You Always Hurt The One You Love
Rooster Calls:

 Remy always found himself waking in the most peculiar positions.  Today was no exception.  As he stirred he slowly brought in all of his limbs from their various poses, hugging them close to his body as if to make sure they still existed before opening his eyes with a slow and lazy blinking. 

Sunlight streaming through the shades was too harsh and filtered to be from morning.  Remy stared at the curtains in front of his face before turning his head.  "Alex...?"  His voice still heavy with sleep but holding a clearly worried tone.  He hated waking alone.

"Over here," Krycek called out, exiting the bathroom.  He had woken early and immediately alert, a habit he had picked up sleeping in strange places.  But not wanting to disturb his lover, he had spent a long time watching him before he slipped out of the bed to use the bathroom.

Lazily, he sauntered back to the bed and sat down on it next to Remy.  "I was starting to wonder if you were still alive," he teased.

"Y' t;ink I sleep too much?" Remy chuckled, still sleep-heavy and scooted his lithe form about to lay his shoulders across his lovers lap, looking up at him.  "All de more time t' dream o' y'."

Reaching up he caressed the side of Alex's face.  "I thought y' had left me fo a moment dere... it felt... I felt... scared."  Truthfully he had felt his own heart jump and skip at the idea like one does when one thinks they see a strange shadow when they were certain they were alone on that street in the middle of the night. 

Alex petted the top of Remy's head like he was soothing an exotic cat.  "I'm not going anywhere.  I'm sorry I frightened you."  He hadn't thought of what Remy's reaction would have been if he woke up alone.  His own would have been similar, although he may not have admitted it.

He continued idly rubbing his lover, his hand now moving lower to Remy's shoulders.  "So what are the plans for today?"

Remy closed his eyes to Alex's touch, drawing as much pleasure from it as would a cat.  If he had the instruments, he would purr.

"First, we eat.  Den, maybe y' can relax?"  He said it teasingly.  "We don' need t' move fo a while, but whenever y' want."

Hearing a scratching at their door Remy huffed and sat up, annoyed to have to break contact with Alex.  But the scratching told him who it was and he quickly lost his impatient air.

"It's Rahne, wit' our late breakfast," he informed before opening the door to the warm platter on the floor with no Rahne in sight. 

Shrugging, Remy bent to pick it up and was promptly tackled and sent flying to the floor by a young blonde in pig tails, Tabitha Boom-Boom Smith.  Summersaulting she landed on the bed, astride Alex's lap.  "Whoooa, Remers, nice one this time!"  She laid a kiss on his mouth before flipping backwards and unmounting him.

"Just keep it down, hmm?  And maybe," she laughed as she caught sight of Remy's shocked face.  "Keep the mansion in one piece?"  With one swift shove she sent the platter sliding in and shut the door behind her.

It just went to prove how off kilter Remy had Alex.  If anyone else had done that at any other time, they would have been found with their neck snapped.  Still staring at the closed door, he said the first thing on his mind.

"What the fuck was that?" 

The other thought on his mind was what exactly she meant by 'this time,' but he wouldn't ask that until he got his first question answered.  Alex turned to Remy, waiting expectantly for the forthcoming explanation.

Laughing, Remy finally picked himself off the chilly floor.  "Dat blonde whirlwind?"  He picked up the tray of covered food and set it on the bed.  "Tabitha Smith.  She a new student, call her BoomBoom."

Remy glanced down at himself, still nude, and blushed.  Few people could make Remy LeBeau blush, but leave it to a wild and spunky teen with enough flirt and go-get-her-tiger-ness in her to go the distance with even ... well, Remy LeBeau, to make him turn a bright pink.

"I'm sorry, love."  Remy turned his face away until the heat in his face and ears subsided.  "Shoulda warned ya but I had no idea she'd be up t'... well."  He shrugged, turning back to face Alex.

"Uh huh," Krycek grunted.  He was used to dealing with whatever monster of the week Mulder was investigating, or whatever alien of the week that the Consortium was negotiating with.  Hyperactive mutant teenagers were something outside of his experience.

First question answered, it was time to ask the second one.  He raised an eyebrow at his lover.  "Care to explain what she meant by 'nice one this time' Remy?"  He wasn't so naive as to think that there weren't others before him, but if she was a new student and was talking like that, the list might be longer than he thought.

The tone was clear enough.  Alex was jealous.  Remy looked away, he hated seeing that accusing look on his lover's face.  "Dere were others.  Didn't y' have others?"

Standing he walked to the other side of the room, picking up the two water glasses Tabitha had left.  He had wanted to avoid this conversation so much.  Explaining his past was a painful chore.  His womanizing, bdsm, one night stands, men, groups... nothing he could easily hide from those who knew him well enough.

Walking back over to Alex he handed him one of the glasses, setting his own on the floor as he knealed before his lover.  "I got around," he said, watching Alex's face for reaction.  "Dey come an' go.  But come mornin' dey were all de same.  Some wanted money, others were already gone, an' most had happy lives outside dat room.  None needed de way I did, and none could understand me."

Remy looked away again, down at the floor.  "I ran from life, hid myself in warm flesh..."  He trailed off, ashamed.  Hiding himself in warm flesh was exactly what he wanted from Alex all along.  Only after he agreed to fight did Remy start thinking of 'settling' and running from life WITH some one.

Krycek watched with an impassive face.  But inside he understood Remy's reasoning all too well.  It had been a part of the reason he had joined the Fight Club - to run from life and hide, only not so much in flesh but violence.  Although he had done his share of hiding in flesh as well.

But even though he understood it, and had done it, it didn't mean that he liked it.  He reached down and tangled his fingers in those thick locks.  "I don't hide from you, and you don't hide from me.  Or I'm out of here."  Easier said than done, but he wasn't going to tell Remy that.

Remy nodded, "Oui," a strained whisper.  Looking up at Alex like a wide eyed boy with a dirty little secret.  It was easier said than done... too much so.  Remy hadn't been able to tell ANYONE about his closest, shameful secret.  Rogue had only learned of it through a kiss, it had even been secret from her until that day.

He waited as if for a command or tongue lashing, silent for a few moments until he averted his eyes again.  "Somet'ings are best left hidden," he whispered with pain.  "I don'... I can't.  Not now."  Knealing, nude, and vulnerable in more than those ways Remy gritted his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut.

Krycek's hand continued stroking Remy's hair, considering.  So there was something more.  Now it came down to how important that secret between them would become.  Would he be able to live, knowing something was hanging over his head?

Well, he had his share of dark deeds he regretted that he wasn't eager to spill.  Remy was right.  There were things that were better not to be exposed to the light of day.  "Maybe some other day then," Alex said.  His hand moved to Remy's shoulder like he was trying to soothe a frightened animal.

The memory, held so near for a split second, in waiting to be revealed if he had to keep Alex from leaving, now weighted his mind.  He sighed at Alex's word, jaw muscles relaxing.  But it was still another moment before he had the memory partially buried again and could raise his head.

"Another day," he repeated and placed his hand over Alex's. 

Alex nodded.  He wouldn't push to find out this secret right away, but this would stay back of his mind.  They would have to confront it eventually, but right now their relationship was still to new and fragile.  There was already enough strain on it at the moment.

His stomach rumbled, and Alex turned half of his attention to the tray of food.  "Come on, get up here," he said, tugging at Remy. 

Embarrassed at how he let the memory affect him Remy stood and disapeared into the restroom for a moment, returning fully dressed and with his hair tossled but brushed.

The renewed appearance aided the return of his usual carefree manner.  Returning to the bed he wordlessly and teasingly nudged and prodded Alex until he sat at against the top of the bed against the pillows. 

Unlidding their breakfast he nearly moaned at the omelett awaiting thier eager lips.  Crawling up to straddle Alex' hips Remy grabbed the fork and offered Alex the first bite. 

The return of Remy's seemingly indomitable spirit cheered Alex.  As did how his lover had guided him back into bed.  As did the feeling of his weight on his legs.  The smells wafting from the breakfast tray sparked his hunger even more.   But now at least he had a chance to indulge.

Making a big show of it, Krycek leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the fork.  Slowly he drew his head back and slowly swallowed, letting out a small, satisfied moan, more than aware of Remy's eyes on him.

Remy watched with widening eyes as his lover openly teased him with a breakfast food... of all things!  Taking his own bite he regarded Alex with an amused and perked eye brow.  Still, that look... those lips... the slow and seemingly yearning manner ending with a moan...

Remy Reached for the glasses, holding Alex's up to his lip and waited for the next tease show.  Shackles and chains and punishment for being too good looking while eating a breakfast item sprang to mind.  Remy grinned.

Alex smiled deviously, glad that his attempt to get his lover's mind off of his worries was working.  And he intended to keep Remy's mind off of whatever that memory was that had upset him so.

Tilting his head forward, he took a sip.  He frowned at a slight chemical taste, but he trusted that his lover wasn't going to let him be poisoned.  Putting it down to a difference in the area's water supply, he ran his tongue around the rim of the glass.

Remy tsked, shaking his head.  "Chere, if y' had any hair on dat head o' yours y'd find me forcin' dis whole glass down dat gorgeous throat 'bout now."  As if hoping Alex's hair grew over night he reached around and threaded fingers into his lovers short shiney black hair, massaging his nape when he found nothing long enough to grab.

Still, he was liking the show, and didn't withdraw the glass just yet.  "Show me what y'd y' do t' me if I was dis glass... on dis glass."  He smirked, glass held in wait.

Krycek's eyes never left Remy's as he leaned forward again.  His tongue appeared to lightly wet his lips before snaking out to slip around the rim yet again.  Ducking his head slightly, Alex ran the flat of his tongue up the length of his glass, lapping up the beads of condensation.

Of course, he couldn't do everything he wanted to do to Remy.  It was too wide for him to wrap his lips around and draw into his mouth.  Instead he concentrated on giving the glass a tongue bath, making sure no square inch of it was missed.

At first Remy smirked, enjoying their game.  But that knowing tongue, those seductive greens... he'd never look at a simple glass the same way again.

A complaint from his stomach brought him back from his daze as Krycek bathed the glass.  Despite a twitching in his tight jeans, firmly straddling Krycek's, he had to get rid of the insistent hunger plaguing his stomach before he satisfied the other growing hunger.

"Y' will be de death o' me, Alex Krycek," Remy said, a bit breathless, and reluctantly set the glass aside to go about feeding them again.

Krycek chuckled, and tried to ignore the chill at Remy's words.  The Consortium wasn't the kind of organization you could just submit a resignation to.  Although there were many ways to become a member, there was only one way out.  And it came down to it being a question of whether or not it was voluntary, such as suicide, or involuntary.  And they would have no compunctions about doing the same to potential witnesses.

Shaking off the thought of doom and gloom, Alex selected a liberally buttered biscuit and held it out to Remy.  "Why don't you show me what you can do with your mouth, lover?"

"Y' already know DAT, though you are due a reminder, oui?" Remy's eye twinkled.

Turning his attention back to the buttered biscuit Remy eased his mouth to it, lifted his lips just high enough they wouldn't touch the biscuit yet and bit down a nibbling bite.  Rolling his eyes up and closed Remy broke the bite away, sealing his lips over it and rolling it's butterness along his tongue before swallowing.

Grabbing Krycek's wrist he held it place as he nibbled one bite after another, each delicious morsel reflected as pure lustful sin on Remy's face.  His thumb stroked the soft part of his lovers wrist, directly below the bend.

Taking the last nibble from between thumb and forefinger Remy still held Alex' wrist.  Moaning as the last bite was swallowed Remy then took his lover's fingers to task.  Licking each finger tip before selecting his index finger to indulge; taking it into his mouth with another angelic moan, his tongue drawing it in slowly to scrub the butter from it.

Alex closed his eyes, the better to concentrate on the feel of Remy's tongue on his mouth.  Normally, the devilish expression on that angelic face would be enough to get Alex stone hard.  Let alone the wicked thing Remy was doing with his tongue.  But this time nothing was happening. 

Remy treated his lover's middle finger much like he would his favorite treat, though he couldn't get it to his throat without taking on the mass of the hand as well.  He couldn't help it, the twitching had turned into a steady hardening within his jeans.  His increasing bulge was pressed right against his lovers though he didn't feel a returning pressure.

Smirking, Remy rolled his hips as he continued bathing Alex' fingers and hands now with teeth and tongue. "Stubborn, chere?"  he mumbled around the cleaning duty.

"Normally, no."  He was willing to put it down to the fact that it had been a stressful trip and he was no longer a young man.  But Alex Krycek had been able to keep up with the best.  Maybe now his body was trying to tell him to slow down.

Except that he didn't want to slow down.  Mentally, he wanted to flip Remy over on his back and bury himself deep in his lover's body.  Except his body didn't seem to want to cooperate, even with that attractive image as a reward.  "I swear this has never happened before," he growled.

Cooing, Remy placed a finger over his lover's lips to quiet him, and calm the growl.  "S'okay love, happens t' de best." he leaned forward and took Alex' ear lobe into his mouth, tugging with his teeth and bathing it with his warm, moist tongue. 

"An' Remy adores de challenge..." he breathed hotly into Alex' ear after moaning around the lobe.  His hips still rolled and grinded, slowly and with pauses between each action as he pressed his lips to his lovers and drew him into a long,  slow, and sensual kiss.

Leave it to his impulsive lover to see this as a challenge to overcome.  Alex squirmed closer to Remy, trying to ignore his lack of reaction.  Instead he concentrated on the kiss, on the firmness of his lover's body against his. 

His own hands weren't idle either as he returned the kiss.  They roamed up and down Remy's back and sides restlessly as Alex waited for his body to react.

Lifting his body just enough to slide his own hands inbetween them, Remy felt the sculpted chest beneath him till he found two perked nipples to tease.  Tugging and rolling them between his fingers Remy broke the kiss, hanging onto Alex's lower lip to suck and pull between his teeth.

The erection trapped in his tight jeans was becoming painful, but Remy ignored it as he concentrated on trying to create the same pleasurable pain for his lover.

Releasing his lip after drawing a drop of blood from a sharp canine tooth Remy left the drop for Krycek to taste as he moved to suck on his collar bone.

Alex moaned at the taste of his blood.  It wasn't that he was doing anything wrong.  As a matter of fact, Remy was doing everything right.  If he had an erection, the mutant would have found himself pinned down and Krycek pounding away inside of him.

Instead he rubbed his crotch against his lover, trying to get his cock to respond to any stimulation.  The hot, wet mouth traveling against his chest should have been more than enough.  But for some reason it wasn't.  He let out a growl of frustration low in his throat.

Remy looked up as he both heard and felt the growl beneath his nipping teeth.  Remy had wondered up until that growl if he was losing his touch.  Now he knew the frustration inside his lover's mind and wished to put at ease... though how, was another story.

"Relax, chere, Remy takin' care ' y'," he crooned, sliding down Alex's legs to lay a hand over his pants.  "Don' flinch," he added with a grin as the jeans below his hand began glowing a deep crimson, his eyes glowing a brighter shade as his mutant gift was tapped.

The jeans warmed as they turned into kinetic energy.  Not hot, but not gentle either.  The warm that people gladly sink aching joints into.  Molecule by molecule the jeans began to disapate* in the area beneath and around Remy's massaging hand.

The hand over him felt at first comfortably warm.  Then his jeans started feeling in one patch hot, like they had just been pulled from a dryer.  Looking down he saw his jeans disappearing beneath Remy's hand.  "Holy shit," he whispered under his breath.

Moaning with a smirk Remy leaned over to brush his lips against Alex's.  "Jus' wait till I put dat dirty mouth o' y'rs t' better use."  His hand never stopped it's massaging, and the slowly disapearing jeans-crotch never stopped it's disapearing act. 

As the hole in the jeans finally fully disapated to allow Remy's hand to rest on the boxers the glowing faded as Remy moved his hands into the side slit, touching Alex before the warming returned.  Air molecules found themselves being devoured, the sensation a warm tingling.

"Anyt'ing, chere?"

Growling and fighting the urge to squirm, Krycek shook his head. He was still not reacting physically, although mentally he wanted to bend Remy over.  To feel Remy's tongue caress his erection like Alex had earlier caressed the glass...

...of odd smelling water.

"Shit!" Krycek said, his eyes widening in understanding.  It was the only thing that made sense.  "Somebody put something in the water!" 

Groaning, Remy let his head hang between his shoulders.  Of course.  Tabitha.  Sighing Remy reached over and across Alex's body to snatch the glass and sniff at it.  It was only a hint, but if one knew what they were smelling for it could be obvious. 

Placing it back down Remy rolled off of Alex and laied on his back next to him.  "Dieu," he cursed.  "De lil cretin go too far."

Krycek let his head thump back against the pillow.  Some of the tension was gone, now knowing the cause of his lack of reaction.  But there was an irritation towards Tabitha for what she obviously considered a humorous prank.  He wondered if any of Remy's other lovers had gotten similar treatment.

He blew out a loud exhale, puffing his cheeks out.  Alex tried to remember if there was any antidote for saltpeter, which is what he guessed she used.  Unfortunately, he couldn't recall any.  "So I guess all we can do is wait this out."

"O'course... dere other t'ings t' do other dan dat..." Remy bit his lip with a groan, the tightness in his jeans now unbearable with the knowledge he wouldn't be able to put it to use. 

He made a mental note to inform Tabitha's next Danger Room instructor of a little prank she had pulled, details changed so it wouldn't involve saltpeter or sex at all, but enough that Jean wouldn't go easy on the brat.

Swinging his legs over the bed Remy stepped towards the restroom.  "Scuse me, chere, jus' a moment." 

Squirming over to the edge of the bed, Krycek managed to get his hand on Remy's shoulder just before he passed beyond reach.  "There are *other* things to do than that," Alex agreed, pursing his lips suggestively.  "And if you turn around, I can show you exactly what.  Besides, maybe the activity will help get this stuff out of my system faster."

Remy felt a twinge of guilt, he hadn't meant for it to come out like that, there were other things to do on the grounds, things he wanted to show Alex... but not with an unslightly bulge in his pants and with young lady students on campus grounds.

Still, he doubted Alex was doing this out of sympathy.  Turning, Remy bent to lay a kiss on his lips.  "Only if y' want t', chere."

 Alex kissed his lips, pulling lightly on them.  "Just because I can't Remy," he said, starting to kiss a trail down his neck.  "Doesn't mean that I don't want to."  His hand slid down to Remy's hip slowly.  "So why don't you," he paused to kiss the base of Remy's neck.  "Let," another kiss on his breastbone.  "Me," a kiss on the left pectoral.  "Take," a kiss to the right pectoral.  "Care," a kiss to the base of the sternum  "Of," a kiss with a hint of tongue to his navel.  "You."

Remy's eyes had slipped closed as Alex kissed his way down, the words sending a shiver to his thighs and down to his calves.  His erection was screaming to be released, to feel Alex's soft and gentle, and dirty, mouth upon it. 

With a sighing moan Remy petted his lover's hair.  "Oui, Alex my love, take care o' me...  Dieu, I want t' scream fo y'."  With his other hand he slowly pushed the button out of it's slot, slid down the zipper, and rolled his hips as he pushed his jeans down about his knees.  He hadn't bothered yet to don a new set of boxers and was now completely exposed for his lover's taking.

Alex made a big show of leaning into his lover's groin and inhaling deeply.  This had been something he wanted to do to his lover, but the time hadn't seemed to be right before.  Now seemed to be the perfect time.

Gently he took hold of the base, letting his hand stroke Remy's length a few times.  Eyes looking up into his lovers, Alex touched the tip of his tongue to the spongy head before turning his head at a slight angle and swallowing Remy slowly.

 Remy watched as Alex swallowed him, hands trying to find some form of purchase within his short black mane but settling instead to grip Alex's shoulders.  A shuddering sigh slipped past his moist and parted lips at the feel of his lover's warm tongue and throat around him.

"Yesss, Alexx, Rem' all y'rs," he slurred, eye lashes shading his bright reds.  "J'ai besoin de vous... j'ai besoin de vous si mauvais." (i need you, i need you so bad.)

Alex recognized the emotions, but not the meaning of the words.  He allowed himself a brief smile as he continued to work Remy with his lips and throat.  He firmly scrubbed his tongue against the prominent vein along the underside.

Then he started bobbing his head, swallowing Remy almost to his root.  Lips firmly caressing him, He kept a slow steady rhythm, his hand braced on Remy's hip.

Remy gasped, a short cut "aah" released as his hands gripped his lover's shoulders tighter.  "Alex," another moan as he ran his gripping fingers down Alex's shoulder blades, his hips now unable to contain the gentle thrusting willed from his angel's mouth.

He could feel the end approaching too fast, he wanted more, so much more from this man before him though.  "Dieu," a moan, hands once more along his lover's scalp and short mane.  "My love," a sudden stiffening in his spine and thigh muscles.  "Yes, Alexxx!" a loud moan as he gave Alex his hot seed, splashing into his angel's mouth and throat.

Alex swallowed, not wanting to waste a precious drop.  His tongue continued to lap at Remy, cleaning him gently, aware that his lover would now be almost oversensitive.  But he didn't relax his grip on his lover's hip.

Eventually he pulled away and looked up at Remy with half hooded eyes.  He smirked, satisfied at the expression on his lover's face.  "Enjoyed that?" he asked with an arched eyebrow.

Dazed, and feeling quite satisfied, Remy rested both knees on the bed, drawing him down closer to Alex.  In answer Remy cupped his angel's face with both hands and kissed him, slow and gentle.  A soft sigh as he tasted himself upon those magical lips and tongue.

"I will neva get enough o' y'," his speech still a bit slurred and lazy with after glow.  Leaning into and against Alex's chest he half sat and half lay, circling lazy circles on his lover's shoulder with an index finger. 

Emotional admissions like that still frightened Krycek.  Not quite able to support his weight and Remy's, Alex leaned back onto the bed, bringing his lover with him.  And as Remy's finger continued to caress him, he felt a stirring of interest  He smirked, shaking his head.  "Of course now I'm reacting," he mumbled.

Remy smirked as he listened to the thick droning of Alex's heart beat, his head against his chest.  "Oui?"  His lazy circling fingers found their way over to a nipple, barely touching, teasing with a dancing pitter patter movement.

"Remy can handle it, he take care o' y'r need."  Shifting his position a bit he kissed and bite the nipple closest to him.  "Jus' tell him what y' want t' do."  He glanced slyly up at his angel's face.

Krycek's eyes drifted shut as he concentrated on the sensation of Remy's lips and fingers.  "Just keep doing that," he encouraged Remy, stroking his lover's long hair.  He jumped slightly when the sharp teeth tugged on his nipple, but Alex didn't tell him to stop. 

Smirking, Remy got to his hands and knees to hover over Alex's body.  Licking over Alex's tight chest to the other nipple where he bit and tugged until it was nicely erect like it's brother. 

Moving to his ears and neck Remy blew hot air against the lobe before taking it into his mouth to nibble and bathe.  "I'm goin' t'," he began in between sharp nibbles and gentle tongue baths.  "Do dis t' y'r whole body." 

Moving down he laid his lips and tongue on his neck.  "Slowly."  He began sucking, hard enough to leave a red mark, hard enough to hurt with the dull throbbing of blood gathering beneath his lips and Alex's skin.

Krycek squirmed under Remy's talented mouth.  It was so tempting to reach out and pull him against his body in a crushing embrace.  Instead he forced himself to be patient, reminding himself that it would have its reward.

But he couldn't resist running his hand through Remy's hair, encouraging him lower.  "So how slowly are you going to do this?" he rasped.

Pleased with the yearning in his lover's voice, Remy broke the suction on his neck to admire the red mark.  He didn't answer the question, leaving him hanging, as he licked lower to his collar bone and then to his upper chest. 

"Pet me, Alex.  Tell me what a good boy I am," he murred as he latched his lips and tongue to a point between each pectoral muscle.  Another red mark began. 

Straddling his hips Remy felt the start of an erection pressing against him.  Hands came between their warm bodies, touching, feeling, pressing Alex's abs.

"You're a very good boy, Remy.  Especally if you keep that up."  Alex's hand gently stroked over her Remy's head and shoulders.  "A heavenly face with one hell of a body."  He caught himself wishing that he had both hands to run over his lover's back.  The muscles of his stomach flexed under Remy's skillful and slightly ticklish assault.

His body seemed to have no problem reacting now.  But Krycek wasn't in any hurry to end this encounter.  A lazy seduction was all too rare in his world, and Alex intended to make the most of it.  Especially with such a talented lover.

Remy murred at Alex's voice, butting his head up against the petting hand as he finished another work of art- a bright red-to-pink mark in the center of his lover's chest. 

"Tell Remy 'bout his body," he breathed, inching his hips down so he could scoot his lips further south.  Pausing just above his belly button.  "Tell Remy what y' want t' do t' his body," he moaned, tongue delving into the shallow of his angel's stomach before trailing a moist kiss out of the small depression. 

His lips sealed again, sucking, licking while his hands moved to the hips just a but further south.  Teasing fingertips rubbed, touched, and carressed his thighs... getting close to, but never touching his throbbing erection.

Alex continued to squirm, lightly pushing on Remy's head, trying to encourage him further downward.    "I want to feel you under me, over me, inside me, around me."  He swiveled his hips, trying to get his erection in contact with Remy's talented hands.

It was so tempting to just grab Remy by the back of his head and force him where Alex wanted him.  But Krycek had learned that  patience was a virtue and that would have great rewards.

Remy chuckled at the insistence of his lover's wriggling body and words.  "Soon, chere.  Soon."  He whispered, lips blowing a cool trail down from the most recent marking to just below his belly button.  Inhaling deeply he licked his lips and blew a jet of cool air upon Alex's tip. 

"But Remy's not finished wit' y' jus' yet," he glanced up with a glint in his eye before moving to his left and to his angel's right hip.  He bit, hard.  Leaving a teeth marking.  He executed the same bite on his left hip before crawling back up his Alex's body to his lips, letting his body rub against Alex's erection as he went.

"Turn ovah, Alex," a smile, licking his lips again. 

He had asked for this, wanted this, although Alex hesitated a moment before rolling over.  It wasn't that he was afraid of what Remy would do to him.  It was more that he was afraid of what his reaction would be to what Remy would do to him.

It wasn't that he was a virgin by any means.  It had been a long time since he let himself be topped though.  A long time since he had been so vulnerable to anyone.  But he tried not to let any of that anxiety show as he looked back over his shoulder at Remy.

There was something hesitent in the way Alex moved.  Remy seen enough  shyness with enough partners to know he needed to proceed with grace  now that anxiety had been tapped.

"Not fini," Remy whispered, one hand reaching around to his neck and  pressing the hicky.  "One," hand trailing down to the center of his  chest.  "Two," hand trailing down to his abdomen.  "Three."  Hand  touching on both bite marks.  "Four, five..."

He planted three new marks on his lover's body, his movements slow as  his body pressed against his lover's back.  One at his nape, just shy  of the tapered end of his hair line.  Two more, one on each shoulder  as small bite marks (even smaller and quiter on the shoulder of the  missing arm).

"Eight," Remy leaned in, kissing along Krycek's ear lobe.  "Can y'  guess how many more, Alex?  How many roses Remy have fo y'?"

Alex arched under that knowing mouth, letting  out a hiss as Remy's teeth closed around his flesh again and again.  He forced himself to relax as his left shoulder was explored.  "At least three?" he guessed, turning his head so he could watch his lover's face.

"Or at least three for the moment."  Unlike his other lovers, he knew that there would be other times.  The Fight Club may have thrown them together, but there was something deeper bonding them.  Something he didn't know that he could fully trust, but he was leaning towards trying. 

"Close," Remy purred, nuzzling Krycek's neck where he had just kissed him.  "Four more make a dozen.  A dozen roses and no less."

He laid two more bites and two more sucking kisses along Krycek's sides. 

Right hand grazing along the back of Krycek's right thigh, Remy leaned to try and look Krycek eye to eye.  "Y' want me, chere?"

"Yesss," Alex hissed.  His leg twitched under the slightly ticklish assault before he spread both wider.  He was squirming now, anticipating Remy's next touch.  "Yes, I want you."  He reached back blindly, trying to touch any part of his lover he could.

He could feel the bruises blossoming on his body, marks that would be visible for some time.  Reminder that even though he won the fight, he was owned now every bit as much as he owned Remy.   Remy quickley grabbed Krycek's hand and pressed it to his lips.  Kissing it, licking it, biting it as he pressed up against his lover's back.  His other hand snaked around to press up his chest as his head rested in the crook of his neck. 

Breathing near his ear, licking the lobe Remy moaned partly to tease and partly because of his position.  Thighs against thighs, his stomach and chest against the muscular back of his lover, neck to neck, Krycek's hand explored by his mouth... they were so close, and yet just a bit off; his throbbing erection pressed between their bodies, between Krycek's legs to teasingly touch and rub where it was deired.

"Tell me again, Alex," he moaned, mouth hot and moist against Krycek's ear.  "Tell me how much y' want me."  A tremble coursed through his body as he held Alex against him.

Alex melted against the mattress, feeling the heat of Remy's body.The words, as well as being so vulnerable, were a struggle.  "I want you more than I've wanted anyone else in the world."  As of to put actions to words, his legs spread wider apart.

Remy's erection was hot against his bare skin, and he couldn't help but rub back against it.  Trying to encourage him on.  Words could twist and turn back on their speaker, becoming weapons.  But actions had an honesty about them, and Krycek's actions were speaking loud and clear.    Remy inhaled sharply, pressing back against the friction for a moment.  "I've wanted y' fo so long, Alex," he confessed.  "I watched y', studied y', I was obsessed... still am."

Running his hands along Krycek's back his voice fell to a whisper.  "I still can't believe y'r here.  Wit' me."

His hands had been busy aside from carressing his love.  Now holding a tube he quickly spread some lube along his member and between Krycek's cheeks. 

"I never would have wished fo so much, though I dreamed... I told myself t' be real, y'd never go fo me..."

Krycek moaned and arched under his touch, not quite believing Remy's words.  "Haven't felt anything since..." No, he wasn't going to bring waking up covered in oil in the missile silo next to a seemingly inert UFO.  "Not until I met you."

Even that admission was a little too intense for him, and went back to expressing his emotions with actions.  He tried to get some leverage to push back against his lover's groin.  Now he was eager to get Remy inside of him.

alf pulling back, partly teasing and partly taken by his words, Remy inhaled deeply along Krycek's neck.  "Y' have a dangerous mouth, Alex Krycek," he breathed.  No one had said such simple words so full of meaning before.  They've sworn and cursed and made oaths... but he believed none.

Running one hand down Alex' chest to his groin, Remy gripped his lover with expert fingers as his other hand guided his own member into his lover's body.

"You should see what the rest of me ca-ahhh..."   His words were cut off as he was stretched by Remy.  He took a deep breath as he concentrated on letting his lover inside.  It had been a while.

Instead he concentrated on the feel of Remy's fingers stroking him, trusting that his lover would take him where he needed to go.

Remy's breath cut short as his lover's tight and hot body swallowed him.  He eased in slowly after meeting resistence the first inch or two.  Allowing the body before him to grow accustomed to his thick.  His fingers traced the length of Krycek's erection, tip to base and back again, pressing against the vien underneath.

Pressed in to his hilt, Remy paused, feeling Krycek surround him, squeeze him.  "I plan on it," he moaned lowly in answer to Krycek's cut-off statement, breath hot on his neck.  "I'm gonna see evert'ing my Alex can do."

Alex let out a moan, feeling his lover stretch and fill him.  "Promise?" he asked, hating the needy whine in his voice.  He was a bad ass assassin, a cold hearted ruthless killer who didn't give a shit about anyone or anything.  And yet, Remy had managed to slip past his defenses.

Taking a deep breath, he shoved back against Remy, letting his lover know that he was ready for more.  And he was.  He wanted everything that Remy could give him.

"I'm not lettin' y' escape," Remy whispered against Krycek's neck in answer.  He knew he was becoming more and more possessive over Alex, HIS Alex, but couldn't help himself after so much longing.  "Y'r mine."

Inhaling sharply as Krycek pressed backwards, Remy gripped what hair he could and guided Krycek's head to the side and back so he could catch his lips with his own.  Withdrawing from Krycek's warmth he set his pace, thrusting slowly in time with the strokes of his hand mirroring hi hips.

Alex moaned into Remy's mouth, matching his pace and trying to encourage him to speed up a little.  He had forgotten how it felt to have a lover hovering above him, the slightly ticklish feeling of pubic hair against his ass, the sound of sweat slicked flesh slapping.

Supporting his weight on one arm, Krycek reached down and wrapped his hand over Remy's in a not-so-subtle attempt to urge his lover to a faster pace.  Fingers interlaced, he continued kissing his lover, nipping at Remy's lower lip with a frantic intensity.

At first Remy relented, gave in to the faster pace that his lover  demanded.  Then he regained control, biting Krycek's lower lip hard  to draw blood but not enough to split it in two, an action plain  enough stating he was dom.  His hand and wrist purposefully s l o w e  d .  As did his thrusts and kiss. 

Inbetween yearning mouth and tongue movements Remy slurred out: "Why  de rush, chere?  Good t'ings best cherished,"  he sucked on the  bleeding lip, tasting the copper with a moan.

Being cherished was all well and good in an abstract sense.  But it was hard for him to relax.  Sex had been something he rarely had a chance to linger over, and Remy's insistence on teasing touches was driving him mad.

But her forced himself to endure the slow, and pleasurable, torture, kissing Remy back.  All the time plotting what he would do to his lover the moment he had the upper hand again.

Remy had dreamed of having Alex Krycek in this position for so long,  at his mercy, at his call... and as though if might be ripped from  him in the next few hours, minutes, seconds... he wanted to treasure  it, draw it out as long as possible and commit every texture and moan  to memory.

He had already tried to tell Alex this, but it came out wrong... Alex  didn't understand it.

Breaking the kiss Remy revisited the dull red spot he had left on the  back of Krycek's ear.  Hand curled tighter about Krycek's thick  member, index tip giving special attention to the vein on the  underside with each slow stroke.  His lover was so tight, so warm  wrapped about his own member as he thrust in time with the strokes of  his hand.  He was rendered speechless, for once, and though words  filled his mouth he couldn't find the way to say them past the  whimpering moans.

Alex arched back against him, needing more from his lover.  It was frightening for him how much he hungered for Remy's touch.   How the cool and aloof and untouchable Alexander Pyotr Krycek was becoming a writing mass of sensation beneath a very talented lover.

He butted back against Remy, finally giving up and settling into the rhythm his lover was setting.  He melted into the pleasure that was coursing through his veins.  He let out a long moan as he relaxed, giving complete control over to Remy.

Remy felt the tense muscles beneath him give in and relax, enjoying  his teasing attention.  Running his free hand down Alex' spine, Remy  petted him for a while as his slow thrusts continued.

Pausing with a gasping pant for breath that he had been holding Remy  bent low near Krycek's ear.  "I t'ink y' earn dis, y' been so good."   Reaching over Remy snatched the two pillows there and put them under  Krycek's chest.

Biting his ear lobe Remy uttered a few more words before drawing his  hips back and tensing his muscles: "Hang on chere."

Alex bit his lip, both out of anticipation and to keep his mouth shut.  Instead, he squirmed backwards, trying to get tighter against his lover still.  Every muscle was drawn tight in tense anticipation, awaiting his lover's next move.

Experimentally, he squeezed his muscles around Remy's cock.  It had been a long time since he had been this full and this stretched.  And he had forgotten how good it felt.  Eager to get more of that pleasure, he lost a bit of his self control.  "Come on..." Alex let out in a  soft growl.

Releasing a moaning growl through clenched teeth at the tightening  around his member Remy's hand tightened about Krycek, tightened and  stopped.  "Remy said hang on," it was said in one gust from held  breath, harsher than he meant it.

Gentle, though firm and unrelenting, Remy pushed Krycek's chest down  on the pillows.  "Stay," he breathed, softening his voice.  Pulling  back again he drove himself into his lover, hard, fast, deep and  setting a new beat he was sure pleased Alex.  While he reamed his  lover, his hand picked up the pace, still tight around his thick.

Alex let out a loud groan, eyes rolling back behind his closed eyelids.  This is what he wanted and what he was used to - a fast and furious fucking instead of slow and tender lovemaking.  His hips gave twitching movements, following Remy's rhythm eagerly.

He bit the inside of  his lip until he tasted blood.  He tried to concentrate on the pain instead of the pleasure his lover's skillful touches were sending coursing through him.    The pleasure crested and he gave a shout as he came, almost surprised by the intensity his orgasm.

Remy's hand digs into Krycek's hip as he continues to ream him, the  climax triggering his own, feeling it spiraling from his gut.  His  brows drawn together in the focus as he gasps and thrusts, spine  going rigid with a cry from his moist lips as he releases himself and  rides out the wave.

With a tremble as tense muscles began relaxing Remy collapses next to  Alex, soft and slowing pants for air.  He can definetly give that   again if he likes it rough.

Alex lay there limply, eyes shut as he he felt his lover settle next to him.  Reaching by feel, he took Remy's hand in his and lifted it to his mouth.  In a totally uncharacteristic (for him) display of affection, he pressed his lips to it softly.

Watching Alex with slitted eyes Remy smiled lazily.  If that was what  it took to make his lover happy, he had plenty in store.

A quiet, barely audible knock at the door brought him from near  sleep.  "Who dere?" he mumbled, a bit gruff at being interrupted from  this quiet moment.

"Remy, they say they know you an' all so I let 'em in, kay?"  That  pip squeek's voice he had drugged them earlier.  She opened the door,  flashed a smile and escorted in 3 men in black suites, disapearing as  one shut the door...

"I don' know y',"  Remy's eyes narrowed, hands already upon 3  charging cards.

"Shit," Krycek muttered under his breath.  He didn't know these three strangers, but he didn't have to.  He recognized the type right away.  Hell, he had been one of them once.  Although he was surprised that he didn't rate any alien assassins, he wasn't surprised that assassins had found him. 

"You're losing your touch, boys," he said, eyes never leaving them.  His false arm, which had a custom compartment containing that odd switchblade effective against both people and aliens, was out of reach.  "I would have been in and out of here without having to show myself to the kids."

"Dere's help right 'round de corner," Remy finished Krycek's line of  thought, gathering his legs beneath him and thankful for the high  cieling.

"We'll just have to act fast then," one of the monotone's spoke up,  face like a sculpture as all three reached inside their coats and  pulled out their sig sauers.

The moment they went for something in their jackets, Krycek began to move.  He dove for his jacket, hoping to be able to pull his gun.  The motion also attempted to knock Remy out of any potential line of fire.  These men wouldn't hesitate to kill any witnesses. 

Alex his the floor with a grunt.  He heard the sound of a hammer being cocked just as he reached his jacket.  But his draw was faster as he drew a bead and fired, shooting the first assassin through the heart.

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