You Always Hurt The One You Love
take 2
Remy moaned and whimpered, sounds both caught in the back of his throat by the kiss.  He was teasing him again and it was Remy could do not to turn the tables (though he hoped for anoter chance, he wasn't going to pine away if it didn't happen). 

His throbbing member was pressed between their bodies, he could feel Krycek's laying next to his.  Felt his sweat and hardened muscles against his.  Felt the shifting of muscles as they grinded and kissed...

Remy's fingers dug into Krycek's back and wound into his shirt, tugging on flesh and cloth in a quiet desperation that was fastly building within him.

Krycek's hips flexed when he felt his cock slide next to Remy's.  The mutant's reaction was well worth waiting for as Krycek teased him for a little longer.  There was also a practical problem to overcome.  He had expected a quick victory, a blowjob, and maybe some information about people who could restore his arm.  Sex, let alone on a bar in a ghost town, was an unexpected bonus that he was carrying the right supplies for, but not in the correct place.  The condoms and lube were in his jeans pocket.  Problem was he didn't want to lose contact with the magnificent body he was claiming.  Shifting slightly, he bent over to whisper into Remy's ear.  "You're good at blowing things up, but how about bringing things to you?  Say the contents of my right jeans pocket?"

Remy made a disapointed noise, turning his head to look at the piles of clothing.  "Dat would require telekinesis, somet'ing I be lackin' chere..."  He didn't bother hiding the pleaing tone of his voice, leave it to Alex mystery-man Krycek to drive the savoir-faire out of Remy LeBeau's very essence.

Reluctantly Remy loosened his hold on Krycek.  Not wanting to break contact but knowing it was either that or make a fool of himself in one of the most embarrassing ways a man in his ... position could.

Reluctantly, Krycek relaxed his grip as well and started to shift off of Remy.  For a moment he had toyed with the idea of just doing it without protection, but that was dangerous enough under normal circumstances.  Considering how much blood was spilt, the risk of disease was very high.  Alex gave a slight grunt as his feet hit the ground, sore from the fight.  He was getting older, although there was a time when he didn't think he'd live to see 35, he wasn't one to take stupid chances.

Reaching out and snagging his jeans, Alex pulled the lube and condoms out of his pockets.  Grinning he climbed back on the bar and tossed one of the condoms onto LeBeau's belly.  "Care to do the honors?"

Remy sat up and, moving carefully, swung one leg off the bar, tucking the other under his knee.  He considered slipping the condom onto himself but he was too close, had waited too long, and worried any touch might end with embarrassment.  He was Krycek's prize so the man should decde himself.

Tearing the packet open he held the condom between index and middle finger.  "I do de honors... but on who?"  He asked, head cocked side ways with a mischievous gaze.

Krycek's eyes were filled with a bit of surprise and amusement.  Most defeated fighters accepted fate and spread their legs without questioning.  And no winner in his right mind would trust that a beaten foe wouldn't try to get revenge even as his prize was being claimed while in such a vulnerable position. 

So why was he considering it?

Because for the first time since he woke up alone and covered in an oily residue in the abandoned missile silo in North Dakota, having lost almost 48 hours of his life playing host to an alien presence, he was allowing himself to start feeling again.

But although he was grateful for that flicker of emotion, his instincts didn't fully abandon him.  Krycek wasn't ready to fully trust Remy by any means.  "On me," he said rather sternly, but tried to soften the words with a slightly apologetic smile.

Remy saw there was more going on inside of Krycek's mind than words would express.  He was thinking, remembering... the eyes never lie.  And just like that, it was pushed aside.  Replaced with a comanding tone and apologetic smile. 

"Dere no need fo a sorry," Remy smirked as adjusted his position on the bar.  "I did ask, oui?"  If had wanted to wear it, he would not have asked. 

Leaning over Krycek's lap, hand on one side and knees on the other to maintain balance as he slipped the condom over Krycek.  His eyes locked firmly on his greens and lips teasingly resting against the other's.

Krycek's eyes fluttered shut as he felt Remy roll the condom onto him.  Unable to resist the lush lips so close to his, he tilted his head and kissed the mutant.  His hand went to Remy's wrist, holding his hand in place, feeling his cock throb.  He hadn't expected his reaction to his direct touch to be so intense.

Alex pulled back from Remy's mouth with a wet pop.  His hand went to Remy's chest and he pushed the mutant back against the bar with a gentle, constant pressure.

At first Remy resisted and pressed against Krycek's hand in a minor act of defiance as he recaptured that mouth.  Though desperate for their dance to resume and progress he also knew that as it did the further they got to a good-bye and leave takings.

With an apologetic chuckle he broke free again and did what Krycek's hand told him to.  He leaned away, once again resting on his own legs until one was trapped under him as he lay down.

Krycek gave a little chuckle himself, amused by Remy's spirit. His hand stroked down the mutant's chest, tracing over the well defined muscles.  He reached for the bottle of lubricant with his artificial hand, closing around it with the electric fingers.  He wasn't as graceful squeezed out a dollop onto his fingers.  His hand ghosted over his groin, bypassing his cock and balls to lightly rest against Remy's anus.    He then gently pressed a long forefinger against it, seeking entrance.

Remy released a silent moan, his lips parting and eye lids slitting as he felt Krycek pressing against him.  Shifting his hips Remy pressed back just as slight and shuddered as Krycek's forefinger entered him. 

"Alex..." a heavily accented whisper. 

Krycek smiled at how Remy whispered his name and at how tight he was around his finger.    Slowly Krycek began to work that finger in and out of Remy, crooking it slightly to catch his  prostate.  He watched the mutant squirm as he added a second finger.  For reason he couldn't fully explain, Krycek had the desire to draw this encounter out as long as he could.

Gasping with silent whimpers Remy had half the mind to stop this.  It was cruel, teasing, and ... it was heaven.  Fingertips dug into the sides of the bar as he squirmed against Krycek's exploring.  Toes curled inside his boots.  His eyes were torn between wanting to stare at the man doing this to him and wanting to roll back and closed so his head could loll back, and neck muscles could relax.

Krycek's eyes remained locked on Remy's face, watching each shade of emotion chasing over his face.  He was clearly enjoying this, as much as Krycek was.  After one last flick of fingertips against Remy's prostate, Krycek withdrew his fingers.  And replaced them with something much thicker.

Remy gasped with a moan, bringing his legs up to wrap around Krycek.  He pulled Krycek close, up to his hilt and then opened his reds that now glowed with his barely suppressed power.  He felt he could easily forget himself and lose control, injuring them both if he did so. 

Biting his lip he held Krycek firmly in place until at last the glowing behind his eyes subsided and he reigned in his mutant gift. 

Relaxing his grip Remy met Krycek's eyes.  "See what y' do t' me," it was part chuckle and part husky whisper. 

He watched Remy's every reaction with rapt attention.It was rare that he brought a sex partner such an intense reaction just by entering into him.  Not to mention the urge in him to let loose right away.  Normally, he would be in consummate control, drawing out and teasing his partner.  But the feeling of the mutant surrounding him made him want to break that rule, to thrust wildly into the supine body beneath him.  He bit his lip in an effort to control his libido even as he began to thrust.  "Tell me what I do to you, Remy," he whispered in a honey rough voice.

Remy moaned as Krycek began to thrust, his own member already leaking precum onto his belly.  He got lost in the movement between between them, seemed to forget the  request as he thought how to word it. 

"Y' make me..." he trailed off, everything that could finish the sentence streaming through his conscious as he gasped.  "Y' make me want... t' forget who I am."  Each word a panting oath.

That was a feeling Krycek was all too familiar with.  Wanting to forget the sum of experiences and actions that now made him what he was.  Lose oneself in the sticky slaps of flesh on flesh.  Wishing that they could shed their previous lives and continue forward from this moment on.

Alex leaned forwards to feel his skin gliding over skin.  He could feel Remy's erection trapped between them.  His thrusts stayed slow and steady as he kissed that lush mouth.  This was going to be trouble; he knew it.  After his other battles, he had just taken his prize, gotten off and never thought of his defeated opponent again.  But this time would be different.  He just knew it.

The look that briefly trapped Krycek's face told Remy more than words.  He knew what he meant, deep down he knew exactly what he meant by wanting to forget.  Perhaps they could forget together.  It was always a nice try... and they could get killed in the process... it was a good fantasy, but not likely.

Remy kissed him deeply, a hand kneading the back of Krycek's nape as he suppressed a moan.  The friction between their bodies against his member drew a slow grinding motion from his hips as Krycek thrusts into him.

As he groaned into the kiss, Krycek's pace picked up, feeling the sensations intensify.  His artificial arm was splayed off to one side, and he couldn't get any leverage with it.  That left him slightly frustrated seeing that he couldn't explore the supine body below him as he thrust into him.

Instead he made up for it by rubbing his entire body against Remy with each move. He made sure his cock raked over Remy's prostate with each withdrawal as he moved faster and faster.

Remy whimpered and moaned each time Alex withdrew from him.  Sweat mingling from each sculpted body as Remy writhed beneath him.  He raked his fingers over shoulders and spine, feeling each muscle doing it's job as his climax grew nearer.

A hot burst of air from the open door or perhaps just that extra notch of heat between their bodies sent Remy toppling over and into ecstacy.  His seed a searing heat spreading between their pressing bodies, his mouth crying out for Alex, and his body tingling with overwhelming sensations.

Alex let out a harsh yell as he felt Remy cum against his stomach.  Guard uncharacteristically  down for the moment, he saw fireworks behind closed eyelids.  Remy's body gripped him so tightly it wrenched the orgasm from him.

Panting, he collapsed against Remy, panting heavily.  Aftershocks were racing up and down his spine.  Normally he would already be pulling away, withdrawing into his cool persona.  But instead he just lay there on him, completely relaxed.

Remy shivered beneath the weight, his hands slowly stroking the back and shoulders above him.  Eyes closed he waited for his heart and breath to return to a regular pace.

As his breath calmed he kissed Krycek's temple.  So he had stayed.  Remy had hoped it would happen, Alex had slowly been opening up ... but Remy's inner voice still told him otherwise.  How long would it last?

"Alex...?"  But he didn't have the words.  Instead he spoke the name again, as if new, as if stroking it like one did an aching heart.  "Alex."
He should be getting up and getting the hell away as fast as he could.  But Alex didn't move a muscle.  Instead he lay there, not even twitching, listening to Remy's heart beat.  Maybe if neither of them spoke, the outside world would just go away, leaving them together...

But then Remy said his name, and the spell was broken.  Alex lifted his head and stared at the mutant's glowing red eyes.  There was something soft, but hard to read, in Krycek's green ones.  "Yes, Remy?" he asked, tasting the name as if for the first time.

The look in Krycek's eyes made Remy all the more hesitent, tentative, and paranoid about anything he might say or do next.  His fingers paused on the shoulders, every muscle now afraid to move.  He breathed, staring into his greens and trying to read that look, understand what was expected of him... if anything.

Finally, licking his lips, he spoke: "Alex.  Stay wit' me?"

Alex's eyes went wide at Remy's request.  He wanted more than anything to say yes.  The Fight Club was no protection from the Consortium,  It was a hiding place, nothing more, and Krycek knew that he would probably be caught eventually.  And he shuddered to think what would happen to anyone who was caught with him.

"You don't know what you're asking, Remy" he said.  He tried to soften the sting of his words.  "The men who were ultimately responsible for what happened," he shrugged his artificial arm, "won't stop at this."

"I know what I'm askin'," Remy whispered.  The words had stung, but years of hearing Rogue's excuses toughened his reaction and perspective on such bricks thrown his way.

Reaching up he traced Krycek's mouth, jaw, carressed the side of his face.  His hand shivered.

"I know my way 'round danger, Alex Krycek.  Bein' a mutant came wit' de territory.  An' I know lonliness.  I know de fear dat comes wit' love.  De what ifs..."  he trailed off, searching Krycek's eyes.  "An' I've seen love killed, jus' 'cause she was mine.  But I don' wanna run any more." 

His voice wavered, his eyes reflecting the memories of each loss.  "I'm willin' t' take de chance if y' are."

Krycek licked his lips, feeling oddly nervous.  They were so alike.  Both had felt such pain and loss.  Both faced danger as part of just being what they were.  And both of them were tired of being alone.

He stared into those glowing red eyes - so alike, yet unlike, the ones of the aliens.  "I'm willing," he said.  And Krycek hadn't put so much honesty into the two words he spoke in a very long time.

Remy stared into Krycek's emerald pools, the honesty shining through from a tortured soul much alike his own.  The pain, guilt, and doubt they both harbored would no longer be suffered alone.  Their long empty nights wouldn't seem long enough, and the cold days just might brim with hope.

"We'll face de world t'gether," he whispered and tentatively placed his lips against Krycek's.

Krycek pressed back, returning the kiss with an unaccustomed and almost alien sensation of tenderness.  Fucking and one night stands he knew plenty about, but loving was something outside of his experience.

"So where are we going to face the world from?"  He had a few bolt holes scattered around the country, but no place that he truly considered home.

Remy sat up, gently easing Alex up with him.  Sliding his hand to the small of his back he kept Alex close as he simultaneously stretched his spine. 

"We can trust de X-Men.  Y' can stay dere wit' me fo a while,"  though he planned on living with Alex, he wouldn't run out on his team again.  He half thought aloud, half informed Alex as his eyes roamed over Krycek's face: "Give 'em time t' work out a contact system... maybe protection, give us time figure where t' hop..."

"An' dere's some one I want y' t' meet."  He smiled, though said nothing more as he hopped off the bar.

Meet?" he said with a raised eyebrow.  It was hard not to let his distrust reassert itself.  It had saved his live in the past.  He swung his legs over the bar and dropped to the ground.  The X-Men sounded vaguely familiar - a reference he couldn't clearly remember from his short stint on the X-Files.

"Who are the X-Men?" he asked as he picked up his jeans.  It took some tugging, grunting, and creative use of his prosthetic arm, but he managed to pull them on without too much difficulty.

Remy watched him pull the jeans on before answering, his eyes fixed on the muscles that did the job, along the back and shoulders and biceps.  Turning to his own clothes he slipped into them like a wirey otter, though definetly filled them in more than an otter could and in all the right places.

"De X-Men... my family.  Team mates.  Fellow mutants."  He lifted his shirt to study the gash along his ribs, the dried blood was rubbing against the shirt in a very wrong way, causing it to reopen in places.

Picking up his bottle of water he gazed out at the fastly fading sun and shadows.  "Y' can trust dem.  Dey have no reason t' reveal who or what I..." he smirked, turning mischievous eyes back to Krycek.  It had taken him years to learn to trust them as a team but now he could see life no other way around them.  He even trusted them more than his adoptive family Thieves Guild.

"Who or what you...?" Krycek repeated, curious.  It would take time for him to learn to trust Remy completely, let alone Remy's family. 

He was working the prosthetic arm through the sleeve of his T-shirt.  His muscles were stiff, protesting the beating they had received and given earlier.  Once he thought the arm was through the sleeve, he started to pull it over his head, poking his good arm through the other sleeve.  Except that part way through, the shirt caught on the prosthetic, leaving him stuck.  He shifted, knowing that he looked like a fool.  "Little help please," he growled, not used to asking for help.

Remy blinked at Krycek's request.  With how sensitive the subject had been Remy had decided to avoid the arm thing altogether despite Krycek's vow to explain it later.  The subject seemed touchier than merely being a mutant.

Quickley, efficiently, Remy got the shirt down over his arm and head.  Perhaps to squash any ackwarkness, or mumbled thank-yous, or perhaps because he was... well, Remy, he didn't give Krycek any time to react.  A brief and deep kiss overtook his mouth.

Opting to ignore the question on the sentence he had left hanging, Remy often forgot not every one knew of his rambunctious "affairs" that came and went like water... and he didn't want Krycek thinking he was just another fling.

Instead, he kissed the man.  And then "Y' want t' tell me 'bout it now?"  Shrugging at the prosthetic arm.

Krycek stared at the arm and then off into the middle distance.  "They thought they were trying to help me," he said, shrugging his left shoulder.  "Men hiding in the woods outside of a gulag in Tunguska that doesn't exist.  'No arm, no test' they kept repeating to me when I asked them why."

"They were avoiding an experiment a blacker than Black Ops group was performing.  A vaccine to prevent an alien lifeform from infecting a host."  His voice was without inflection.  At the time he had convinced himself that he was doing the right thing, saving humanity.  Now he wasn't so sure.  "Subjects were tracked through biological markers in smallpox vaccinations.  So..." he trailed off.

He described the flashes of memory that he had about the event.  "Middle of the night.  Six men holding me down.  White hot knife. Smell of burning flesh.  It was amazing that I didn't die from shock or infection." 

Remy listened quietly, absorbing the story.  From the beginning though he had questions, and held them. 

"After de beatin' we gave one another, I'm not so shocked you didn't die..." he said it without humor, a small twist to his brows revealing his disgust of the whole thing.

Tenativley he continued: "What were y' doin' de woods alone?"  Especially a part of the world Remy was sure no pleasure camps were taken often.

He had asked the questions that Krycek really hadn't wanted to answer.  The ones that would probably send Remy running away.  "I had been kidnapped by one of the prisoners and lost him in the woods.  I wasn't a subject, but one of the scientist's handlers."

"We were doing it for humanity's survival," he added defensively, trying to come up with a rationalization.   "We likened it to an infection - some cells had to die in order to destroy the illness so the body could become healthy again."  Or that was what he tried to tell himself whenever his conscience and guilt whispered to him in the dark.

Remy lowered his gaze.  He could hear the guilt all too well and understood it.  The constant struggle with the memory and the battle with conscience and some rational explanation that really didn't suffice... if it did, the guilt would go away.

"Sometimes we play a pawn and don' realize it till it too late, Alex.  It wasn' your fault."  Remy looked at the arm and the sleeve covering where it connected to the shoulder.  Reaching up he felt the seam, hesitent and lightly.

Krycek looked away, but didn't flinch at the gentle touch.  "Don't be so quick to forgive me, Remy.  You don't know the half of what I've done."  Spy, assassin, torturer, betrayer all that he seemingly had left off the list was kicker of innocent small animals.

The words hurt.  But they didn't change his feelings on the matter.  Cupping Krycek's chin with a set of fingers Remy turned his eyes back to his, hurt and insistent. 

"We all done horrible t'ings, Alex.  Sometimes we can't forgive ourselves.  We know we don' deserve it from others much less our own bodies.  But den some one comes along and tries to show us other wise..."    He trailed off with a sigh, his eyes softening. 

"It'll take lifetimes fo y' t' accept it, but I say it anyway:  I do forgive you.  I accept your past.  An' I am never leavin' you."

He wasn't going to cry.  No one in his life had offered him unconditional love.  Not his foster parents who were more interested in the support check they got for taking care of him.  Nor any of the 'siblings' he was bullied by and learned to bully in return.  Not the teachers who were in and out of his life.  And he found an unexpected moisture gathering at the corner of his eyes.

Krycek's hand came up to grip Remy's wrist.  Not to push, him away, but to grip it tightly.  To reassure him that the mutant in front of him was real and wasn't running away.

Remy started at the reaction and then stared at the hand gripping his wrist.  His eyes darted to the eyes, unsure until he saw the hint of moisture, and the disbelief.  Trembling now, Remy brought his other to rescue his wrist, loosening the fingers until he could slide his hand into Krycek's.  He held his hand with both of his. 

"I'm not goin' any where," he said softly, pulling Krycek close and resting his forehead against his.  They had only known each other a day and already they were here.  Remy trembled again with pent up longing, love, and emotions he didn't want to identify because identifying them meant trying to understand them.

Krycek didn't feel the shiver go through Remy.  He was shaking too hard.  He hadn't felt this vulnerable in a long time.  "Don't do this to me, Remy," he said softly.  "Don't  make me feel again."  But it was already too late because he was feeling deeply.  More deeply than he ever had before.

"Y' can't hide from it fo'ever," Remy replied just as softly, pulling Alex against his chest and embracing his shaking form.  This seemed so familiar for some reason but he wasn't sure he wanted to know why.  "I don' understand how one like y' went through life wit' out this.  Y' deserve it, Alex, an' I'm gonna give it."

He held Krycek in his embrace, knowing this was all probobly a shock to the man.  The words, the emotions... strange, perhaps, but welcomed?  Despite what Krycek said, Remy hoped they were.  How could they not be?

He was breathing heavily.  It was all too much.  The intensity of the emotion.  He hadn't felt any emotions this intensely since...since a bathroom in Hong Kong, when he has been possessed by an alien intelligence.  And then woke up in an abandoned missile silo in the middle of nowhere next to a UFO.

"Let's get out of here," Krycek said.  It was too much too fast for him to cope with.  It had been safer not to feel, to remain in that icy detached state.  Now he was  going to have to learn how to deal again, hopefully someplace safe with Remy.  "Anywhere," he said.  "Just someplace safe."

Remy nodded.  Cocking his head as they exited the building he suddenly bolted for the highway to stand in the middle of it.  Out of the flat landscape a semi was heading the way they wanted (any way).  Remy flagged it down, had a few words with the driver and then gestured for Alex to join him. 

To the border and then an airport Remy bought them two first class tickets to New York.  He slept from exhaustion, from the fight and from emotions, the plane lulling him to sleep despite wanting to stay awake and see to Krycek.

From the airport Remy drove them both to the Xavier Institute.  In the front glass doors they were immediately ambushed by a large auburn wolf.

"Rahne!" A harsh whisper as it was 4 in the morning.  He glanced at Krycek.  "She's a mutant too, a girl who should be in bed," the last directed at the wolf who's keen hearing had clearly picked up on their entrance.

The men's dorms were on the 3rd floor.  As most people in the dorms would be using their room for much of the year they were spacious and comfortable and allowed for the utmost touches of personalization as long as it didn't mean punching out a wall or window.

 Remy opened his door and ushered Krycek in, haulting the wolf who had followed them up the stairs by blocking her path.  She shifted into her human form and, giggling, informed Remy they could sleep in, she would bring their breakfast up.  No need for the whole mansion to be curious about a human on the grounds.

Whatever he had been expecting, Alex hadn't been expecting this.  Not  a rich mansion that apparently housed a school for gifted students.  And from the hints that Remy had dropped, he had a feeling he knew what gifts they were referring to.  But he hadn't expected to be confronted by a wolf that apparently was a mutant.  Guard dogs, perhaps.  Wolves? No.

Closing the door Remy wished for a lock.  But locks in the dorms were enver needed, a strict ethical code usually prevented people from barging in without knocking.  Still, a lock would have provided more certainty in situations like this.

The whole room smelt of matches and hints of flowers. 

Remy studied Alex for a moment before shedding his torn and blood- stained shirt.  "Y' can rest here wit'out interruption, we're safer here dan behind bars; de whole estate has security systems only used in a few others places.  An' most of de mutants have de abilities t' detect unwanted presences witout de security systems." 

He quickly added: "An' y' aren't one of dose 'unwanted presences'.  People who smell or t'ink harm on the place... dat kind dey sense."

"I'll think happy thoughts then," Krycek said.  Jet lagged and exhausted, he knew he wasn't reacting  normally.  Usually his first action on entering a room he would be sleeping in would be to check for bugs and explosive devices.  However he had a feeling he could trust Remy.  this was way too an elaborate set up for even the Consortium's resources.

He looked over Remy's torso, noting the scratches he had placed across his stomach, and he was now feeling vaguely guilty.  "How long have you lived here, Remy?" he asked as he started working his shirt off.

"Off an' on..." he trailed off, it seemed so long ago but he wasn't that sure.  After he had 'killed' his ex-wife's brother, got cast out of the Guild, traveled... met Storm, and joined the X-Men, and eventually accepted back into the Guild. 

Finally, coming out of his memories, he shrugged.  "Maybe ten years."  He laughed, not really wanting to recall the exact date, as even then it took so much longer for him to accept them and trust them.  "Took time 'fore I believed what dey told me.  Longer dan most who come here."

He walked to the reflective dresser and pulled out two sets of clothes.  "Shower in dere if y' awake fo it," he gestured at the doorway across from the side of the bed.

Maybe in a little bit," Krycek said, flopping backwards onto the bed.  "Nice mirror," he smirked, gesturing to the ceiling.  "Ten years, huh?"  He didn't expect to be alive in ten years.  Sometimes he didn't expect to be alive in ten days.

He sat up on one elbow, and then rolled to sit up.  "Help me off with the arm, Remy?" he asked.  He had trusted the mutant this far, more than any person since the Cigarette Smoking Man had recruited him.  So he might as well trust him all the way.

Seating himself next to Alex with one leg tucked under him Remy traced the straps holding the arm in place.  Finding a velcro break in the material Remy held one side down and lifted the other end.  Setting the straps and arm behind them Remy touched just above where the plastic had met skin. 

"Does it still hurt?" He half asked, half wondered as his eyes moved from the shoulder to Alex' face.  He leaned in, pressing his lips in a brief kiss well above where the cutting had taken place along the upper shoulder.

He had hissed in relief when Remy pulled the prosthetic away.  Somedays it seemed to be more a nuisance than a benefit.  "Hurts like hell," he said, shuddering as Remy's lips brushed the skin of his shoulder.  He didn't understand why he had become so emotional since meeting Remy.  It was if an atrophied part, something he had thought had been amputated like his arm had been, had suddenly sprung back to life.

"I can still feel it, sometimes."  He leaned back against Remy.  "Like it's right there, but I can't see it.  Hurts that way often.  I sometimes reach out to grab something with it, and then remember that it's not there any more only when I can't pick things up."

Remy rested his along Krycek's shoulder as the man leaned against his chest.  He listened silently, staring at the computer across the room.  Wrapping his arms about Krycek's middle he sighed.  "If dere was a way t' get y' own arm back, would y' do it?"  The question was hesitent, suggestive, and hiding something.  "I know a way, right here in dis building."

Krycek shook his head, assuming it was some sort of practical joke.  "Not possible," Alex said, staring stonily ahead.  "I've seen the best specialists in the medical community.  Both legitimate and black ops.  That arm transplant that made news a year or two back not withstanding, the technology to replace an arm is at least five years away."

Except that he had been talking to human doctors.  Maybe the mutants knew something that most doctors didn't.  He turned to look at Remy.  "Why?  What do you know?"

"Blood transfusion," Remy said, settling in behind Alex.  "Dere are two mutants wit' de X-Men now who have a healing factor.  One of dem has regrown his own limbs, de other is a very weak healing factor.  Y' met her, de wolf?"

Remy traced Alex abs in lazy circles with his figers as he explained.  "Logan's healing factor is strong enough no one knows how old he is, not even he.  An' he owes me.

Krycek melted back against Remy.  His right arm arched back around to rub the back of the mutant's head.  "Let me think about it."  it was what he wanted, but there were still risks.  When word got out that he had regained his left arm, the Syndicate would be very interested in how it happened.

And they wouldn't care who they hurt in the process of getting that information.

"Take your time," Remy pulled away slightly and pressed his fingers gently against the nape of Krycek's neck.  He worked his fingers down his neck slowly.  He knew Krycek had much to think about and his silence wasn't ackward. 

Bending in again he spoke next to Krycek's ear.  "You're tired an' sore.  Go shower, I'll be here t' massage it all out of y'."

Remy was right.  Alex was tired, and a shower sounded good.  As did the promise that he'd be there afterwards.  Except the part about taking the shower alone.  There were too many thoughts tumbling through his head for him to be alone.  Alex was feeling uncharacteristically vulnerable, and he hated that feeling.  He turned to brush his lips against Remy's jaw.  "Shower with me?"

 "Y' have t' ask?"  Remy chuckled and took Alex's hand, pulling him up and across the much-too-shiney floor into the bathroom. 

Krycek chuckled, letting himself be led without resisting.  "Stupid question, I know."

The bathroom matched the bedroom with smooth surfaces, though the floor and tub, seperate from the shower, had unseen textures to keep their owner from slipping around on them.  The only unstrict surfaces were the towels, tissues, and water. 

Remy started the shower and slid open the door.  Remy pulled open the door to the shower, the smooth and bubbled texture to the plastic was all that hide the user inside.  The shower didn't sport a lip within it much higher than a few inches.

Turning around he took Alex's jean button and zipper as his own, slowly stripping him as a not so slow steam over took the shower and began leaking out around them. 

Krycek rolled his hips, helping Remy as much as he could.  His own hand moved to Remy's waist, peeling his jeans down.  His tense muscles relaxed further from the steam, but mostly from a growing sense that he was safe here.

"You know," he said a bit lazily, "I didn't think your place would be so...austere."  he had been a bit surprised by the color scheme. 

Remy smirked at him as he removed his own clothing.  "Austere?"  He chuckled.  "I expected somet'ing more along the lines of 'hey, Rem, where de 'coons?  Don' dey like de shiney?'."  His reds sparkled as he laughed, literally.

"What did y' see when I said I'm takin' y' home?"  He shut the door to the shower after herding Krycek into it, picking up a quietly scented bar of soft soap.

"Something less shiny," Krycek said with a grin.  "And a bit more...don't know...plush."  His muscles went slack under the steam and hot water.  "I guess I was expecting something a bit more like mansion my...uh... ex-boss used to live in."  The Well Manicured Man did have a taste for finer things in life, and had tried to elevate Krycek, making him an heir to his position in the Syndicate.  But things hadn't turned out how either of them had planned. 

Remy chuckled with a secretive grin as he applied the soapy bar to Krycek's upper arms and shoulders.  "People are full o' surprises, love.  I don' spend dat much time here, an' when I do it's usually nursin' my head in de bed; somet'ing I'll introduce t' y' later."  He leaned in, nipping at his ear lobe.  "It's full o' plushy t'ings."  The secretive, and alluring smile again.

 "What did your boss live in?"  Remy moved the soap across his chest and abdomen, stepping close to reach around and soap his back.

"Hmmm?" The feeling of Remy's hands moving over his body was a pleasant distraction. It took a moment for Alex to process the question.  "He was British, and had a manor at Somerset.  It was his ancestral home - filled antiques, art, and statues.  Damn place looked more like a museum than someplace people lived."  There was a suite in New York and a home in a gated community near Washington, but the manor was where the Well Manicured Man had referred to as home.  Taking advantage of Remy standing so near to him, Krycek leaned forward to nip his lover's neck.

Leaning into Alex the soap and Remy's words never faltered, but it was clear his mind wandered.  The sudsy rubbing of the bar became a bit more teasing as it traveled lower down Krycek's back.

"Museums are for de dieing and dead, Xavier try t' keep de X-Men ahead o' de times..." Remy turned his head to catch Krycek's ear lobe between his teeth. 

"Dead and dying.  That describes the men I worked for."  Sometimes he wondered if the Smoking Man had ever been truly alive.  And if he was headed down the same path.  There were days that he felt more dead than alive. 

Alex ducked his head slightly and nipped Remy's neck, rubbing his body against his lovers lightly.    He didn't want to talk any more about his past, or the Consortium's plans for the survival of humanity.  Instead he wanted to distract himself with the very handsome naked man with him.

The soap and water only made Krycek's body feel all the more silky pressed against his.  As the steady stream of water from above their heads rinsed Krycek's shoulders and chest Remy was moving the soap down to his thighs and hips.

Some how he wasn't sure he'd make it to Krycek's legs and feet as he turned his head to catch Krycek's mouth with his own, now rubbing his own body back against Krycek's with a grinding of his hips.

Alex returned his kiss with an almost desperation.  It was just starting to sink in that he was safe here.  He relaxed a bit more in his arms, his own hips moving in time with Remy's. Krycek's hand rubbed down Remy's back, coming to rest on his ass.  Slowly his hand started kneading the muscle.

With the spiraling heat coming from both of their bodies now, added to the steam and water, Remy's mind reeled as he pressed Alex against the shower wall.  His hips grinded harder.

Finding his hand on one shoulder he followed the arm down and back, cupping the back of Alex's hand and feeling it move beneath his. His tongue delved deeply into Alex's mouth, hungering and muffling his moans as their bodies rubbed and pressed eagerly.

Krycek let out a loud moan as he felt Remy's hips speed up.  Letting go of  his ass, Krycek slipped his hand between their bodes and caught both their cocks in one grasp, making certain they rubbed together with each thrust.

Remy echoed Alex's moan as he adjusted their positions for the ultimate contact.  Panting as water splashed down and off of them he bit Alex's lip as the kiss broke, sucking on it.  Each thrust drew forth a panting moan and his eyes locked with the greens inches from him.

Too hot and too fast Remy already felt his climax hurtling forward, just out of reach and fastly building. 

Small grunts escaped Krycek as he continued to thrust against Remy.   Staring into those glowing eyes, feeling the hot water sluice over his body, the sharpness of Remy's teeth, the friction of their skin, he was being reduced to pure sensation.  His hand stroked them even faster urging them towards orgasm.

Panting hard Remy gave Alex's lip one last lick before releasing it with a moan.  "Aleeexx..." He gasped as his lover urged them faster with his aiding hand.  "Dieu, Alex!"  His eyes threatened to roll shut with overload.

Spine going rigid, Remy moaned loudly as he came within Alex's hand.  He continued thrusting, riding the orgasm out until exhaustion crept up.

Alex let out a ragged gasp, his own orgasm leaving him shaking.  Letting out a soft moan, he leaned against Remy, eyes shutting.  Leaning against his lover, hearing the sound of the water pattering down around them, for the first time in a long time he felt a sense of peace and safety.  As if he had finally come home after a long abscence.

Remy held Alex with a soft embrace, rubbing his shoulder and back with one hand.  This seemed so right, and right now he didn't feel like moving or speaking or even breathing.  He just wanted to stay this way forever, feeling Alex's heartbeat against his own.

The sounds of the water, and their breath soon became like a lullabye to the ears, relaxing and making one feel he wasn't even awake.

Feeling the water begin to cool the slightest, Remy shifted his weight, not wanting to part but not wanting to get caught in the frigid cold water within a few moments.

Feeling him move, Krycek straightened up.  He was wondering what the hell had gotten into him.  He was supposed to be a cold blooded assassin, conscienceless killer, and remorseless betrayer. 

It was funny what love could do to a person.

He reached out and shut off the water before it could grow any colder.  "Dry off and then to bed?" he asked in a husky voice.

"My mind already dere," Remy replied with a kiss, stepping backwards and, holding the kiss, leading Krycek out and straight into a warm towel. 

The floor of the bed room was cool on the freshly cleaned feet.  Doing a hand-stand flip from the bathroom door Remy neatly landed himself on the bed, sprawling out like a spoiled cat. 

He pulled Krycek down with him, not caring about clothes as he wrapped them both up in the sheets and rested his forehead against his lover's as they both lay on the thick and fluffed mattress.

Krycek let out an amused snort at his lover's antics.  He wasn't certain what felt better - the fluffiness of the pillow or the warmth Remy was radiating.  It had been a long time since he had fallen asleep in his lover's arms, longer than he wanted to think about.   In fact, thought was becoming more difficult the longer he lay there.

As Alex fell off to sleep Remy laid awake, watching him breath until he was sure his lover was calm and still there.  Though he wanted to stay there, watching the calm, angelic and peaceful look of the to- good-to-be-true man before him, his own need for rest eventually closed his own eyes to dreams he wouldn't remember, but would leave him feeling loved.

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