Remy and Amanda Log
take 4

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It wasn't that long before the pair found themselves in a store purchasing some clothing. Amanda found herself some jeans and some shirts but at the moment was wearing a small black leather skirt, a black top that fastened around her neck with no sleeves and her duster. She had on black hoses and knee high boots. She walked out of the dressing room and presented herself to Remy, "How do I look?" She spun around to show off her outfit.

"Delicious," Remy caught her wrist and held her at arms length to check her out. His eyes roamed up and down with approval, though she could make sweat pants and sweat shirts look delicious in his eyes. Rubbing his thumb over the soft underside of her wrist his gaze slowly returned to hers. "I am quite willin' to go on my knees here an' now, chere," he gave her the look.

"Keep dis outfit on," he held her wrist up to his lips for a moment. "Unless y' got more t' drive me crazy wit'?" He chuckled, hand feeling the smooth leather along her thigh.

Amanda smiled, pleased that Remy had liked the outfit. She had hoped he would for it showed off all her curves and other assets as well. She shifted a little, "Well I do have some other...outfits if you want to call them that but I don't think they would let me walk out here with them on." She leaned in to his ear, "Much to revealing." Amanda then nipped his ear, sucked upon the lobe and pulled away.

"But if you want to follow me in, I can show you," She turned upon her heels and slowly started walking back towards the dressing room.

Remy caught her leg as it met his chest, his hands carressing her calf and thigh. "Y' needn't ask me dat," he breathed against her lips as he leaned in, kissing her softly. "I love dem," he stroked her leg slowly, down to her thigh and up to the garter's belt.

Amanda smiled then leaned in to met Remy half way in the kiss. "I'm glad you do," Amanda purred then watched him as he never let go of her leg but started to sink down.

Knealing, he still held her leg even as it returned to stand next to it's twin. Easing her out of her boots he licked at her navel as his hands explored her thighs, playing over the strings of the garter.

One careful stop after another, Amanda stepped out of her boots, all the while her hands played in Remy's luscious locks. She liked the feel of them between her fingers and not to mention the feel of his lips, his hands and his tongue upon her very body.

Kissing and licking his way from her navel down over the tiny belt he blew cool air over her sex. He licked along her slit with his tongue tip and nipped at her clit with his teeth. All the while his hands played over her garter and hose.

Amanda gritted her teeth and drew in a hissing breath as her head fell back.  She held her breath then shivered it out as he slid his tongue along her.  She then bit her lip as she looked back down to him.

"Anything else you like?" Amanda asked in bending over so she could run her hands down his back then slowly claw her way back up it again.

In response Remy twisted and turned his head to catch her ear lobe with his teeth and tongue. "Just y'," he breathed, licking the inner ridges of her ear. "An' only y'," his arms came up around her neck and shoulders, looking up into her eyes.

"Anyt'ing y' like me t' do t' y' now? I do consider my tongue an expert wit' many bodily curves. An' my fingers enjoy playin' wit' more dan jus' de cards."

Amanda moaned and shivered as Remy's tongue was now gracing her ear. She hissed out her breath as she pressed her head a little more into him. She turned her soft browns to him. She smiled softly then lowered down to his level.

"Many bodily curves?" She asked then leaned in and kissed at his neck. "You think..." she moved up to his ear, "Your fingers can make me cum?" She pulled back looking at him then she looked to the mirror, "Before the mirror?" She looked back to Remy as her hands roamed over him, caressing his shoulders, his back, his arms, his chest, every place she could reach.

Sighing as she touched him, carressed him in every right way Remy gazed at her in the mirror for a long while. Enjoying the petting he was recieving he reluctantly haulted her by pulling one of her hands up to his mouth.

Sucking on each fingertip in turn he sidled around her until she was facing the mirror with him behind her, hand drawn up over her shoulder as his tongue swirled over her middle finger.

"My fingers can, an' will, cherie," he breathed. Releasing her hand he turned his tongue and mouth on her neck, biting and sucking. His hands traveled down her shoulders and arms to her hips. His right hand snaked around down between her legs to rub her in the small crevice between the tip of her hip bone and crotch. He watched her in the mirror as he continued to bite and suck her neck while rubbing the sensative area.

Amanda gave out a little purr as Remy sucked on her fingertips. She half followed him with her head as he moved around behind her and it exposed her to the mirror. She looked over to it, seeing him behind her and watching as his tongue. "Mmmm," she moaned.

As Remy released her hand she placed it behind her head while her own tipped in feeling his breath then his lips upon her neck. She gripped his hair as her breath became heavier and faster. Amanda then watched as his hands moved down her body and one traveled between her legs to tease. She jumped a little then a soft little moan left her lips.

Amanda placed a hand over his that moved along her body, guiding it over to her breast. She didn't know if it was possible but she tried to spread her legs a little wider without loosing footing. "Mmm, I just adore your talents."

Cupping her breast Remy kneaded it as she spread her legs wider. His eyes carressed every curve and secret in the mirror. He watched her face as he nipped and licked her sensitive ear.

"De mirror makes me jealous, chere," he breathed into her ear. "It knows everyt'ing about y'. From y'r curves," he kissed her shoulder, kneaded her breast and dug in a bit harder with his teasing hand above and to the right of her sex. "An' secrets. It always listens... always sees."

Moving to her other ear he ran his tongue along the inner ridges. "But dere several t'ings it can never know, my sweet. It can't touch y' where I can touch y'. And it can't make y' scream." With that he rubbed his fingers closer to her sex, tangling in her curls before teasingly brushing against her clit.

Continueing to lick her ear his middle finger delved into her moist and throbbing folds. Instantly heading for her sweet spot as he moaned into her ear and rolled her nipple between two fingers.

Amanda half closed her eyes, watching in the mirror as Remy's hand moved over her, as his tongue played upon her and she shivered when he spoke as his hot breath caressed her. She moaned softly as he teased and her body shivered, her nipples getting harder...if that was possible.

Amanda then tipped her head the other way, her teeth gritting and sucking in a hissing breath through them as he moved tot he other ear. "Nooo, it can't," she moaned. Her eyes closed fully and she dropped her head back upon him as she gasped.

" can find the spots you do." She turned her head slightly. "And it is cold to the touch where yours is hot and burning upon me." she placed a hand over his upon her sex and ground herself against him while she pushed him for more.

It was this fire burning so near her surface that had first driven Remy into a lustful hell of dreams and nightmares for this woman.  And now it brought him nothing but pleasure, now that he held the fire, brought it to life.

He gave her what she craved, sliding his index finger inside her folds next to his middle finger.  Alternatively scissoring his fingers he rubbed and seduced her swollen sweet spot.  His thumb slid and pressed into her clit with each movement. 

He panted and nipped at her ear lobe and the tender flesh just beneath.  "I t'ink we have more dan jus' de mirror fo an audience," he half whispered in a moan.  They had not been too quiet and the paper thin walls of their stall spoke to the other stalls.

Amanda rolled her head back, her eyes closing, "I don't care as long as you are with me," she sighed out. Her legs trembled and her hips rocked a little. "It's the beauty of Paris."

She raised her head back up and placed a hand around behind his neck. She nuzzled him, pushing his head up more before she twisted a little to allow her tongue to lick over his lips then kiss him lightly several times.

"I want to take you up to the Eiffel Tower. Handcuff you to it and just take so loving advantage of you. Just easing your cock with my lips before fucking you," she mouthed over his lips. "Would you like that?"

"De la nuit,*" he breathed as his tongue danced over her lips.  "Under de stars, y' can do whatever y' want t' me on dat Tower."  Sliding his tongue past her lips he kissed her urgently as his fingers continued to pump in and out of her moist walls. 

His erection was becoming painful but still he rubbed it along the lower portion of one of her calves.  "But right now y' are mine, chere."  He smiled against her mouth before pushing his tongue back against hers, his other hand coming up to caress the back of her neck and head.

*"De la nuit"  =   "At night"

Amanda's lips were moist from the heat of Remy's breath and his tongue playing over them. Her eyes smoky with passion and half closed, she listened to his words. Amanda could feel her inner walls trying to pull his fingers in, wanting something more that he had but was also very pleased at what his fingers were doing.

Amanda returned the kiss, deep and sensual. Her tongue caressed his while fingers gripped his hair. Her hips moved more and more, feeling the burn deep in her core. She pulled from the kiss slightly, "Ohh, I'm going to cum, baby," She moaned.

It was then that inner walls quivered and closed around Remy's fingers, then she stilled her body, her breath head as she could not stop her release.

Crushing his lips against hers Remy supported her weight as he leaned her over, back and to the side.  Hovering over her at an angle his fingers never quit their hungry advances within her tight walls, riding out her waves.

As her orgasm ebbed so the kiss slowed from his demanding crush to an easing break.  His fingers and hand covered with her sweet gift he slowly withdrew them as he returned her upright.

Slowly he brought his fingers up.  Slowly he licked his index from palm to tip, eyes rolling closed with a moan as he lapped at her juices.  "Sweet chere," another sucking lap at his palm.  "My love and honey dew."

Gazing at her with hooded eyes in the mirror he cleaned his palm, knuckles, and fingers of her.  Whimpering and moaning next to her ear.  "So much t' taste, so lil' time," he whispered, kissing her ear after he finished cleaning his hand.

The waves of pleasure were rode out against the strong body of Amanda's lover and as she was righted, her eyes slowly came open to watch Remy in the mirror. She let out a little purr as she pressed against him then a tip of her head was given to allow him access to her ear.

She smiled softly, a little sad one for he did not know how true his words were to her. She had already out lived him several times over and could out live him long as she kept her head.

Amanda slowly turned from the mirror to face the red eyes lover before her. She leaned in, taking his hand and kissing it, licking it as well. Her lips then found his in a gentle kiss. Parting, she caressed his cheek. "What do you say we wrap up here and find a place where we can...take care of your needs." She smiled softly in rising, gently pulling him up as well.

Tilting his head at the sudden scuffle of departing feet outside their stall Remy chuckled. "Awwe, chere, y' disapoint dem." He had been smart enough to bring his trench coat, though the black tie didn't exactly go with it. He had a... feeling it might come in

Donning it now he loosely tied it shut to hide his rather large and throbbing bulge. "Wear de skirt, love. I more dan approve of a skirt," he smirked as he caressed her thigh.

Amanda smiled, running her hand along his thigh as well before turning around to dress. She bent over before him, gathering her clothing to dress and paused at his wanting her to wear the skirt. She smiled over her shoulder, "As you wish, love."

Dressing, Amanda wiggled into the skirt, her shirt and everything else. Lastly pulling on her black duster, she was ready to head out and grabbed the other clothing she planned on purchasing. Walking up to him, she kissed him deeply, "Lets go," she breathed over his lips once parting.

After paying Amanda walked out, bags in hand, Remy in her other as she started to lead him off. "Where would you like to go?" She asked in looking back to him, her eyes glittering with suggestion.

"I t'ink y' know dat," Remy looked down at his trench coat.  It seemed odd to have it buttoned up so securely.  Usually it was flapping out behind him or hung over one shoulder with the arms tied around his neck.

"Any where wit' y' a good time, chere," he smirked.  "Y' ever been t' Big Ben, up close an' personal?"  Behind the large clock's face, sneaking up and surprising the care taker.  Remy grinned and turned her at the next street.

"Assumin' we get dere wit'out y' causin' more... traffic problems," Remy eyed her skirt longingly.

Amanda held Remy's hand tight, "You know...I think you actually thought of something I haven't done yet." She smiled back at him then waved for a taxi.  While waiting, Amanda backed against him, standing before him so that she could press his budge against her.

Climbing in, the back seat once the taxi arrived, Amanda leaned forward to instruct the driver to take them to the Eiffel tower...and to take his time.  Turning to Remy, she smiled and pressed up close against him, "Now," her hand moved up his thigh, "It's your turn," she whispered into his ear before catching it with her teeth and sucking upon it.

With a whimpering moan Remy quickly wriggled out of his suffocating trench coat.  He was too hungry to care who saw what now, had waited too long.  Freeing his painful erection with a quick flick of his zipper he pulled her close, lips crashing against her own.

"Need you," he murmered against her lips, pushing his pants down around his calves.  "Want you," as he pulled her half astraddle his lap.

Amanda loved the hunger that was radiating from Remy's body. It gave this thrill which excited her more than anything. Looking down, she drew in a breath as she saw his pain upon his exposed erection. The grown was shiny and red, throbbing with hunger. She however got distracted as her lips were crushed against his. Amanda moaned into him, wiggling and rubbing against him to tease even more.

"Yeah?" Amanda breathed as a murmur of needing her was admitted. Then she was pulled to him, so she finished straddling his lap. Her skirt was hiked up, "Then take me." Amanda kissed Remy hard, pushing his head back as she reached up and pulled her shirt open. She pulled from him, sucking upon his bottom lip, "Take me..." she breathed.

Her command ripped a bolt straight to his groin.  She was stronger than she looked too, the way she was commanding his body.  It made him all the more needy.  He wondered if he was even worthy of her to need her so much.

Gripping her hips with both hands Remy guided her down onto him, nipping at her mouth as she slowly surrounded and consumed his throbbing need.  Moaning as her hot, moist walls slid around him his hands came up her body.  Pushing her shirt off her shoulders he forced her to lean back, lips and teeth tasting the flesh between her breasts.

With a hungering growl he pushed his hips up against hers, only letting her sit straight again when he realized she had no way to move if he had her bent backward.

"Ohhh, yesss, baby," Amanda purred as strong hands gripped her narrow but shapely hips and guided her down. She felt the crown brush and slide, moistness from her helped aide his slide. The crown pierced lower lips then soon the rest was filling her, stretching her and making her moan in such pleasure.

Her body shook at the rest of what Remy was doing, her nails also digging into his shoulders slightly. Amanda gasped at the force and the hunger in her lover. She was brought back up, her arms going tighter around him. She leaned in to nibble at his ear and neck, making that area red as she started to ride him. His thick hard flesh moving within her to a point it seemed he would slip out only to be engulfed fully.

She sent him gasping and moaning into blissful, ecstatic, mind reeling heaven.  Every sense was blurred and focused only on her.  Her moans and gasps, her fingers, kisses, bites, and warm-moist channel... she rode him hard and yet he felt himself fully taken, his entire length being tasted by her nether lips.

He tasted flesh: ear lobes, the soft flesh directly beneath.  He felt a firm breast in his right hand, he kneaded it.  He was rising, and fast.  While his mind swam he heard himself moan and rasp her name.  "Dieu uhnnnn.... Amanda,"  reaching between them he followed her hard and long motions, finding and pressing into her clit. 

Amanda delighted in all Remy did to her. It only added to the fire already raging within her. An inferno he was creating, blood racing, heart pounding within her ears. His moan was like sweet music to her, making her smile, "Mmmmm." With heavy breath she never slowed her movements either, keeping a good steady pace to please and satisfy her lover. She cared not what the driver saw or thought, the people outside as they passes, she only cared for the man under her at the moment.

As Remy pressed into her clit with his fingers, she hissed in a breath, her body shuddered from her hips up to her shoulders. Fingers behind his neck scraped and ones in his hair gripped. She pulled his head back, only to cover his lips with hers in a heated and long kiss that had her tongue struggling with his.

As she pulled back, sucking upon his bottom lips, she gazed into his eyes, her own smoky brown. "Remy...ohh, best lover I've had in a very long time..." she admitted then kissed him hard...again. And to also let him know in another way, her inner walls squeezed him, pulling at him as she rose and fell.

Remy's hand pressed harder into her breast, his tongue deep into her mouth, his thumb pressing her clit in a kneading motion.  "Dream lover," he gasped, short on breath and on words but the two words were the truth.  This had all started with dreams.

"Amanda," a loud moan as he felt his climax spiraling at a dizzying pace.  "Aaah, yess, dieu yes!  Come wit' me chere," he panted, heels digging into the floor of the cab so he could thrust up into her as she came down. 

Releasing her breast he pulled her lips into another breathless and hard kiss, thrusting hard as he exploded into her deep, moist, and hot walls. 

Amanda parted from Remy long enough for him to pant his words. She could feel his body tightening, her own doing the same, eager for sweet release.  She could only nod to answer her love finding herself now being pulled into another breath taking kiss.

Amanda gave forth a little cry into Remy's mouth, filling him fill her while she in turn, released again for him, causing her to grind down into him and stay, just letting the throbbing of her inner walls milk him. It was a most heavenly feeling.

Slowly drawing back, she raised a hand to wipe the sweat from his face. Her brown eyes soft as she relaxed upon him still, happy and content to just stay there.

Remy gazed into her soft, warm eyes as his body relaxed.  After his breath slowed he kissed her on her temple, hands drawing her head down and then brushing through her damp hair.

Running the back of his hand down between her breasts he picked up the two ends of her shirt and began buttoning it from the belly up.  "Chere, we must do dis again.  Real soon."  He smirked with a perked brow in the driver's direction before returning his eyes to her flesh, slowly being covered.

Amanda closed her eyes, feeling Remy's soft lips touching her then his gentle caress. She smiled softly at him then let forth a tender giggle, "I think we will, love. Really, really soon." Amanda leaned back slight and looked over her shoulder at the driver. She spoke to him in French, telling him to take another spin before reaching into her purse and flipping a wad of cash at him.

Picking it up, he responded with a smile.

Amanda turned back, "At least that will give us time to tidy up." She smiled back to Remy. Placing hands upon his shoulders, Amanda worked her way apart from her lover. She then dropped down into the space beside him while pulling her skirt down. She then quickly leaned over, her pretty head dropping down to his lap and started cleaning his cock, licking and sucking.

Remy gasped, hands flying to the seat in front of them to grip.  "Amanda," a breathy exhale.  He closed his eyes, lips parting silently as he felt himself slowly being reawakened by this beauty.

"Yesss," he hissed as he came to within her open mouthed kisses.  "God, yes..."  Already his blood began to throb again, his breath coming fast and short. 

Stroking her head and neck he gave into the sensations she so easily called forth within him.  Though highly sexually... active, he had never met a woman who held such a heavy and frightening hold on him.  "Only y'," he moaned.  "Make Remy feel dis way."

Amanda wiggled her shoulders slightly at the stroking of Remy to her hair. She moaned with her mouth full in hering his words as she kept up her cleaning.  Amanda wanted to make sure he was perfectly clean and she got ever last bit.

Pulling from his member, she held it in her hand as she flat licked down to his sac.  There she slowly swirled her tongue around him, taking deep breaths as she drew in his heavely scent. She rose back up, her head tipping up to him as she rubbed his crown over her lips, "And I want to keep it that way too, lover." She purred.  "Does my lover want me to keep going or shall we...take this to a higher vantage point?"

Remy faught to control his breathing as he replied.  "I know how y' like de heights," he smirked.  "Let us go up."

Reluctantly he tucked himself away before she could make him all the more needy.  He knew it would be well worth the wait.  Tieing his coat closed to hide his bulge he held the door open for his lover as the cab stopped near the entrance to the Tower.

Pulling her close he inhaled her scent, nudging the crook of her neck with his nose and lips.  Pulling away he let her lead him.

Amanda straightened out as she climbed out of the cab, grabbing her bags as well.  She leaned into Remy as he pulled her close. She smiled softly, then placed a hand to his cheek before he pulled away. She then took his hand, lacing her fingers tightly around his and guided him inside.

They had spent most of the day shopping and...well playing. Now the darkness was setting in. Lights started to illuminate up the tower as she pulled him to the elevator.  Riding up with other people, most got off at the restaurnt while others went up to the observation decks.

Getting off, Amanda then pulled Remy around to some stairs and moved up higher.  She kept going till it was a little more private on a landing. She dropped the bags down then walked over toward the edge railing and looked out. She drew in a deep breath then spread her arms..."Mmmm, the smell of Paris." She turned back to Remy.

A smiled played over her lips as she gazed at him, slowly she started walking towards him, slowly button by button of her blouse was coming open. "We're going to reach new heights tonight, love."

She had kept him on his toes all day.  Him, Remy LeBeau, having trouble keeping up with a very active and sexual woman.  He knew there was a reason he had fallen so hard for her.  She was a challenge.

Now at the top of the Tower with the stars above them and the city below them, held aloft between two worlds, and his breath caught in his throat.  "Y' make me breathless," he whispered, watching her blouse slowly come open. 

As she neared him he pushed the blouse open, tracing the silky bra beneath.  "With all of heaven watchin', we let de world know we set a new record."  He smiled slightly, drawing away as he unbuttoned the new, red, silk shirt he had purchased to replace his black tie and suite.

His hips and shoulders began to dance to an unheard beat as he slowly stripped for his lover.  Tight, torn and faded jeans, with the red silk tucked into them.  It was his favorite look and one not many could pull off... or would want to.

Shirt open, he touched himself.  Ran his hands down his washboard stomach to the button of his jeans before pulling her close, inviting her to dance.

Amanda giggled and watched as Remy pulled away, undressing for her. She slowly ran her pink tongue over her lips as her shirt was removed to show off that silky bra.

Her soft brown eyes danced over him, watching every delicious muscle as it moved. Once his shirt was open, she was pulled to him. Amanda giggled and pressed her body to him. Her own lips were close to his, her eyes half closed as she started to dance with Remy.

Her body rubbed seductively over his, distracting him while she undid his pants. "Ohh, baby, I love your moves," she purred as she rubbed against him.

"Et vous êtes un tigre," Remy purred as their bodies rubbed and teased against one another.  His blood pumped faster, his breathing sped up.  With this dream lover sliding up next to his body, the entire view of Paris as their feet, and the stars above their heads glistening in the clear, crisp night air... it was perfect.

He felt a tug on his pants but only after they were fully opened.  "Mmmm, mon petite," he purred approvingly with a smile.  P'haps y' can show Remy some new moves," bending to capture her mouth with his.

("and you are a tiger")

Amanda pushed a hand down but not going for his manhood, but down his hip into one pants legs as was allowed. She slowly raked her nails lightly up while she kissed him deeply. Her lips parted and her tongue tangled and danced with his while breath was drawn through her nose.

Amanda pulled back from the kiss, her lips still upon his, "Perhaps, I can," she pulled back from him. Turning to one of her bags, she pulled out some silk scarves. She turned back to him, a little wicked grin playing upon her lips as she held them.

Slowly approaching, she took on of his wrist and tied one to it. She then tied the other but raised it to one of the beams, "Trust me?" she asked.

"Only if y' trust me, chere," Remy looked at her with a question on his perked brow.  Slowly he smirked, hand gripping the beam as she tied his wrist.  He lifted the other without encouragement and gripped the beam with it as well, hands splayed out as much as he could manage.

Stretched like this his stomach muscles flattened, biceps elongated, and though he had spread his legs to allow a smidge of room if he wished to unkink a shoulder he doubted his legs would want to any time soon.

Amanda had to stand up on tip toes to reach those out stretched wrists. "Of course I trust you," She answered him as she finished the last one. "If I didn't, we wouldn't be here now." She slowly ran her hand down his arm, feeling his bicep stretched out. Fingers then traced down to his chest, raising the other hand she had them meet at the buttons of his shirt and slowly started undoing each one.

Each plastic button was pushed through the material hole, her fingers brushing his skin at times till she got as far as she could go. A tip of her head and she was gazing up to him, seduction in her brown eyes as a breeze rustled her hair. Slipping hands inside, she traced every muscle, seemed to count each rib and rolled his nipples with the pads of her index fingers.

"You know I have always wanted to do this," she then moved back down, working his belt open. "It's so exciting," she pressed a little into him, her head tipped up to him, her tongue gliding over her lips. "I could never get anyone willing to do it." She got his pants open and shoved her hand down inside, brushing over his manhood.

Amanda then pulled back, reaching up to her own blouse and opening it. She slowly revealed her body to him, teasing with a peek here and there, the wind catching at her top and showing him the bra under it that held her full breast. Taking off the top, she secured it in a bag then walked back over to him. "God..." she purred as she ran a hand through his hair, gripping it at the back of his skull, "Just wish you were like me," she leaned in and kissed him hard, her tongue delving into his mouth as she pressed against him. Her other hand pushed down the back of his pants and gripped his ass firmly, pushing his hips against hers.

Remy groaned into her mouth.  Though part of him yearned to be free of her bonds and touch her and hold her and stroke her and cup her hidden breasts... there was a part quite pleased and thrilled at being her prisoner. 

Yes, Remy LeBeau was Amanda Montrose' sex slave.  As long as it was she doing the torturing and tieing and teasing it turned Remy on to no end.  Made him ache like he had never ached before in his sexual acquaintanceships and flings... and Amanda was so much more than a fling.

He rolled and grinded his hips against hers, pushing back and his manhood ached at the motions.

"Likeyou?" It came out in a one worded gasp as the kiss broke, his chest rising and falling with heavy breaths.

Amanda trailed her lips slowly down Remy's neck then she nipped it. Looking up at him, "Ohh, Remy...there are things about me you don't know yet." She gave a little then kissed him again. She then pulled back, sucking upon his bottom lip. "How old do you think I am?" The question was innocent enough.  Though for some women it would be wrong to answer however Amanda was proud of her age because to her she looked pretty damn good if not really really sexy.

She kissed down his chest as she waited for his answer, fingers hooking upon his waist band and pulling down. "And Remy, my ohhh so sexy lover, this secret is not going to hurt you in anyway. I would never do that to you. You know how I am about...the whole killing thing." That was one thing Amanda could never do...kill. Well unless it was another Immortal. She just didn't like it. Oh piss her off enough, force her in a corner and Amanda could.

She pulled his pants down, herself couched before him. She moaned at what she found before her and with a tip of her head, exhaled hot breath up his length before lightly kissing his crown.

"Old enough," Remy breathed as she pulled his pants down.  Though something told him as with his mutant gifts that there was something she too hid from the world.  Perhaps that had been what had called him to her from the very start.  Aside from her obvious sex appeal perhaps there had been other things at play.

"Why de secret, chere?"  He groaned as she touched him.  "Remy seen many t'ings... I promise I won't be shocked."  Teasing her as his mind reeled was a bit difficult.  Still, he tried to keep the thread of dialogue open, at least for a while.

Amanda circled her hands upon those two ass cheeks. "I know you have, darling, but still it shocks a lot of people, to the point of wanting to kill." She kissed his crown again. "Remy, I was born in Europe in 820. I had my first death in 850. Since then I have died several times." She pressed her body close to his, resting his cock between her breast as she looked up at him. "I am Immortal and I can not die but only one way."

She gave it a long moment for the information to sink in. She did not move, just held him tightly as her brown eyes were tipped up him. It was a sobering moment and if he wished, she would release him.

Remy regarded her calmly.  She held a similar burden as his friends, team mates, if not more of one.  "Chere," he smiled softly, gently.  He spoke his words slowly, knowing they might be heard as jest but he was dead serious.  "Dat explains so much, an' if my arms were free now I'd take y' as I hope y' never taken before..."

So this was why she had intimidated the famous lover, Remy LeBeau, to the point of wet nightmares.  Part of him laughed and the other wanted to become her student.  "But I doubt anyt'ing I do t' y' would be new..." His smile broadened.  "Teach me," a sparkle to his eye.

At Remy's first words, Amanda pressed more against him, rubbing him slightly between her breast. She was so glad he understood but she did not tell him all just yet. That others hunted her for her head and some foolish Game.  That she would have to defend herself when called out and he could not interfere. That was always the hard part.

"Ohhh, you never know," Amanda smiled then nipped at his washboard abs. She then quirked an eyebrow at his last words. Teach me, he said. She closed her eyes and rubbed her cheek against his stomach. "Ohh, How those words make me tingle inside." The last time she heard that was from Duncan MacLeod and it made her purr to hear him say it. But this was even more so.

Amanda looked to Remy, "Let me start you off with some teasing lessons. I'm sure you know how to but there may be a few things you don't know. Always watch your lover and know their limits." She bowed her head and licked at his crown with just the tip of her tongue, making little circles over him.  "The tease can be the hottest thing and most remembered." She breathed over his crown. "It can be so much so that later, a mere touch can set your lover off."

She lowered her body down, letting his hardness slide up her neck, brushing her lips over him then her cheek till she was looking up his length. She then tipped her head, "And always make sure that if you do bondage, it is okay with your lover and...we will need a safe word my love. One you will remember even in the heat of the moment. This will tell me to stop, seriously and I will." She leaned in and just touched her tongue here and there to his sac as she turned around under him so her back was to him and her head was tipped back between his legs.

Her tease was drawing small gasps and moans from his throat, though he never took his eyes off of her.  "Need you," though said in a husky breath he meant it as his word.  "An' I can't promise I won't use it even I don' want y' t' stop," he chuckled, knowing his word could easily be interrpreted as a don't-stop.  He had only needed to tell one person to 'stop' before, but that person was a mutant made out of ice... literally, Iceman.

He groaned as she turned her back, head tilted to him.  Just a swing of her legs, a balance act for her arms and a parting of her skirt... he moaned at the thought itself.

Amanda kept teasing, her tongue just touching spots then giving a few licks.  She then kissed him in places before turning her head and nipping his inner thigh, "Think of another, baby, it has to be a word I can't misinterpret. It has to be clear in understand." She then kissed the spot she bit.

Her hands came up his legs, gently massaging and scrapping her nails at times along the way. She curled her arms around him to grip his ass and squeeze it as she then parted her lips and covered his sac, sucking it into her mouth and letting her tongue caress.

The masochist in him didn't want the word to be easy to understand.  But her teasing and licking wasn't helping him form an argument.  He gasped loudly as she squeezed his ass and drew his sac into her warm, lucious mouth.

Before he lost all thought completely he moaned: "Assez.  Enough.  Chere," another gasping moan.  "I'm not sure which I'll use but,"  a deep groan.  "-dey are de same."  In moments of rage, passion, and even lust he often did tend to slip into his native tongue.

Amanda pulled off Remy's sac and smiled against him, "That will work then, lover." Amanda squeezed his ass again, her tongue flicking his sac. Amanda then licked his inner thighs, nice long slow licks before she moved forward a little.

Bringing a hand around, she grasped his cock and pulled it down. She then slowly licked up his length, taking care to flat lick each loving hard side then circling her tongue around his crown before kissing it.

Amanda then pulled out from under him and moved before him still upon her knees. She released him to allow his hardness to waggle back up. Without touching him, she brought her lips to him and with a parting, she took him into that moist mouth and started sucking upon him.

Remy moaned long and low as she took him into her rich, moist mouth and began to suck upon him.  He watched her for a moment, looking down at her kneeling in front of him, not touching him aside from her mouth.

"Oh dieu," he moaned, head tilting back.  "Yessss.  Jus' like dat," he was gripping the bar he was tied to now.  His breath beginning to come in panting moans. 

Amanda looked up as she held his cock in her mouth, just swallowing him. She then pulled back and moaned so he could feel those vibrations against him. With a pop, she pulled off then stood up. She pressed her body against his, curling a leg around his waist to his cock could rub against her as she rocked her hips.

A hand went into his hair and pulled to bend his head back. She grazed her lips over his but never kissed him, just teased with a little kiss here and there, tongue dancing over his lips at times. Her other hand was around his back, slowly racking her nail down it till she gripped his ass and pushed him against her, "You like this?" She asked softly.

Remy reeled at the dance she was pacing them through.  He hissed as her nails raked down his back and grinded himself against her as she pushed.  His member throbbed inbetween their pressing bodies, wanting only to delve into her moist, tight walls.

"Yessss," Remy moaned in answer.  "Dieu, yes," he gazed at her with lust and need past his thick lashes.  "Kiss me," he begged.  "I need t' taste it," a grunting moan.  He needed to taste himself on her mouth, lips, tongue, teeth, gums... though he also craved her juices with this he knew he'd have to wait.

Amanda moaned softly as Remy begged, her fingers clutching his ass tightly to hear his tone. She then pulled her hand back and slapped his ass. "I like it when you beg for me," she purred then kissed him long and hard. She gave to him the chance to taste his flavor upon her before she pulled back and slapped his ass again, this time with both hands, one on each cheek.

Amanda then pulled away, turned around then leaned back against him, her hips rubbing against him. She moved up and down his body, as if music was playing around them. She touched and caressed then strategically placed his cock between her ass cheeks and slowly she pumped him up and down, teasing him yet again.

Gasping, Remy's lips remained parted from the kiss.  His lips tingled and his tongue held onto the taste of his seed mixed with her saliva.  It had been over too soon, he wanted to bury himself in that mouth, kiss her rough and over and over and over...

Gritting his teeth he inhaled sharply as she danced up against him, wanting to thrust against her.  "Amandaaa..." he moaned, tilting his head back and then letting it return to steal nips at her neck and ears.  He was throbbing painfully, dripping for her, but as much as he needed release he wanted more of her teasing and masochism even more.

Amanda leaned back against Remy, her hair tickling his shoulder as she looked back to him, watching his face a she moaned. She moaned softly then tipped her head for him to steal his nips. She smiled as she felt him throbbing and she pulled away from him. She backed up from him, putting some distance between them to lean against one of the metal fixtures.

Slowly she ran her hands over herself, "Tell me what you want from me, lover." She cupped her breast and pushed them together before pulling at her nipples. Then a hand slid down her body, moving between her legs. She slowly and deeply dipped a finger inside herself, moaning as she did. Withdrawing it, she brought it to her lips and slowly licked it before sucking upon her finger.

Remy moaned lowly as he watched her slid a finger into herself and then suck at her own juices.  He saw every detail from the glistening of her finger to the slightly puckering of her cheeks as she sucked.  He heard the soft suction as she removed her finger. 

Licking dry lips he knew what his body needed, but that was quite different from what he wanted.  At least for now.  "Do dat again, chere.  Make y'self cum fo me,"  his breathing came hard and deep as his chest rose and fell.  "Dat's what I want."

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