Remy and Amanda Log
take 1

Authors: Grygon (getspurked @ and Mayhem (amandamontrose  @ )
Rating: NC17 for M/F sexual situations. 
Pairing: Remy LeBeau (X-Men)/Amanda Montrose(Highlander)

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Synopsis: Remy has been plagued with dreams about Amanda for months on end.  He's rather bedraggled and Logan urges him to seek Amanda out and make the dreams come true.
Note: This was originally the log for a thread between Grygon and Mayhem on the PBeM RPG Dreamer's Paradise (

The dreams came, for 3 months. 3 months of agonizing, and blissful sleep.

It had started before that 3 months. Before that one job in which his employer had wanted him teamed up with some one who'd "been thiefin' fo far longer den y', compared t' y'... y' still wet behind de ears... a pup..."

He hadn't believed it.

Any ways. Before meeting her... Just weeks before the job, Rogue had run off. Still an X-Man she claimed, but staying was too distressing for both of them. They would never make it. After all, how long had they been trying to make it work?

With strict orders from his employer, who knew his history with women well. And because he knew he was at least partially still rebounding from Rogue's departue he vowed to both himself and his employer to let his partner in crime be.

But even his mild flirting seemed to bounce right off of her. She made it easy, and yet equally distracting and discouraging for him to lay off of her. He considered her a challenge, and yet was frequently reminded by his own past and by his employer to "LAY OFF!"

The dreams. They had started off innocent enough. Each one started some where close to where the last had left off. Though not consistently. Flirting. Courting. Wooing. Trying to get past her seemingly cold, icey exterior.

They had evolved like most of his real relationships and after a few weeks she had melted him to a groveling and sweaty, whimpering begger. He twitched in his sleep, called out, and always awoke panting.

The first few times an unknown audience, an older lover, had quietly viewed and he shuffled out of bed and into the shower. Silently witnessed his frustration and tears.

The fourth night and every night since Remy awoke to find Logan crouched on his window sill. Had gladly accepted his love and company. After a few days of Logan gently asking to "relieve him" of what each dream left him with, Logan now no longer asked.

Instead, Remy awoke to find Logan already between his legs. He never asked for return favors, and gladly held Remy afterwards, listening to him, making love if Remy wanted and slipping out the window as soon as the Cajun was back to sleep.

It'd been 8 nights since his last dream. He half thanked them for leaving and half wished they'd return again. He'd heard Logan each night the last week, outside his window, waiting... he invited him in each time and covered him with thankful kisses.

Tonight as he crawled into bed, exhausted from a rough training session with no one other than Wolverine in the Danger Room he instantly fell asleep.

And dreamed again.

Logan again sat upon the sill of Remy's window. He watched the young man sleep that restless sleep again. He thought Remy was over it. Thought for the last eight days, he had managed to take his mind off it. But he guessed not. Not even the hard training he had been pushing upon Remy took away the mere thoughts of this woman.

Who was she? And how could she have such a hold upon him? He knew it was a she, her name was Amanda. But that was all for he heard Remy mumble it several times in his sleep.

Logan sighed as he watched Remy sleeping. For weeks he didn't ask, didn't pry into who this woman was. Just gave him what he needed, but now it was disturbing him. Tonight, was the last straw. He would ask Remy what was going on.


The beautiful thief laid in her bed, sleeping. She was curled up to her pillows, not dreaming at all. In fact she was much to tired. She had a long day and evening. Having met with Bert Myers about the club earning that day, she then had to open it. She also had to play the gracious little host and club owner before she could sneak out.

Amanda then pulled a job, just cause she could and to prove she still had it, even though she did several weeks ago. She had to giggle over the thought of that young man, flirting so hard with her, trying to woo her.

She couldn't let him though. No sense on him getting attached to her. She was only there for the job. Plus she lived in Paris and...well the main part was...she was Immortal, he was not. He would die sooner or later then she would be alone again. Hell she wouldn't even let the man she really loved have her heart. But then, right now he was in love with someone the moment. It was just like them, only a few times did they really hook up. But when they did....oh it was a beautiful thing.

She woke up, late that morning...or was it afternoon? Whatever, she didn't care. She made her way to the shower to dress. She had to play the innocent girl today and be a good one as well. She however thought a moment of Remy LeBeau...

The dream was some what lucid. Lucid enough he knew the dreams had returned, but not enough that he could take control of the dream. Half of him was hostage to her, the other half screamed to wake up and vowed to never sleep again. He could take no more of this
emotional torture.

In his sleep Remy knealt before her. Though he didn't dare touch her, not yet. She had hurt him, he seemed to recall. A slap, or a laugh... or maybe his pride had merely been injured as she had ignored his flirtatious advances months ago. Whatever it was, in
his sleep it was enough to keep him at bay as he stared up into her eyes.

"I've had dreams," he whispered, suppressing a moan as he became aware of her teasing him... toes between his legs... "I can't stop dem... please..."

He twitched and whimpered as the scene changed. It always did. Strapped, tethered in a painful and yet seductive position as she ran her nails down his back.

He gasped, hissed into wakefulness. Sweating, panting for breath.

He stared up at the slowly rotating fan, his limbs sprawled out on the rumpled sheets. A pain in his palm. Bringing his hand to his face he forced the muscles to relax, massaged them with the other hand until the gripped corner of the sheets was free.

"Logan...?" The barest whisper, he sat up and buried his face into his hands.

The fan casted it's shadow upon the walls. The only source of light came from the moon and the lights outside the mansion. Logan was upon his toes, knees bent and crouching as he saw Remy wake. Slowly a leg lowered and was touching the floor when Remy spoke his name in a whisper that only he could hear.

He moved over and climbed upon the bed, pulling the Cajun close to him. "They're back again aren't they..." His voice gruff but soft. " can't go on like this. You have to let go or end this torment of yourself."  He drew in a breath, "You need to go find her, end this once and for all."

The past 3 months had drained Remy. On top of that, the exhausting Danger Room games now had him a shadow of what he had once prided himself to be. A loner, handsome, proud, unattached, and able to walk away from any problem out of his "family" and the X-Men.

His eyes sported dark circles and his voice was strained where it had once been smooth. Others figured it mourning for the death of his relationship with Rogue.

Close to Logan now he sighed and shook as he felt the firm chest against his cheek, heard the strong heartbeat hidden there. "Dey back," he confirmed, with dread in his tone. "I t'ought I was stronger dan dis, Logan. It would be like courtin' death..." he didn't have to explain, Logan knew what this women could do to him with just the right glance.

"Help me?"

Logan stroked Remy's hair gently, trying to calm him down. He drew in a breath as he looked up at the ceiling fan, watching it turn slowly. He was listening to Remy then finally looked down at him for this will be the hardest thing he would have to say or do.

He gently pushed Remy away and got up himself. He looked down at Remy, the dark circles seen clearly to him, his stature thinner than normal. He could see what it was doing. It made him want to hunt this woman down for Remy and end the poor man's suffering. But it wouldn't be...right.

"I can't help you, Remy." He started out, "Not any more. I can't get your mind off her. She's in you, Remy. You have to seek her out. Find her, Remy." He turned, and with each pained step, started to leave.

Remy silently watched as Logan left. He'd only been on the receiving end of this sort of goobye once before. With Rogue.

It wasn't like that. Logan wasn't leaving him as Rogue had. In Logan's word he discovered he WAS helping him. Getting him off his feet and starting him on his own journey.

'Dis ain't you,' he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. 'Dis ain't Remy."

Showering and dressing as if he still felt human, Remy boarded a plane for France. He wanted to laugh, but couldn't find the courage. France and New orleans were the two places he felt most at home in.

Dressed in a red silk shirt and torn black jeans he exited the plane.

He had considered the many ways to confront her but none had felt right. As he found himself outside her Paris home he stood staring at the door. Windows were his usual favorite form of entry. He went around and perched next to the glass. Still unsure if he should proceed.

The beautiful Immortal sat behind a large oak desk with papers scattered about her. The room she was in must have been her office but was huge. It was decorated in an old Victorian style and the furniture looked very expensive to say the least.

Amanda herself had her dark hair pulled back. She was wearing a sheer black shirt and under it was a little black dress with spaghetti straps. Her long slender legs were crossed under the desk.

She was tapping a pen to her temple as she looked over the papers before she gave out a frustrated groan and tossed the pen down. She threw herself back in the large chair she was sitting in and pushed the papers away. "God...who knew being legit would be so much work."

She got up and started to walk over toward the little mini bar when she slowed her steps. She paused a moment, getting the feeling she was being watched. Well, she was being watched, always watched by those little Watcher people that kept tabs on her, but this was different.

She slowly looked over her shoulder, looking about the room and wondering it it was her imagination or she was just being paranoid.

A little oil on the window grooves and they had slid open with just the breeze against the curtains to betray Remy's intrusion. He watched through a slit between the curtains as she haulted and looked over her shoulder.

A little black dress. His heart rate was a demon to control with breaths through his mouth, as if afraid breathing through his nose might betray him.

He wanted to flee, leave the open and oiled window as a mystery for her. But Logan's last words to him continued to haunt his conscience.

Parting the curtains he stepped down into her home, the curtains returning to their bare embrace behind his shoulders. "Hello Amanda..." he held his breath.

Amanda couldn't believe it. Someone was breaking into her home. And damn brave too. She turned around ready to fight whomever it was when she heard that voice. She stopped in her stance and looked to the Cajun with the red eyes.

It had been months since she seen him. What the hell was he doing here? "Remy LeBeau?" She furrowed her brow as she continued to gaze upon him. "Okay...what the hell are you doing here?" She crossed her arm.

"Wait," She held up her hand, "Let me guess. Want me for another job, right?" She walked away from him, going to get that drink. "Well, I hate to inform you of this but...I out of action for a while." She turned back to him, making sure her sword was in easy reach under the bar.

"Non, not dat at all." Remy searched for the words but his tongue failed him. He was rarely at a loss of what to say, or how to say it.

"I came t' speak wit' y'. Got somet'ing on my chest been makin' a mess o' Remy LeBeau since I last saw y'... an' I have t' try." He didn't offer to move yet, staying by the window and feeling the slight breeze along his silk sleeves, resisting the urge to kneal
before her.

"I been dreamin' 'bout y', 'bout us... though dere is no 'us', my mind seems t' t'ink dere is, or will be... I can't sleep 'cause of y'." He had no idea if what he was stumbling along was making sense to her.

Amanda took a sip of her drink as she looked the Cajun over. She wondered what was bothering him. He did look bother and he sure as hell did not look the way she remembered him. Tall, handsome, red hair and flaming red eyes that always had that hint of devilishness in them. Full of life she would call it.

No, this man before her looked like he lacked eating. Lacked sleeping. Lacked a hell of a lot. Dark circles were under his eyes and she could tell by the body language...he was a mess.

She leaned upon the bar after fixing him a drink as he spoke. She had sat it down and looked to him. She raised an eyebrow when he said he had been dreaming about them. She felt a smile stretch across her red lips and then grabbed the glass and walked around to him, "Take it, seems you need it."  She walked away from him then sat down on the couch, patting it beside her.

"Come sit down, let's talk." She crossed her long legs and waited for him.

His hand shook as he accepted the drink. Afraid it'd spill he held it with both hands. Little things like this change in his behavior, the mere way he held a glass, was what had made him fear and despise going to sleep at night. He was no longer smooth, he had lost his suave fairer. Or just misplaced it.

He sat down stiffly. The old habit of sprawling out within the corner of an agreeable set of cushions only in the back of his mind now, looking more like he was leaning away from her instead of into the couch.

"I don' know who I am anymore, Amanda." He stared at her legs, afraid of her eyes. "De dreams," a shuddering sigh. "Dey change me."

Amanda watched as the lanky thief walked over and sprawled in the corner.  However she wondered if she had the plague as he looked more like he was trying to stay as far from her as possible.

"You know I did use deodorant today," She shifted a little so she could face him some. She leaned over and sat her glass down, smoothing a hand over her leg as she straighten her skirt. "These dreams you have been having...about me...changed you." She was taking it in slowly.

Amanda drew in a breath, "So what do you expect from me? I mean, surely I'm not the first woman to ever have this effect... on... you..." she slowed down as she gazed at him. Amanda began to wonder...if she really was. He had tried so hard the last time they met to flirt with her, pretty much score with her but she turned him down each time. "Is this all because I bruised your ego? Suppose you tell me about these... dreams."

Remy chuckled dryly. "I fear dat glass y' hold would end up all o'er my face if I did." Remy tried to relax, taking a drink of his own glass before sitting it on the floor and taking on a posture that better fitted his mood, elbos on his knees and staring at the glass on the floor.

"De only other woman I dreamt like dis about left me to die in Antarctica. An' jus' 'fore our lil' stunt she left me fo good. I tol' myself, and our employer I'd not get involved wit' y'... my subconscious had other ideas." He looked up at her. "Has had dem now fo three months."

Amanda shifted to the edge of the couch, her long legs going to the side and crossing a little at the ankles as she listened to him. Damn, he looked like a man so deeply in love and he just learned either one she got married or two she hated his guts. What threw her however, it was all about her. Her of all people. She knew she could an effect on me but like this...

"Wow, three months. You must have a very determined subconscious then," She had her hands resting upon her lap. "So why did you really come here? Just to tell me that? I mean it flatters a girl but what am I suppose to do about it?" She reached over and lightly placed her fingers upon his chin. "Or were coming here to give your charm another shot at me? To make sure you still got it?"

She slid her fingers back along his sculpted jaw line and then into his hair. She leaned in closer, "I have to warn you...I don't do one night stands and I never kiss on the first date. And it does take a lot to woo me." She pulled away, grabbing her glass and walking away from him.

He released a held breath as she walked away, his jaw and scalp tingling from her touch. Had he heard her right? He picked his glass up and drained the contents before standing.

"All I can do is try, chere. Takes a lot to discourage me."

'An who knew so little to intimidate me' he thought.

Walking up to her he drew confidence he was not feeling and glided fingertips over her bare arm to her hand. "Y' pick de place, time," he brought her hand to his lips, bowing slightly to her. "An' Remy bring de wooin'." A soft, butterfly kiss along her knuckles before he released her hand.

Amanda turned as Remy approached her. She felt goose bumps forming as the handsome young man brushed his fingers along her arm. Her eyes followed, lowering those seductive lids before looking back to him as he spoke. Time and place huh. She wondered if he would do it more willingly.

She gave a little smile as he raised her hand to his lips and kissed it ever so softly. "Well, this is a good start," She stepped a little closer, letting the light scent of her perfume wrap around him, adding to her allure.

"Alright Mr. LeBeau, You want the place, the Jules Verne, which I happen to have reservations for. And it is for tomorrow night. Now I hope you own a suit, this is a four star restaurant, at the Eiffel tower. We can eat" She had a glitter to her eye as if she had something up her sleeve.

She stepped yet closer to him, her eyes half closing and a hand touching his chest, "Pick me up around seven," her lips were nearly touching his, "I'll be waiting here for you to pick me up." She pulled back then turned and walked out of the room. She left him to see his way out.

It seemed years away, but he nodded in agreement as his throat and tongue were too dry to make any utterances. Tomarrow at 7, with a suite.

He slipped out the window, closing it behind him with as much silence as he had opened it.

An hour later Remy found himself at a friend's... an acquiantances to be honest. Though he had his own place here he wasn't ready to throw out it's renters on such short notice. A quick visit to get the things he needed and they hardley noticed his hasty departure.

***The next day***

With a red rose and suite with a tie Remy rapped his knuckles across her door. He had dreamt again but it had faded before he woke, the memory vague and tattered so he pushed it aside. He took a deep breath to remind himself to breath at all.

Amanda dressed in a black dress that had an a shape top where the dress connected at the collar that was around her neck. It flowed to the ground with a slit up the side part way to allow her some room to walk. Over her shoulders was her Victorian coat.

She opened the door, having taken her time getting there. The only sign for Remy to know she was coming was the sound of her heels as she approached that door. Once it was open, she was hidden by her coat so Remy could not truly see the dress she had on.

Amanda's eyes roamed over the handsome figure before her. She gave a little smile, "Good evening, Mr. LeBeau." She closed the door behind her and locked it before turning back to him.

"Evenin'," Remy sang, flashing his trademark grin. owing slightly he offered his bent elbo and produced the rose, from the other hand, and both for her taking.

He had done this to the point of it becoming habitual, it was familiar and comfortable. Though not to say he didn't deviate from it.

The rest of the night is what made him shiver as he took in her cloaking jacket, and wondered what she wore, or didn't wear, beneath it.

Still, even hidden, she made his heart race.

Amanda leaned back a little and then smiled as she took the rose. "Why thank you, Remy." She raised it up to smell and closed her eyes as she did so. She slowly opened them, turning those seductive browns up to him.

She took his arm as she handed him her car keys and pointed over to the black jaguar. "My car," She lead him over to her, waiting for him to open the door for her. In the mean time, she admired his body. How the suit clung to him in the right places and made him very handsome.

She wondered why she didn't...well with him sooner. Guess it must have been the mission. Get her to do what she does best and well...sometimes she was just all work. Play came later.

Remy opened the door for her, and sliding his arm out from hers took her hand as she seated herself. "Always admired a woman wit' nice tastes in transport." Remy smiled and, checking to be sure nothing would be caught, shut the door.

- - -

Opening her door for her Remy offered his hand again, gently rubbing his thumb along her knuckles as she got out. Cloaking jacket once more obscuring his view, and touch, he took her arm in his as they walked to the tower.

In the elevator Remy caught her eye in their reflection and held it, without a grin or smirk. Something not quite readable but quite yearning. There were two other couples sharing their journey and he was, for a brief moment, glad. Suddenly unsure he could trust his own instincts or self control. Briefly.

Stepping out as the box hit the second floor Remy nodded at a waiter. "Reservations."

Amanda had taken note of the little subtle things Remy LeBeau was doing. The rubbing of his thumb over her knuckles, the holding of her eyes as they gazed at each other's refection in the elevator. She couldn't quiet read his expression, his thoughts upon that handsome face.

She walked out with him and up to the Waiter. "Why Miss Darrieux, you are not dinning with Monsieur MacLeod?"

Amanda shook her head, "No, he is back in the states." She smiled as the man lead them back to a room with a very spectacular view of the city. Amanda reached up and took her coat off, finally revealing the dress she was wearing. (photo in the photos section under Amanda's folder)

She laid her coat over the back of the spare chair then turned to Remy.

Remy's face said it all. The thin straps, the deep cut of the dress along her bare back, her exposed arms... he was holding his breath, and he released it with a sigh as he finally got over his shock and produced a pleased, and approving smile.

"Y' look astonishin'," there was a slight pause between each word as if he couldn't quite recall what the next word was. The view of the city bored him, he had seen it before and right now seemed to be in a trance as he gazed at Amanda.

After a moment he cleared his throat, remembering his manners and averted his eyes slightly. "Remy's not usually at a loss fo words, chere." He offered as an apology for staring.

Amanda gave a little smile as the words of how she looked slowly left the Cajun's lips. She liked the way he was staring at her. She wanted this kind of effect upon fact upon any man.

Amanda then gave a little giggle, her high heels carrying her closer to him.  "Darling, it's nice to know I put you at a loss for words." She took his hand and pulled him from the table and into a little area.

Amanda turned to him, placing one hand upon his shoulder and the other in his hand. "You know how to dance, correct?" Amanda stepped in closer.

"O'course, chere." Remy smiled a bit and placed his hand above her hip, closing the rest of the gap between them. He studied her face, so close, for a moment. The feel of her flesh once more in his hand, returning the embrace of his fingers. Silky smooth cloth beneath his other hand over the curve of her body. Those fingers trembled for an

A slow and close beat was the silent tune he chose, wanting to bathe in the luxerious close confines of their two forms. The last time he had danced hadn't been so sweet or soft, but filled with the emotions of a relationship soon to end. The last dance.

"I have a sinkin' feelin' I'm not de only one y' make speechless," he said teasingly after a moment of swaying and stepping with her. 

Amanda moved in closer, now pressing her body against Remy's. It was as if she was testing him, seeing what his limits were. She had noticed his fingers tremble. Amanda swayed to his lead, a slow dance. She gazed into his red eyes and when he finally spoke, she seemed to be snapped out of a daze and a blush crossed over her lovely face.

She looked down and away, "I'm sure you have made a few women stumble over their words as well," she looked back to him. Her fingers curled more into his, her arm went more around his neck. "Later, you want to go up to the observation deck?"

Remy's eyes softly smiled at the blush. Her hands about his neck sent tiny shocks along his scalp, nape, and shoulders that drew a slight shiver along his spine. "De view couldn't compare." His hand slid up and around to the small of her back, hesitent but yearning to
do just that.

"But de company would be greatly desired, chere." He brought her hand up to lay a butterfly kiss along her fingers, looking up into her eyes as he did so, hiw own holding a twinkle to them.

Amanda watched closely as Remy brought her hand to his lips. She felt her breath catch a little. She held it as he kissed her, her eyes holding his as he looked to her. She leaned in closer, "Greatly desired," She said softly, her breath gracing their hands.

Amanda turned her head and leaned into his ear. She wanted to kiss it but didn't, the chase, the tease was as good as the capture and she always greatly enjoyed the chase. Besides, she did say she didn't kiss on the first date, though with this guy, she may have to change that rule just for him.

She then breathed into his ear, "Let's eat," She said softly in pulling from him and leading him over to the table. The two had ordered, the food was brought and small talk was made. Amanda told him about her time since they parted company, about her club as well. When dinner was finished, the two left and headed up the elevator to the observations deck.

Amanda walked beside Remy, upon his arm. She looked out over the city, the lights shining brightly. She then saw the platform she and Duncan had once danced upon. She bounced over and then started climbing up. "Come on, Remy," she purred in holding her hands out, "Do you know how to Tango?" She reached into her purse and pulled out a little MP3 player and turned it on to play the music.

Being this high, Amanda felt alive and her blood raced through her body at the thrill of falling maybe. She looked over to Remy, her hand extended and waiting.

Remy leapt atop the platform from a mid-air summersault. Straightening his suite with a hint of mischievous he promptly danced into Amanda's hand. Cheek to cheek, dancing from one end of the platform to the other, a swirl here as he caught her by her lithe abdomen and looked down into her eyes.

There were a few things that made Remy forget his nerves, if he had upset nerves: fighting, sparing, cooking, courting (with one exception) and dancing.

If it had not been for being on his best behavior, and her statement about kissing, he would have stolen a kiss by now, gazing down into her eyes. His own red-on-blacks momentarily strayed to her lips, his own a bit moist and slightly open as if just waiting for him to forget himself.

Amanda was shocked as she got no fight out of him. Duncan did at first but in the end she talked him into getting up here. But this young man, not once did she have to persuade him. He was up in a leap, a very talented one as well. She was pulled into his arms and their bodies touched. They danced and Amanda felt such glee race through her.

She giggled as she was twirled and then dipped back. Her eyes danced and Amanda forgot everything. She giggled as they stopped, staring into each other's eyes. Amanda noted where his eyes traveled upon her. She then too looked to his lips.

"I'll probably hate myself later," Amanda's voice breathed out, however she leaned and her own red, soft lips pressed to those slightly parted moist lips of his. Her arms curled around his neck, her kiss deepening as she pulled him more into her.

"Tell me, darling, how daring are you?" She asked.

Remy breathed, his heart racing as he held her close. Her smooth mouth against his leaving him a pile of longing want, reducing him to a boy. So close, but there was still a wall, some where, preventing him from being too much his old self.

"Depends, chere," he breathed, still feeling the tingle of her kiss. The restraint he exerted on himself clear, shakey. "How darin' y' want me t' be?" His embrace tightened. "Y' won' remember how t' hate y'self, I won' let y'." His breath shivered.

Amanda gave a slow blink, her one hand curling up into his hair while the other dropped slowly down over his shoulder and rested her hand upon his chest. She watched his lips as they moved.

Amanda then tipped her head while she brought her lips close to his. "I want you to be really daring, darling." She slid her hand down his body and then over his pants front, lightly rubbing. She leaned in to kiss him again.

The wall inside began tumbling, crumbling as he pressed his lips to hers once more. Gently at first, exploring with sure but slow movements. She was sending slight shocks through his scalp, tingling where he fingers clurls and tugged.

Her other hand was a bit more distracting and encouraging though. He inhaled sharply, pressing against her rubbing eagerly. His kiss deepened; a hand coming up to caress the side of her face, the other one finding itself against the bare flesh of her back.

Amanda parted her lips, inviting his tongue to enter her mouth while she moaned softly. Her rubbing upon his crotch gradually grew harder, more teasing as she gripped him at times. Her breathing also grew heavier while her body pressed more into him. A tingle raced up her spine as the heat from his hand caused it.

She pulled back to breath, her eyes looking to him, drinking him in. She swallowed then licked her lips. "Remy," She started out but then stopped.  Amanda froze, in feeling a buzzing sensation. She knew it had to be another Immortal. But why now of all times? She could only hope that they would pass.

It also brought her back to reality and as much as she wanted for him to just rock her world right here, it was not the proper place. She turned her gaze back to Remy, "Take me home, now, please."

The sudden, startling shift in her mood and voice made Remy release her as she spoke. He could not have known what it was, but figured she had just come to her senses, or remembered who he was. Looking as if to speak, his mouth parting, "I..." he quickly shut it tightly and nodded.

He led her off the platform, aiding her down by catching her hips. Down the elevator he avoided their reflection, politley holding her arm with his own. To her car in silence. Parking it outside her home he finally spoke as he opened the door for her.

"I'm sorry, chere. I forgot myself." Words from the past from various X-Women rang in his ear about his self control, or lack there of.

Amanda was silent all the way home. Her eyes looking to and fro for the foe she knew could possibly be around. Lucky when they left, so did the buzzing of another Immortal. She relaxed a little but couldn't help wonder... who it was. What they were doing there and were they after her?

When the car stopped she climbed out with Remy's help. She looked up to him as he walked her up to her door. She saw the look upon his face, one that was telling her he thought it was something he had done when that was far from the truth.

Guilt ate at her. She reached out and took his masculine hand in her delicate one and stepped closer to him, "There is nothing to be sorry for, Remy." She weaved her fingers between his. "You were wonderful and I had a great time." She moved yet closer, feeling more comfortable at her door step for it was attached to her club, Sanctuary, which meant holy ground and she was safe there.

"In fact," Amanda tipped her head, "I would really like for you to come inside. The night isn't quiet over...yet." She brushed her lips over his cheek, slowly moving them toward his lips till hers were over his, "Just say yes."

His heart beat defied his memories and senses, picking up pace once more. He wanted to shy away, the voices from his past were right, weren't they? He would hurt her, he couldn't control himself. He was bad for her... He was torn from the conflicting desires.

But as her lips brushed his flesh, one side of the argument quickly pounded the other side into pulp. He tremored and took her by her shoulders. "I want t' say yes, chere." He almost hissed it with pain. "My heart screams fo me t' do dat. But," why had he opened his big mouth? "Do YOU really want dat?"

Amanda blinked as Remy grabbed her shoulders, her breath half holding as she felt him tremble. It was as if he was using her for support, to steady himself. She could see so many thoughts behind those eyes of his. He was not good at hiding his soul like she was. But then she had 1100 plus years of practice.

Amanda gave a sexy little smile as he spoke his words of wanting to so badly. That was till he said 'but.' There was always a 'But' and it made her sigh and sag her shoulders a little. However his next words confused her and she looked up to him. He was thinking of her?

She gave a little smile, "Remy," she brought her hand up to his cheek, her thumb rubbing it gently, "I offered...What do you want to do..." She leaned in and kissed his cheek, "Now either say good night to me now...or say it to me later..."

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