaning in both pleasure and pain Remy braced himself against his lover's assault.  "Dieu... yesss..." he hissed.  The pain only eased somewhat as Alex' precum smoothed the way.  His hands fisted into the sheets as a tear streamed down his face.  Damn... fuck it was good, tears from the pain, yes, but it was what he wanted.  

"Alexx..." he was close... but not close enough... he needed something more.  A touch, hard and rough and long... "Please..."

There was a grimace on Alex's face, one that could either be seen as pain or as pleasure. He pounded Remy mercilessly, feeling his own orgasm nearing. Letting go of his shoulder and bending low over his lover's back, Alex grabbed between Remy's legs and squeezed.

Remy bucked violently as Krycek gripped his yearning member.  Turning his head he bit into his own bicep, his moan muffled around a trickle of blood but still loud as he came with a shudder.  

Alex let out a loud yell as he felt Remy spasm below him. His orgasm was long and hard as he shoved against his lover. He overbalanced on his knees and fell heavily against the mutant, knocking them both to the mattress and pinning Remy beneath him.

Remy grunted loudly as his lover knocked the breath from him.  Then he shuddered violently, mouth moving as if to gasp for the breath that had been knocked from him but not finding anything to suck in.  Eyes rolling closed Remy went limp.

At first Alex thought that it was post-orgasmic relaxation.  But he quickly realized that something was wrong.  "Remy? he asked as he rolled off his lover.  Using his right hand, he lightly shook his lover's shoulder.  "Remy?  Wake up."  Now getting worried at the lack of a response, he slipped his hand to his throat to check his pulse.

A small chuckle and large shadow drifted in from the balcony, startling the snoozing gaurd dog from inches away.  With a growl that quickly became a yelp the dog slunk out of the room.

"Alex Krycek, what are doing with a mutant like Remy LeBeau?"  Sinister nearly floated to their bedside.  "Though you're no angel yourself, are you?"  Reaching out Sinister gripped Remy's head and hair and lifted it to see Remy's rolled eyes and slack jaw.

"Damn right," Krycek said. Not caring about his nudity, he rolled backwards to land on his feet with the bed between this stranger and himself. Unfortunately, his unconscious lover was also between them. He didn't let his eyes stray to the gun tucked in the drawer in the stand next to the bed.

"Now tell me who the hell you are," he said, itching to get that gun in his palm. But the stranger was too close to Remy. He was unable to get to before whoever this bastard was did something else to his lover. Alex had no proof, but he was certain that Remy passing out and this stranger's arrival weren't coincidental.

"Remy knows me quite well, Mr Krycek," Sinister glanced up from Remy's slack form.  Walking around the bed he placed himself within feet from Krycek.  "He can tell you all about me once we get going."

Turning he opened Remy's drawers, selecting clean clothes and turning to place them near Remy.  "Get him dressed."

Alex held his ground as the mutant stepped closer.  He willed the  fingers of his right hand to stay still and not curl, although they  itched to reach for the gun so close, and yet so far away.  "And if I  refuse?" he asked, looking into his pupilless red eyes.

Sinister smirked at that.  What a spunky human.  "Believe me when I say you do not want to know."  He turned to grab Remy by the hair, pulling the mutant to him and then to face his lover.  "I've done much worse than this at a blink of an eye.  With a thought I can make him believe he's choking to death.  And he most certainly will do just that."

Physical threats to himself, Krycek could handle no problem. However, threats to his lover were an entirely different matter. His training and experience as a triple agent was yelling at him to call Sinister's bluff, but his emotions wouldn't let him go through with that. Still glaring at the mutant holding Remy, he grabbed the clothes placed on the bed earlier, and gestured Sinister to bring him closer. And as he worked on dressing Remy, his mind was working overtime to gain an advantage. The gun was out of the question at the moment. He couldn't see any of the guard dogs nearby, and he wanted to wait until he could see where they were before giving them commands.

Sinister watched Krycek dress the mutant for a bit, amused.  "I'm sure this scum has told you there are ways to get your arm back,"  Sinister walked to the balcony and looked out over the swamp, gesturing at something out of line of sight.  "Why haven't you yet?"

"I get by with one just fine."  Taking advantage of the turned back,  Krycek slipped the gun out of its hiding place.  Assassin training  kicking in, he thumbed off the safety and sighted a bead on the  mutant's head.  "Now let's try this again.  Who the hell are you and  what are you doing here?"

As a strange craft came to hover next to the balcony railing Sinister turned to regard his would be assassin.  "I hold your precious lover's life in the palm of my hand, that, Mr Krycek, is all you need to know."

He stepped forward.  "And if you were smart you would have let it be."  Remy's body convulsed.  "Did you know you are the cause of your lover's current condition right now?"  A smile crept onto his lips as Remy writhed in agony.

He had seen a similar smile on that smug cigarette smoking bastard too many times to not know what it meant. Reluctantly he lowered the gun. "What the fuck do you mean by that?" Krycek said, rapidly thinking over the events of the day. He hadn't done anything that he and Remy hadn't been doing for the past few months.

"Oh, you had no way of knowing it," Sinister waved a hand as he reapproached the Russian.  "A touch, a kiss, anything physical gave the little darlings what they needed to transfer themselves."  He glanced at Krycek's artificial arm with a smirk.  "But you had no idea."

Smile suddenly gone Sinister pivoted and walked purposefully back to the balcony.  "Pick him up, bring him."  He stepped into the large floating ball.

Krycek held his ground as the mutant approached and then retreated. No, retreat was the wrong word, because they both knew who was in the position of power. He glanced down at his artificial arm and had to fight the urge to tear it off and throw it across the room.

Seeing no choice for the moment, Alex scooped up Remy, an arm under his shoulders and knees. "And where are we going?" he asked as he cautiously followed, alert for any sort of ambush.

Sinister gestured at the hole in the ball, making it bigger for Krycek's entrance and the limp form he carried.  "Home," he said in answer to the question.  "If he participates you shouldn't be my guests for long."  His smile said he hoped Remy would put up a good fight.

Closing the 'door' to their craft Sinister sat in a groove that ran the entire circumference of their pod.  Though there was light in the pod there were no windows, no way of seeing out as Sinister navigated it over lands and oceans while seemingly just staring at the one armed assassin.  

And Krycek stared back levelly, having finally found his game face. He was familiar with alien craft. Hell, he had been trapped in a silo for about a week with one. But he hadn't seen anything quite like this.

"And what would he be participating in?" Krycek asked in a cold voice. He couldn't let any emotion creep in, any fear for his lover's well being. Although he knew it was probably a losing battle. Sinister had been pulling his strings since the moment he had stepped into the room. And like an obedient puppet he had tried to convince himself he was no longer, Alex had obeyed.

Sinister laughed, dropping the craft with a soft thump.  "You both will participate, Alex."  He reached forward, touching Remy's arm and drawing him out of his apparent slumber with a jerk.  He looked up at Alex, stroking Remy's arm in satisfaction... come on, just try me... Remy groaned, a hand wavering to his head, nearly spilling out of Alex' lap as he tried to sit up.

"Easy, Remy," Alex whispered in his ear. He tried to keep a grip on Remy until the mutant regained his balance. "We've run into a little trouble." He tried to keep his mind off of what Sinister meant by participating. It sounded all too much like when his Syndicate handlers would tell him that they had an assignment for him.

It was like being jerked fully awake from the middle of REM.  Remy leaned against that familiar form as his breathing slowly caught up with his jumping heart rate.  He caught sight... or thought he did, of a familiar enemy as he tried to open his eyes.  "Non, Alex," he slurred.  "Dis a dream, s'all."  Why couldn't he wake up?  

"I want you to listen very carefully, Remy LeBeau.  Once we reach an understanding then you may fully regain your composure."  He waited until he saw recognition on the mutant's face.  

"You will do what I ask.  And Krycek will do the same.  I'm sure you wouldn't want to find yourself falling back asleep in the middle of your rooftop escape."  He spoke slowly for the drawsy mutant, and after a breath saw the dawn of understanding on his features.

With a satisfied nod from Sinister, Remy recovered in just a few deep breaths.  Or gasps, to be accurate.  He glared at Sinister, though he still leaned against Alex.

Alex held Remy close, right arm around his chest protectively. He was also glaring at Sinister as his mind worked overtime to see how they could get out of this. Like with his Consortium handlers, he could pretend to go along. Except that like them, Sinister had probably instituted safeguards to ensure obedience.

"And what exactly do you want us to do for you?" he asked. If there was a way to get out of this, Alex needed to know what he was going into with eyes wide open.

"For tonight," Sinister gestured and opened the side of the floating ball.  It had traveled extremely fast, landing them outside the British Museum.  "You will retrieve the Anna Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull.  I trust you not to get yourselves caught," he said in reminder of his threat.  He said nothing more, his silence a clear dismissal.    

Remy looked out the door.  Taking Alex by his arm he put himself between his lover and his enemy as they exited the craft.  "I'm sorry I got y' tangled wit' Sinister, Alex..." he avoided his lover's eyes as he searched the museum facade.

"No worse than me getting you tangled with the Syndicate," Alex replied with grim humor. He also was looking over the facade, trying to figure out the best way in. "We'll get through this somehow."

He looked over the building carefully. "Well, the way I see it, we've got two options for getting in. We climb up on the roof, disable the alarms around the skylight, and sneak in. Or just buy a ticket and go through the front door."

"And lookin' at de crowds... maybe bein' part of it de best idea."  Remy perked a brow at Alex.  "Y' done dis before."  Despite the dire situation they had found themselves in he couldn't help a jest: "So I WILL get a chance t' dangle y' from a cieling by some ropes after all..."  He smirked as he walked to the line waiting for access.  

After some small talk with some wandering volunteers it was understood the skull lay in the basement awaiting an exhibit date.  "Dey makin' it too easy," Remy grinned as they headed to the stairs.

"Don't say that Remy," Krycek muttered in an almost superstitious tone. "Every time I've said that, it was just before the shit hit the fan." He pushed open the firedoor that lead to the empty stairwell. Meanwhile he tried to recall what he could about the crystal skull. It was one of thirteen said to exist, encoded with information that only psychics could read. What Sinister wanted with them he wasn't sure, but he was certain it wasn't good.

Unlike the main halls, the basement was not nearly as crowded. Here they would have to be more careful, because they couldn't pass for museum goers down here earlier. "This way," Alex said, heading in the direction a sign marked mineral storage area indicated.

Remy tsked at Alex.  "Where your sense of adventure?  No fun if de shit don' hit de fan... uh, so t' speak."  Remy grinned and winked at Alex.  "Let Remy teach y' how t' make an exit, kay?"

Coming to the marked door way Remy tested the knob to find it locked.  Touching a finger to the key-card slot it sparked and then the door clicked open.  Bowing for Alex to enter first Remy took up a lookout position near the door, closing it all but a slit after they entered and peaking out.

"Damn," Krycek whispered. "Where were you when I had to break into the Hoover building?" Or out of the silo for that matter, but he wasn't going to think about that now. Repressing the shiver was second nature to him now.

Alex walked up and down the row of glass display cases, examining the contents of each. Several had rare crystal formations and examples of carved gemstones. But the one with the black drape over something the size of his fist was what caught his attention. "Think I found it, Remy," he said as he examined the case closer for a secondary alarm system.

Opening the door Remy took a quick look right and left before fully closing it.  Walking up to Alex he looked at the case over his shoulder.  Touching the glass he traced out a glowing heart that, once he had connected both halfs, sizzled inward to create a heart-shaped hole.

"All you, baby," Remy nipped his ear and swooped back to the door to peak out.  "We got company," he whispered and instinctively began  looking for another door or window.

"Damn it, Remy. I told you not to say it," Krycek growled. Cursing under his breath, he carefully reached in and picked up the surprisingly heavy crystal skull. He figured he was probably tripping another dozen or so alarms, but they were beyond the point of no return already.

Tucking her the skull inside of his jacket, he turned to Remy. From the look on his lover's face, he guessed that going out the way they came was no longer an option. "Any suggestions on how to get out?"

Grabbing Alex by his jacket Remy pushed him to the back of the room to another door and through it into another room.  As they heard security enter that room they were already in the hall making a dash for the stairs.  Security in museums were not that tight but nonetheless, Remy didn't want to hurt any one.  

Throwing a lit card at the door as they ran up the stairs he bought them a few more seconds, enough to make it to a high window.  "Up y' go," Remy cupped his hands for Alex to step in.  "I'm chargin' y' shoes, be ready fo de extra shove when y' jump," he warned.

Alex didn't think, but reacted. Trusting that his lover knew what he was doing, he stepped leading with his right leg into Remy's hands, reaching with his for the window sill. Even with the warning, Alex wasn't quite prepared for the extra spring. For a moment, he thought he was going to go through the glass.

After his lover was balanced on the sill, Remy hopped up and hefted himself by the ledge next to him.  He heard their followers behind him but didn't chance a backward glance as he made a clean hole in the glass for them.  He could see a glimmering shadow in the trees a few hundred yards out the window: their ride waiting.

"I'll cover y', he's waitin' dere."  Remy pointed to the place in the trees, readying a hand full of cards.

Melodramatic as it seemed to a part of him, Krycek leaned over to lightly kiss Remy. "Don't keep me waiting long," he said. Then he was ducking through the hole in window, carefully running across the slanted roof, hoping no one would look up at that particular moment.

It took some careful balancing to make his way to the edge of the roof. The trees weren't quite close enough for him to jump to without Remy's help. Hopefully he would join Krycek soon, or Sinister was monitoring the situation.

As Remy was otherwise preoccupied with the crowd at the window, Sinister, in another, more human body, approached Krycek from below.  Jumping higher than any mere human though he landed up next to Alex.  Without so much a thank you he grabbed Alex' jacket near his collar bone, reached in to retrieve the skull and then jumped down, bring Alex with him like a sack of potatoes and depositing him on his feet.

"He doesn' care if he's seen... jumpin' around like dat," Remy had landed near Alex, looking at him, touching him to make sure he was okay.  "He hurt y'?"  The guards would not dare such a jump themselves and perched on the rooftop aiming their weapons.

Glaring at Sinister and seemingly unphased at his change in appearance, Krycek made a big show of righting his jacket. "I'm fine, but we won't be if we don't move," he said with a pointed glance at the guards. Then his attention again returned to Sinister. "We kept our end of the bargain and got you the skull. Now keep your end."

Oh, he had been so clever.  His time line only mentioned in two words, 'for tonight'.  Sinister gestured back to their ship.  "You never asked for how long your end would continue, Krycek.  I'm afraid I am far from done with you."

He walked back to their ship as Remy encouraged Alex along.  The bullets wouldn't even make Sinister blink if one hit, and Remy was more worried about this ordeal being drawn out if one of them got injured.  Healthy slaves saw freedom a lot sooner than ones with bleeding wounds.

There was no bullets.  A shot or two, perhaps.  The guards appeared to be trusting the distant sirens to arrive on time.  The three were in the air and gone by the time the sirens arrived.

Alex glared at Sinister's back, meanwhile cursing himself. Of course it wouldn't have been that easy - one simple job and then life could go back to normal. It never was, and never would be, that way.

Instead he followed Sinister back to the ship, keeping himself between him and Remy. Briefly Alex considering grabbing his lover and making a run for it. Except that realistically he knew that wasn't an option. Any attempt, and Sinister would send Remy into convulsions again.

Once in their transport Sinister sealed the entrance.  He eyed Remy for a moment.  "You miss it, Remy.  This business.  I'm doing you a favor."

Remy bristled.  "Don' matter my feelin's, I rather not be servin' t' your perverted schemes. Y' not givin' a choice o' when we make dese hits.  Y' pushin' me."  Remy wasn't in favor of making a hit during business hours unless he was forced to, or in a rush.  

Sinister didn't bat a lash.  "Fine.  Your next show is in the Nairobi National Museum.  I'll let you two handle it alone, when you wish.  For now: twiddle your thumbs."  At that Sinister pushed the entrance open with a wave of his hand, the liquid-like metal glistening and then seemingly hardening after it formed a large hole.

Stepping out Sinister left them alone in what looked like a large cave.  He disappeared around a large stalagmite.

Alex watched Sinister disappear, but he assumed that they were still being observed, or at the very least overheard. He was still thinking, still trying to come up with a way for them to escape. Or if not escape, a way to manipulate Sinister, any hint of a weakness that could be exploited.

But so far he had no luck. He crossed his arms, mechanical one making a whirring noise that didn't sound good, probably damaged when he jumped onto the window. Perhaps they could glean a clue to a weakness or advantage from the items they were being sent to retrieve. "Any idea what he wants these for?"

Remy looked a bit more disheveled than usual.  Running a hand through his wild auburn locks he sighed.  "Not a damn clue.  But dat's Sinister fo y'.  Maybe it jus' t' mess wit' my head," he sneered.  But he knew it was for something he wouldn't like, maybe would even take the blame for.  Another Morlock Massacre perhaps?  No, this had nothing to do with people so far.

"We'll find a way out," he mummbled under his breath, leaning near Krycek for an instant.  But for now they had to bide their time.  These hits would go on for some time, Remy was sure.  They had a while to figure something out.

"We better," Alex said. "Although I'd like it better if we could plan the heists." That had been one thing about the Consortium that he had been allowed to study where he had to break into, to pick the best plan of attack. None of this spur of the moment thievery.

He fought down the urge to twitch, something he hadn't done since he had begun his training. "So I guess we just wait until he sends us out again." Damn it if that wasn't one of the reasons he hated playing errand boy for the Well Manicured Man. He had fought hard to get away from that situation, and here he was right back in it.

Remy nodded in silence, brooding. Standing he exited the ball and stretched his limbs. He never went into a hit cold, did things to the muscles he later regreted. And kept in a dank cave the situation would only get worse. He'd start to fumble... well, to any one else it wouldn't look like that, but Remy would feel it down in his gut
and the way his limbs ached.

Maybe fumbling on Sinister's ideas wouldn't be such a bad idea, he thought.

No food, no water. Sinister was being one hell of a bastard this time around. Remy glanced at Krycek, wondering how his reserves would hold up once they got moving again. "Y' hold up okay? I know dis ain't a shock t' your system, but it been a while, non?"

"It's been a while," Alex said, but would admit to nothing. Another level of unease was creeping into his psyche. The cave, though larger and more humid, reminded him all too much of the silo. And Sinister's craft easily reminded him of the UFO he had come to lying on top of, covered in oil. All the memories he fought hard to keep repressed were threatening to come roaring back with a vengeance.

His arms crossed over his chest. "Come on, let's get this over with," he muttered under his breath as he bounced on his toes. Alex was fighting down a compulsion to start pacing, to start moving, just to get the hell out of the cave, just move. He had never been claustrophobic until he somehow managed to break out of that silo, which was another thing he had blocked out the memories of.

Remy watched as Alex bounced.  Remy could see he was bottling something, but now wasn't the place to pry at the cork.  Tieing his trench coat about his waist he headed off in the direction Sinister had gone to.  Not expecting to find him he gracefully hid a surprised twitch when the murderer stepped out of rock... no, a dark shadow, to tap Remy on the shoulder.  

Miffed, Remy followed him back to Alex.  Without a word on what he'd been doing while his two theives waited, Sinister explained where his next object would be located: "You'll go to Kenya now.  What you want is in the mouth of the smallest elephant at the Nairobi Museum."

It was a relief for Alex in a way just knowing that they would be getting out of the cave. And Sinister had just provided him with more information about this mission than some of his Syndicate handlers had. But he was still uneasy.

"In that case, I want to get started right away," Alex said. The sooner he and Remy got away if only for a little while, the sooner they could retrieve this other mysterious object. And hopefully figure out a way to escape their indentured servitude. "Care to tell us exactly what we're retrieving? Even small elephants have pretty big mouthes."

Sinister eyed Alex a breath before smirking.  And then replying.  "A ball.  Gold in color," he handed Alex a cloth.  "Wrap it in this and be careful how and where you touch it."  Taking his gaze from the human he gestured at their transport and then looked to the Cajun.  "You'll be driving.  Sit where I sat, close your eyes... don't go faster than you think you can stop or I'll have two jellied thieves to retrieve."  

He said nothing more.  Staring Remy down until the younger mutant shifted his glare from the bigger mutant to a harsher glare at the floor.  Then moved to board their ride.

Alex pocketed the cloth, shoving it deep into the leather jacket."Great. We're going after a freaking golden snitch," Alex muttered under his breath as he followed Remy into the ship. But at least they were on the move again, and out of the confines of the cave.

He let out a sigh of relief when the door sealed them inside. They were at least alone together now, although he was certain they were still being monitored by Sinister. And almost without thinking, he started humming a song he had seen on a website, a perverse sense of humor coming to the fore to try to release some tension. "Think we'll get a free snorkel out of this trip, Remy?"

"I..." Remy paused for a moment.  So preoccupied were his thoughts and emotions the joke had to weave through his steam to register.  Cracking a smile he shook his head.  "Non, but if y' keep dat up I might be forced t' give y' a free..." still not with it his come-back trailed to a dead end.  

"Now where'd de bastard sit..." Remy eyed the innards of their giant floating ball.  Taking a guess he sat down.  "Doubt it really matters," he mumbled, scooting along the edge and waiting for something to hit him.

Alex shrugged. "Not certain. It all looks the same to me." Figuring they might have a long flight ahead of them, he sat down. And almost immediately jumped to his feet. "Son of a bitch!" he yelled, his hand going to his ass which was still tingling from the strong electric shock. "Remy, I think I found where you're supposed to sit."

Staring at Alex, Remy perked a brow.  "Can' believe dis t'ing really activated by where I put my ass,"  he shook his head and moved to where Alex had just sat.  Expecting something rather unpleasant he relaxed when he didn't feel anything trying to probe him.  In fact, nothing happened right away.  Sighing, he threw an eye roll at Alex as he wriggled in his seat.  "Dis isn'-" he stopped when he touched the seat either side of his hips.  A blank look came over him as he saw things not really there with him.

Pursing his lips he tsked as he experimentally moved the ship, and nearly sent the both of them flying to the far curved wall.

- - -

Driving the ship had been much different than being a passenger.  Remy felt woozy as they stood looking at the four museum elephants.  Models.  Pointing at the baby Remy grinned at Alex.  "Dere y' baby, don' y' have half de mind t' jus' find a tennis ball to put in dat hanky?"  It's mouth was closed.  They'd have to cut into it Remy guessed.

Alex was still feeling stiff from having been thrown against the wall, the ceiling, the floor, and the wall again during the flight. He frowned at the stuffed baby, wondering how he was supposed to get into the mouth of it, which was most likely stitched shut. Then he looked a little closer at the elephant. "That's not the smallest elephant in the display."

Looking around to make sure there were no guards or tour guides or other employees, he swung over the velvet rope that surrounded the display. He bypassed the stuffed models to the painting in the background of another family group. "This is the smallest elephant in the display," he said, tapping the tip of the raised trunk painted onto the backdrop. The newborn was trying to clamber to his feet, obviously trying to take his first steps.

Alex ran his fingers over the mouth of the painting. Pulling a slim bladed knife, he worked it into a small crease he found just below the upper lip. A little careful scraping and wedging and a small concealed drawer popped free, and something rolling inside it could be heard. Grabbing the cloth out of his jacket pocket, Alex used it to grab the gold orb. "Mission accomplished," he said as he slid the drawer back into place.

Remy shook his head with a smile.  “Show off,” he feigned hurt.  “Stole my spotlight.”  The place wasn’t very busy now and he was glad they wouldn’t be chased out of this museum.  Taking their time as he headed out he wondered if Sinister monitors their conversations.  How could they even share a plan if they both came up with one?  And knowing Sinister, one of them would end up dead if they put the plan in motion… Remy chewed his lower lip, looking at Alex.  

Reaching up to sooth a bruise at Krycek's temple Remy chuckled.  "I am so sorry, lover."

"S'okay, Remy," Alex said. After putting the carefully wrapped orb in his jacket pocket, he let his fingers of his right hand run across Remy's side. "I've had worse." And he had, at the hands of Fox Mulder, or that time AD Skinner sucker punched him. "It's not your fault."

Alex kept slowing down his pace, not intending to rush back to the waiting Sinister. He wanted a little more time alone with Remy, hoping that they would have a few alone minutes to plot. He leaned a little closer to him under the pretense of placing a kiss on his lover's ear. "You think we're being observed, or is it safe to talk?"

"His bugs are still inside me... it's a chance we have t' take though."  He pulled away smiling coyly as another small group passed them.  "If y' got anyt'ing, ideas- I'll take it," he whispered in ducking his head as he saw a few staring eyes.  

It was a pity they were in such a public place. Because in addition to wanting to discuss the situation, he wanted just a little alone time with his lover. "Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas. Not any that won't get us killed." Alex sighed. "He's really got us by the balls."

Remy grimaced.  "Thanks, Alex.  Nice mental image."  He chuckled despite the unpretty mental picture.  Sinister spying on them or not, Remy was a gambler and in seeing a window of opportunity pulled Alex into a more private corner, kissing him.  "I miss you," he sighed, arms loosely folding around him.

Alex wouldn't have any of that. He pulled Remy tight against him. "I miss you too, lover." He just hoped his touch wouldn't trigger another one of those convulsions. But that didn't stop his right hand from sliding up and down his back.

Remy's breath hitched as Alex touched him.  How he had yearned for that reassuring, familiar touch.  Gripping fists of Alex' jacket he held himself close as he tried to keep his voice to a whisper, tried to keep prying eyes off of them.  "What's de worse he can do, we're not runnin'," he rested his forehead against Alex', trying to get himself under control.  "Alex..." it was as much a warning as a question of approval, his hips gently nudging.

"Yes?" Alex said with a rare twinkle in his eye. "Is there something you wanted? Cause I know what I want." He tilted his head to whisper in his lover's ear. "Since Sinister has us on a longer leash, want to take advantage of it by finding a closet? Maybe that will inspire us, or at the very least we'll take the edge off."

"An' it's not like he hasn't seen dis `fore, maybe it a slap in his face, hein?" Remy nipped Alex' ear before pulling him purposefully down the hall where he tested a doorknob and pushed him through; the storage closet was large, but mostly janitorial… it would suffice. The lightbulb above their heads was dim, but it wasn't like they
needed light for this. Pulling Alex against him, Remy pressed back against a wall as he pulled Alex into a grinding, kissing, passionate dance. "Take my edge off," he demanded with a grin.

The lightbulb above their heads was dim, but it wasn't like they needed light for this.  Pulling Alex against him, Remy pressed back against a wall as he pulled Alex into a grinding, kissing, passionate dance.  "Take my edge off," he demanded with a grin.

Alex gave him a grin in return.  "Remember, you asked for it," he  teased.  God, they both needed this, must a moment or two where they  could be off guard and relaxed around each other.  Part of his mind was  yelling that he and Remy should be trying to plot a way for them to  escape.  Instead he found himself taking Remy's mouth in a fierce,  possessive kiss, much the same as the grip of his right hand on Remy's  ass.

"An' I expect t' get what I asked-" Remy found himself cut off, giving in to his lover's kiss.  Releasing his jacket he moved his hands down to grip either side of his lover's pants, pulling their hips together and moving his own in a sultry twisting motion that flexed his ass just for his lover's possessive hand.

Alex gripped him tighter, fingers digging into his ass. Unlike previous  lovemaking when he had involved his left hand, this time he seemed to  be avoiding touching Remy with it.  Almost as if he was afraid it would  trigger another one of those convulsions.

Instead he let the fingers of his right hand caress the waist band of  Remy's jeans.  They slowly teased around the side of his waist to the  front.  He fumbled moment at his lover's fly before slowly lowering the  zipper.

Groaning, Remy tilted his head back as he felt each tooth of his zipper being parted, one click and small vibration at a time.  His lover was teasing him.  The tables seemed reversed for now: Remy was anxious to get on with it while Alex was drawing out the anticipation.

Going for Alex' jeans he made short work of the fly and button, pushing them down a few inches and gripping his lover's bulge.  'NOW take your time' his facial expression seemed to read.

Alex gave a slight jump as his lover gripped him.  He recognized Remy's  look and  returned it with a lazy grin.  Groaning and hoping that  nobody had the urge to mop the floor any time soon, he stroked Remy.   "I thought you might want to take this slow, lover," he purred in his  ear before biting the lobe gently. "Give us an excuse not to hurry  back."

What had he been thinking.  Plus, for the first time since he could recall Alex was actually wanting to take his time.  It was a rare treat.  Unable to form words as his lover stroked him Remy simply nodded with a soft moan.  His eye lashes brushed Alex' cheek as he tilted his head to lick his ear lobe in turn.

Alex bit down lightly, tugging on the tender lobe.  "What would you  like, lover?" he growled softly.  His words were laced with a heated  desire.  "Me to go down on you?  Shove you against the wall and fuck  you senseless?  Me to bend over and grab my ankles?" 

This was the Alex he knew.  Chuckling, Remy bit his neck beneath the ear, the tender flesh... "Thought y' wanted to' take it slow, Alex?"  Nonetheles, he squirmed until he was up against the wall, looking over his shoulder with a sultry invitation. 

"I never said I'd be doing it right away," Alex smirked.  He started  working Remy's pants down over his ass to let them drop down his  ankles.  Lowering his own pants as well, he snuggled up to his lover,  letting his right hand slip under Remy's shirt.  Slowly his fingers  played over his nipples and tracing over his pectorals.

Remy sighed under his lover's touches.  He let his head lean against Krycek's neck as he tilted his head back against the other's shoulder.  "We need t' slow down more often, Alex," he whimpered.  "Y'r hands know more dan y' let on... don' stop..."

"No intention of stopping," Alex almost purred in his lover's ear. His  hand slipped down along the center line of his torso, teasing his navel  and the trail of hair that lead downwards.  His fingers lightly  scratched through the next of dark hair and then wrapped around Remy's  cock.

Remy moaned softly, reaching up and over to bury his fingers in Alex' short hair.  He stole a nervous glance at the door, cursing any one who interrupted this.  Then those fingers moved and his mind was tingling with ecstacy again, pressing back against his lover, moaning, bracing one hand on the wall, breathing hard... ohh, leave it to Alex to draw that sort of response with just a touch out of the mutant.

Slowly Alex stroked along his lover's length, relearning details  already memorized.  His fingers teased the prominent vein and lightly  flicked against the base of the shaft.  Then his hand gently cupped  Remy's balls, weighing them.  He ran his thumb in small circles over  the sac, smiling at the sounds his lover was making.

Remy couldn't help the gasps, moans, groan, whimpers, cries, sighs, and hisses that escaped his lips as his lover drove him up and up and up.  He moved his hand from the wall to his lover's arm, holding onto him as if he feared to fall.  "Aaah... Aaalex... oh, dieu... yes..."  He subconsciously moved his hips with those touches and
caresses.  Moving both hands he reached back to lightly grip his lover's hips, gently grinding himself back against his cock.

Alex was breathing harshly in his ear, nipping at it as his hips thrust  roughly against Remy.  He bent his legs slightly and thrust upwards and  into him, unable to deny his lover or himself any longer.  "God," he  whispered at how tight Remy was, although his fingers still teased his  cock and balls.

A loud cry tore itself from Remy and he arched himself tightly as Alex entered him in a single thrust.  If there had been a passerby they would hae heard him clearly, Remy was too far gone to care if they were found.  He gasped and pushed against his lover.  He flashed back to their first encounter.  Turning his head he bit Alex' lower lip.  "Remember," he groaned out.  "Our first time?"

"I beat the shit out of you, if I remember right," Alex grinned.  His  fingers wrapped around Remy's cock and pulled on it in time to his  thrusts.  "Ever get the urge to go visit that ghost town and see if we  can steal that bartop?  It'd make a great addition to the mansion."

"Y' can beat de shit outta me any time y' want," Remy groaned.  "Y'll have dat bartop, we go get it."  He gasped another breath.  Having the place where they first made love... or had it been a great fuck?  With Alex there never was a difference.  Having that bartop, using it again... Remy put it on his to-do list as he caressed Kyceks hips, felt the tight muscles shift with each thrust and remembered.

"Beat you up, nope.  Beat you off though," Alex grinned.  Groaning he  thrust harder into Remy's ass.  His hand moved faster over his lover's  cock, squeezing him tightly.  "Come on, baby," he growled softly in his  lover's ear.  "Let me hear you."

Remy's head was tilted back, his face turned skyward but his eyes were squeezed shut.  Releasing Alex' hips he braced himself on the wall, fingers nearly curling in pleasure against the paint-chipped surface.  He unclenched his teeth at his lover's request and moaned loudly.  Not caring if they were found now he didn't try to muffle
his cries.  "Close..." he whimpered.  "Dieu, Alex!"

Alex's hand was almost a blur over Remy's cock. His cries joined Remy's  until he bit down on the shell of his lover's ear.   His hips bucked  wildly against Remy's, his pace becoming more and more erratic as his  orgasm raced through him.

Grunting and moaning with Krycek's hard thrusts, Remy tilted his head back.  Arching himself nearly painfully until he jerked violently, releasing his seed and crying loudly.  With every buck from his lover's hips and jerk from his own he emptied more of himself, coming long and hard.

Alex was panting hard and fast against his ear.  He remained pressed  against Remy, in turn pinning him to the wall.  It was hard to remember  that Sinister was out there somewhere waiting for them to return with  the odd gold orb.  With his eyes closed, it was easy to pretend that he  and Remy were safe at their home in the bayou.

Remy was grateful for his lover's weight pinning him to the wall, his legs felt weak and ready to give.  He panted, his heart rate slowly relaxing.  Small whimpers still managed to leave his lips.  "Alex," a strangled whisper.  Twisting around until he faced his lover he pulled him tight against him, not wanting Alex' weight to leave.  Resting his head in the crook of Alex' neck he clung to his lover, a tremble racing through his limbs.

"Shhhh," Alex whispered, pushing harder against Remy.  "We're going to  figure a way out of this," he whispered in his lover's ear.  Alex's  hand stroked up and down his side, trying to comfort him.  He made no  attempt to move away, but just held him tightly.

Remy held on tight, trying to regain control.  But he couldn't help the fear.  "I don' wan t' lose y', Alex," his whisper was barely audible with his head buried in the crook of his lover's neck.  He tensed in trying to control the next shiver and failed.  He had never felt so deep for some one, never had loved like this.  Above
that though he had never trusted like this.  If Sinister took that away...

"Not going anywhere without you, Remy."  Reluctantly, he backed away  enough to let his over turn around and look at him.  "We're going to  make it through this," he said, and then kissed Remy's forehead.   "We're going to figure a way to get out of this. I swear it."

Remy looked up at Alex as he felt him pull away, auburn strands hung in his view.  He had never allowed another to see him like this. Alex was different.  Alex would always be his exception.  He nodded, slowly regaining his composure as he brushed his hair out of his face.  "Let's do it," he forced his voice stronger and it helped him feel it.  More than that, Alex made him feel it.

- - -

"What de hell he up to?"  Remy mumbled as they entered the Smithsonian.  So far he had not been able to link the three items. It made no sense.  He gazed up at the largest elephant ever to be stuffed and grinned at his lover.  This was the sort of heist he lived for.  The Smithsonian was a challenge he craved.  This bit of thiefing would take all day, most likely into the night as they hid until the museum closed.  It would take planning and sneaking
and ... Remy felt like a little boy in Disneyland.

"Beats me, Remy," Alex said.   If it hadn't been for the worry about  Sinister in the back of his mind, he would have been even more amused  by his lover.  Here they were casing one of the most famous museums in  the world, bristling with state of the art security, and Remy was  acting just like a kid in a candy store.

His eyes slid from the display before him, looking casually over the  walls for hidden cameras or laser tripwires or broken glass detectors.   But what caught his eye at the moment was the sign that pointed the way  to the men's restroom.  "Give me five minutes, Remy," he whispered into  his lover's ear.  "Gotta take a leak."

He sauntered over in the direction of the marked door, mind thinking  about more than relieving himself.  It was cliched, hiding in the  bathroom stalls, crouching on the toilet so if the guards lazily looked  for a pair of legs they wouldn't see anything.  But more often than  not, cliched worked.  So as he stepped up to the urinal and unzipped,  his mind was more on what was to come tonight than his immediate  surroundings.

Remy nearly followed his lover, the excitment of what was to come tonight... exciting other parts of him.  But he regressed and instead scoped out the security, possible stowing sites and manner of the gaurds.

Meanwhile in the men's restroom a shadow moved behind one of the closed stalls.  A man casually exiting, walking past Alex just as the Russian assasin was zipping up.  Abruptly the man turned, clocking Alex on the jaw and then pulling a gun on him. 

With a fierce, and pleased grin Mulder hovered over his prey.  "Miss me you rat bastard?"

Trying hard to force his eyes to focus, Krycek cursed under his breath  in three different languages before replying.  "Obviously not as much  as you missed me."  He could taste blood from the cut on the inside of  his lip, but fortunately he didn't seem to have broken a tooth.

There were times his smart mouth got the better of him.  And this was  one of those times.  "So you here to beat me up, or beat me off?  Oh, I  forgot.  That's the same thing to you."

"Apparently you enjoyed both," Mulder sneered with a tilt of his head.  He gestured with the gun, "Up against the wall.  Before your inbred toy comes to whipe your ass."  Mulder held the gun to his chest as he reached to grab and pull his jacket.

He had been fighting seeing stars when he hauled himself to his feet.   But his vision turned red when Mulder insulted his lover.  He made  every pretense of cooperating with the FBI agent until Mulder's  attention was distracted, pulling the gun from his inside jacket  pocket.  Spinning, he raised his left shoulder, slamming his artificial  arm into Mulder's face.  "Don't you *ever* call him that."

Mulder wheeled backward for a dizzy moment, trying to keep his gun trained on Krycek as his world briefly erupted into the Milky Way amd a throbbing face.  Blinking rapidly to clear his vision he tucked Krycek's gun into his pants loop.  Taking a moment to whipe the trickle of blood from him nose he then reapproached Alex,
turning him by his elbow in silence.  Squeezing the back of his neck he checked his own gun to free his hand and finish patting Alex for weapons, pulling a knife from him.

"Out," he pointed to the window.  "And if you run I will blow your brains to hell.  Think of your slut."

Alex's eyes flashed at Mulder's slur, but he knew he was at a physical  disadvantage.  Sullenly he walked over to the window under Mulder's  guidance.  Even though they were on a ground floor, it was tricky to  get up to the high window and through it with Mulder holding him by the  scruff of the neck.

But he couldn't resist a verbal taunt.  "Jealous of Remy, Mulder, and  that's why all the name calling?  I'm touched that you missed me so  much."

"If I wanted a fast fuck you'd be making other noise than this dribble right now,"  Mulder hissed.  He released Krycek's neck and put the gun between his shoulder blades.  He waited for the rat to climb through the window before following him, making himself briefly vulnerable by tucking his gun into it's holster.

Awkwardly he scrambled through the window and dropped to the ground.   Briefly he flirted with the thought of sprinting across the grass, but  Mulder was too good a shot. And Mulder probably wanted any excuse to  put a bullet through his head.

So he stood stock still, waiting for Mulder to drop down behind him.   HIs mind was on Remy, trying to figure out how to let his lover know he  was in trouble.  Or a way to escape.  "So where to?  Got a little love  nest set up for old time's sake?"

Mulder pointed to his car, keeping his gun holstered now that they had witnesses around.  "Get in."  He had managed to park fairly close to the building, his FBI badge getting his car nearly flush with one of the building's sides.

As he stepped in line behind Krycek his anger felt like a child's play toy he had seen: a small half-ball.  Turn it inside out and then you'd set it down and wait.  And wait.  And POP! it would fly inti the air as it righted itself again.

"For my father!" he barked and came down hard on Krycek's back with his fists.  Just for a bonus he planted his foot in Krycek's ribs as the man collapsed in front of the passenger door.


Remy had had a bad feeling for a while now.  With each ticking second it only grew into a gnawing anxiety twitch as he paced around the giant elephant and walked into the restroom only to find it empty.

"Alex..." he bolted across the short hallway into the ladies room, begging his pardon as he searched it and then bolted back into the men's room.  He checked every stall before his eyes laid on the window.


Alex knew something was wrong when he woke up.  It wasn't the fact that  he was naked.  He'd awakened nude more times than he could count.   However, usually he didn't sleep sitting up.  And although on occasion  he did wake up in cuffed to something after a bout of kinky sex that  left them both too exhausted to move, Remy usually was nearby.  His  lover didn't seem to be anywhere around.

Someone else, however was.    Alex lifted his head, his green eyes  focusing on Mulder's hazel ones.  "Aw shit."

Outside the window there had been two sets of footprints, and car tracks.  Remy had been forced to stay and grab the diamond that night though: his attempt at running had thrown him to the pavement in a spasm of pain, a remember from their dear Mr Sinister that he was still in control.

Back at the cave that early morning had been a different matter though...


Mulder didn't say a word.  He stared at his enemy... who had once too often shared his bed... with a mixture of emotions.  Right now he wasn't sure if he should spit on him or force that foul mouth on his own.  That foul mouth- the one he was certain had been bobbing off a mutant less than a week ago.  Yes, he had to admit to himself: part of him was jealous.  This rat bastard didn't deserve a loyal lover like that.

Standing, Mulder walked a few feet away to a table with a glass of water.  He took a sip.  His eyes enver left Krycek.  He had all the time in the world... and he was comfortable.  He'd let the naked, bound, and hopefully sore Krycek start the dialogue.  Assuming Mulder had anything to say to him.

So that was the game.  Alex knew that Mulder was trying to psych him  out, to break him.  The silence and staring was standard psychological  warfare, the cuffs and nudity to reinforce his helplessness.  If that's  the game Mulder wanted to play, Alex had no problem with it.

They stayed locked in that little face off for about an hour before  Alex shifted slightly. "So what?" his voice broke the silence.  A  provoked Mulder was an angry Mulder who was so much more easy to  manipulate. "No accusations that I killed your father?  I wasn't  expecting a kiss hello for old time's sake."

"Do you remember when you said you were my friend?"  Mulder turned from him, sat down in a chair and propped his feet on the table.  "I wanted to believe you, Krycek."  It wasn't that he didn't want to see Krycek... he couldn't.  He couldn't look him in the eye, something shamed him.

Alex watched Mulder take a seat. And unlike his one time partner, he had no trouble keeping his eyes on his. "I was then," he said. "You don't know how many times I saved your ass. Skyland Mountain for instance." 

"So what happened? You hurt me, Alex. You claim you had nothing to do with those pains. Yet you never proved me wrong." Mulder faced him now. "Why not prove me wrong? I don't believe you can." He was much more calm and in control now. Truth was, he was barely keeping himself in check, wanting the truth and knowing threats and slurs wouldn't get it.


Bruises painted his naked flesh like a splatter artist who had thrown blacks, blues, purples, and reds at a canvas. Remy shivering was nearly constant now as he pressed and wedged himself into a corner of the cave. That shivering grew more violent as he heard approaching footsteps.

He had refused to do anything more for Sinister until he told him where Alex had been taken to. Sinster laughed as he crumpled to the ground in a writhing spasm of pain from the nanites. The torture continued, but it got much worse than the tiny bots living inside him.

Remy wept and the tears stung his cut and bleeding eye as the footsteps haulted in front of him. Feeling a hand on his neck he turned into a screaming and terrified animal as the torture continued well into morning.


"No, I can't prove you wrong. The only proof I have are my words, and we both know what you consider them worth." There was a quiet defiance in Alex's voice as he spoke. "I was detailed to spy on you. But my orders never included becoming intimately involved with you." His next words were in an undertone. "And I've never forgiven myself for it."

Running a hand over his face Mulder shook his head. “And why’s that,  Alex? I thought sleeping with the enemy was always a game you liked to play.” There was hurt in his words, something he had not meant to see that had driven him away from his outlaw lover.


Remy’s hands shook and bled and he made his way down from the cave. Above, Sinister watched with a cold glare. He had taken his anger out on the mutant, broke him and left him with full memories. As the younger man began to crawl away from him for the dozenth time… he didn’t stop him this time. He liked to see the swamp rat on his knees, quivering, flinching: not knowing when the next attack would occur. He had taken the proud, ignorant bastard and shown him what he really was: a whore.


"What the hell are you talking about Mulder?" Alex spat back. "I never betrayed you after we started sleeping together. You were the one who left me!" It had been a knife wound to the heart when he returned to his apartment to find the clothing Mulder had left hin his closet gone. Mulder had said that he had forgiven him of every betrayal, every double cross, every scheme that he had perpertrated or been involved in. The spare key he had given Mulder sitting in plain view on the table told him otherwise. And that was part of what sent him off to the Fight Club, and started him down the path that lead him to Remy LeBeau.

He glared at Mulder, fear for what Sinister doing to his lover fueling his anger. Who knew what the dangerous mutant was doing since he hadn't returned with Remy, the picture of him writhing from the nanites replaying in his mind. If Remy was being punished, or worse, because his absence had been perceived as a botched escape attempt, Alex wasn't sure which he was going to do first - kill Sinister, or kill Mulder.

Mulder bristled under that glare.  He didn't know his hands nad balled into fists as he pushed from the table.  "Fuck you Alex!  I saw you with that smoking bastard.  Did you think I wouldn't smell his stench on you when you got home?"  Mulder pivoted in mid stride and struck down over Alex, his fist hitting the wall next to his neck.  

"Why?"  There was a break in his voice, and the anger in his eyes was just pain.  

"You saw me with him?" There was a mix of incredulousness and pain in Alex's voice. He knew exactly what Mulder was speaking about - the last time he had seen his former boss C. G. B. Spender, AKA the Cigarette Smoking Man. Reluctantly he had met with Spender in a deserted parking lot, and had told him exactly what he could do with his offer.

"You fucking believed that I would throw everything we had together away working for him again after how I groveled for you to forgive me? He was trying to blackmail me into betraying you!" He had thought that Mulder had forgiven him, was trusting him, despite everything that he had done to hurt Mulder. "You were the one who fucking walked away from it all, Mulder. Not me!"

Mulder blinked.  Krycek hadn't gone behind his back... after working with Scully for so long he should have known better than to jump the gun.  But Krycek wasn't Scully, had never been.  With the pain of could-have-beens and what-ifs there was also a huge weight lifted from his mind and heart.

"I'm sorry," he didn't have to say he didn't know, that he had been a paranoid basket case.  Reaching up and over he unlocked the cuff holding Krycek where he sat.  "I thought it had been too good to be true..." he stood and in crossing the room fetched Krycek's clothes.

-  -

Remy knew he couldn't let Alex see him this way.  He had to hide the pain for his lover's sake.  Finding an old Ranger's station he managed to dress himself in some old jeans and a plain tee after using the shower to rinse the majority of the blood and dirt from his wounds.  

Before taking a screw driver to the jeep's ignition out front Remy gripped the bathroom's counter top, bracing himself and stifling waves of grief.

"It was," Alex said as he rubbed his wrists, trying to restore circulation to his fingers. Slowly he rose up and took his clothes from Mulder. "Face it, Mulder. It was a miracle that we were able to be together at all, given all the shit we had been through before. Both of us knew it would only be a matter of time before it came back to bite us on the ass."

He looked away from his ex-lover, as if the emotional admission had been too much for him. "So where the hell am I anyway?" he asked as he pulled on the pants. "And how the hell did you find me?" And what he didn't voice, but was his main concern, was how was he going to find Remy?

"Some one sent news to me on your where abouts... I assume it was your current disgruntled employer,"  Mulder looked away as he retrieved the weapons he had taken from Alex.  He didn't mention the price he had had to pay to accept the information on Krycek.  It had been steep but had been the break the needed.  Nor did he realize how dangerous the mutant was who he had given payment to.

"You're in my apartment building... different apartment."  Mulder hadn't wanted to take him to his own, there were too many memories tied with this man and that couch.

-   -   -

After taking the jeep from the forest ranger station Remy drove to the nearest town.  Which was smaller than he first thought.  Fighting off the need to curl up and die he slowly made his way home.  He forced himself to eat and drink though it only tasted like cardboard.  And he waited. 

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