Remy and Amanda Log
take 5

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Amanda smiled as she traced her finger over her chin, down her throat and slowly between her breast. "Is that what you would like?" Slowly she circled one breast, drawing a smaller and tighter circle till she got to the center.  Fingers flicked at her nipple before cupping her breast.

Her other hand caressed and massaged her body, making her moan. She then turned around and bent over for him, fingers now between her legs to allow him to see herself fingering her sex. The wetness could be seen from the light reflecting off her fingers. At times she delved her fingers inside, moaning as she did. She groaned deeply, "Ohhh, Remy, would love this to be your fingers."

Remy moaned as he watched her circle her breast, knead it for him and then turn and bend over to give him a better view.  His blood quickened as she teased and fingered herself, moaning and groaning as she wished it was his fingers.  His throbbing erection was dripping with need.

He gripped the bar above his head tighter, knuckles becoming white as he fought not to strain against his bonds.  "Me too, chere," he breathed.  "I'd make y' cry so loud..." he panted, the need to bury himself and thrust hard and long overpowering him.  Still, he gripped the bar and held his feet planted firmly in place.  "Bury my whole hand in y'..."

Amanda kept working herself, fingers now thrusting inside of her as she moaned and tossed her head. She held onto the poll, at times sliding her body up it slightly then back down before she turned back around and again went back to teasing Remy with the sight of herself.

One hand teased a nipple, pinching and rolling it, massaging her breast as her head tipped back to expose her long slender neck. Her fingers played below, now soaking wet. Chest rising and falling she looked to rely with darkest of eyes, "For you, baby," She then shivered and groaned out her release, feeling herself throbbing over her fingers.

Slowly coming down, Amanda at last pushed from the poll after a few beats.  She sultered over and raised her hand to his lips before smearing her juices upon them then letting him suck upon her fingers.

Remy panted with the need for release, his restraints both mentally and physically wearing thin after witnessing her do just what he had asked.  Wishing it was was fingers pushing in and out of her dripping sex, wishing he could kiss those upturned lips as she tossed her head in a groan...

He sucked upon her fingers with low moans now.  Watching her push herself over the edge, just for him, had nearly sent him over with her.  

Pulling at his shackles to get closer to her he licked and nipped at her fingers.  "Need you... dieu, please... assez..." he nearly begged, the hunger in his voice clear as sun rise.

Amanda purred as Remy's voice was filled with such emotion. She watched him as he licked her fingers. So hungry he was and she could tell his cock was dripping, crying out with such need. She ran her other hand through his hair while her body was pressed against his.

Amanda then pulled away and turned around, leaning back against his body. Slowly rubbing herself against his body, Amanda then reached between her legs and started pushing his cock inside her. She bent slightly at the waist so he could bet a full good angle at her. She moaned as he entered her, touching her ass to his hips.

"This what you wanted, baby?" She asked over her shoulder to him.

Remy groaned as her wet sex surrounded his throbbing cock.  Still straining against his hand cuffs he thrust against her firm ass and buried himself within her, just as quickly pulling back and repeating the processes again and again.  "Yes," he moaned.  

He panted as his need took over, his thrusts growing faster and more desperate as he pulled on his cuffs.  "Yes, yes, yes," he groaned with each thrust until at last with a shout he came within her, his orgasm drawn out just as his wait for it had been.  

Amanda moaned as Remy entered her. She could feel the need and desire in his body, in his movements. She leaned back against him, her body moving with his the best she could. Her hips swiveled at times, grinding against his. Her hands wondered over him, one in his hair, the other upon his hips, clawing and dragging him to her.

Feeling his panting against her neck, she turned her head and kissed at his neck, "Just want you needed," she breathed as she rocked with him. She could feel herself heating up again, ready to release with him again when he was. However he came quickly and she moaned in feeling him. Amanda kept thrusting, dragging herself with him, trying to get what she could from him.

It was then she tensed against Remy and she herself joined him even as he was coming down. She shook from it, groaning deeply as her head was against his shoulder, "Ohhh, baby, god what you do to me." She moaned in milking him till she could calm down.

She reached up and slipped the knot out of his bonds so he could lower his arms. Surely they were tired by now and she needed to feel him touch her.

Turning his head Remy kissed and sucked at her neck.  Feeling his hands freed he lowered them greatfully to her shoulders.  Sliding down damp flesh to her breasts.  Cupping each he kneaded them, pinching the nipples as he felt himself slide out from her warm walls.  

"Only y'," Remy breathed, his words hot against the flesh of her neck.  "Make me feel dis way."  His right hand moved further south, caressing, touching, teasing down her abdomen to her navel.  "My whole life I search fo some one like y', doin' what y' do t' me..."  He moaned in her ear, licking the outer ridge as his hand moved down between her legs.  

"Drivin' me wild," he teased her nether lips and clit with his finger tips.  "In evert'ing y' say and do."

Amanda shivered as Remy touched her. His caresses making her lean back more against him. She moaned softly as he pinched her nipples, causing her to dig her fingers in. "Ohh, Remy..." She moaned as her head tipped more against his shoulder. "Never had a man turn me on like this before."

Her legs parted more for Remy, her hips pushing against his hand. "You keep this are going to make me fall so deeply in love with you." She turned her head looking up into those dreamy red eyes with her own smoky browns.

"I don' plan on stoppin'," Remy breathed as he fell into her smoky browns.  "Not fo a long time."  He moved his fingers slowly.  Dipping one in to the middle knuckle and withdrawing to repeat the process.  Slowly.  In and out.  While he stared into her soul.

Adding a second finger, he continued the process, delving just a hair deeper with each slow stroke.  His thumb brushed her clit with each pass, up and then down, up and down as he moved in and out.  Deeper, harder.  Deeper.  Deeper.  Harder.

His other hand did not remain idle.  He slowly and gentle kneaded her breast, brushing the nipple with his thumb in tune to the other's brush strokes.

Amanda was melting under Remy's touch. His fingers feeling like fire as they teased her neither regions. As she stared back into his eyes, she finally let him in. The first next to Duncan to see deep into her soul and see the woman she truly was. The woman who would fight for her man. Who would die a thousand times for him. Would love him till he died. The woman with a soul over 1100 years old.

Amanda moaned, her chest was rising and falling faster. She closed her eyes as her body was giving over to him. She leaned in and kissed him,  her tongue playing with his. Her fingers raked at his skin where she would reach it.

"Remy," Amanda moaned, "Ohhh, I....I...I want you...Need you inside me. Ahhh, god, make love to me," She begged.

Something changed within his lover's eyes that made Remy gasp and moan.  He wasn't sure what it was but he felt it touch him deep inside.  "I was yours from our first assignment," he breathed against her lips.

At her words he guided them both a step back he leaned his shoulders against a wall.  Reaching inbetween her thighs he guided himself into her, moaning against the tender skin of her neck.

He groaned as her tight, moist sex closed in around him.  His hands roamed her shoulders, hips and back, tracing bones and muscles felt beneath her flesh.  "I'm yours," he moaned.  "All yours."

Amanda moved with Remy, her body so alive to his touches. So atoned to him it seemed. At a slight bump, her legs would part, hips would tip more her back would arch for him to get that angle.

Amanda felt Remy sliding into her, her body responded by tightening around him and she had to bend over some, pulling slightly from him till he was completely inside of her. She then pushed till her ass touched his hips. A little whimper left her slightly parted lips.

Amanda had nothing to hold on to, so her own breast were what was held.
Cupping each one in her hand as she slowly drew her hips from his before pushing back once again to feel him sliding.

Groaning, Remy gripped her hips.  Holding her tight as much for her balance as for the pleasure of feeling those muscles move with him.  He thrust against her slowly, each thrust drawing a sighing moan from his parted and speechless lips.

Then again words were not needed.  Their bodies and minds seemed linked in more than the physical sense.  Each desire felt by the other and ackowledged.  Each touch and utterance spoke more than mere words would.

His eyes rolled closed, his world narrowed on the sensation of her surrounding him, on her hips held firm in his hands, and the soft moans and whimpers from both of their mouths.

Amanda was lost in the world of Remy. Only the two of them existed in this world. His touch was her life giving substance, his breath her air to breath. His heart her sun. She existed it felt because of him. And it wasn't just because of the pure physical attraction that was being experienced at this moment.

Amanda leaned back, forcing herself up right and back against him though keeping herself able to have her lover sliding in her. "Remy..." She moaned as hands wondered over his body as much as she could reach. She then felt cold metal and gripped the railing behind her. As she bent, she was now able to use it as leverage and force herself upon him, keeping Remy trapped though it seemed, he surely didn't want to go anywhere.

He surely wasn't, nor wished to go any where.  Though trapped he still tilted his hips to her every downward journey.  Sighing moans leaving his parted lips with each movement from her body.

Now he had more of her body to his hands and they weren't about to be idle.  As she slid along his length he embraced her, caressed her, explored her every curve.  Cupping one breast he teased the erect nipple while his other hand pressed, massaged the flesh along her thigh.  

"Vous êtes beau,"* he breathed into her ear with a moan.  Inhaling her scent he ran his tongue along the curve of her neck.

* you are beautiful

Amanda used her arms to pull her body on and off her lover, skin touching then leaving only to be returned again in the dance they were creating. His hands were like fire against her sensitive flesh, teasing in places that sent her gasping and moaning.

Erect nipples responded by sending jolts through her body, making her wetter than ever before. His breath upon her neck made her crane it even more for him and his words had her eyes closed and moaning, "You do this to me, make me this way," she moaned out as she slammed back hard against him to express her point.

His hips bucked against her as she slammed onto him, tearing a groan past gritted teeth.  Remy panted with each stroke of her sex along his length, his teeth and tongue leaving their marks up her neck and down her shoulder.  “Perfection,” he moaned.

He moved his hand up to where they joined, pressing a finger against her clit.  Gently at first and persisting with more pressure until he could feel her body responding.  Even then he pressed harder, moving his finger now in a circular motion.

Amanda kept moving while she moaned out her pleasures. She never felt this way with any other man except with Remy and it was wonderful. She gasped as he started working her clit, making her shudder. "Remy...oh god, Remy...going to make me cum, baby," She moaned out.

Breast bouncing, her body humming to the feel of Remy's body, Amanda could feel her release upon her. She turned her heard to her lover and tried to kiss him as she felt her core tightening. "Remy...." Was all she could get out before she started to release over him, shuddering and shaking.

Remy claimed her mouth as soon as his name had left her lips, as her walls squeezed and she came, as he erupted within... he moaned into her mouth.  His lips crushed.  His hands bruised.  There was no other like her, nothing else like this.

Despite the cool night air their bodies shared a fine sheen of sweat.  As he came down from his climax Remy trembled once, loosened his grip on her breast and thigh.  He held her more gently as he nuzzled her neck.  "De things y' do to me..." he breathed.  "Don' y' ever stop, girl."

Amanda felt herself relax against Remy. Her body snuggling back against him. A hand reached up and moved through his hair while he nuzzled against her skin. Being naked like this with him, she felt was a great high point in her life. "I don't ever want to stop with you, lover."

She pulled him from her carefully then turned around in his arms and pressed herself against him. "I think we better get dress and head back for some rest. You will stay with me a while won't you?" She asked meaning more than just a few days.

She fit him like a second skin.  Molded to him, body and mind, like a twin.  He wasn't going any where.  Ever.  "I'll follow y' t' death," he whispered, embracing her tightly.  His red eyes stared into her soul and saw a reflection.  

With a smirk, after a moment's silence he promised: "I doubt dere'll be much rest when we get back."  Reluctantly he released her after a long, slow kiss, hands roaming her shoulders and back.  Fetching his clothes he dressed, snatching hers away with a sly grin.

Holding up her blouse he offered to dress her himself.

Amanda leaned fully into Remy, seeming to purr as he spoke his words. "Death you won't have to worry about, darling. I'm not going anywhere for a long time." If he only knew...she was Immortal.

Giving a giggle, "I doubt there will be either," and then he kissed her. A long slow passionate one that had her melting into his arms fully. She moaned softly then sighed as they parted before having to pull away to dress.

Just as she was about to put her blouse on, she found it jerked from her. "HEY!" She shouted playfully and started grabbing for it only to have him hold it away. As she got closer to him trying to grab it, it was then he placed it around her. She smiled softly and let him dress her, adoring the feel of his oh so talented hands as they caressed her as well.

Once things were put back into place, she lead him down, staying close as they left, walked a little ways then caught a cab back to her place. Walking in, she only turned on a few lights as it was still dark out. She turned in going to the fire place to start a fire. "We are going to have to take you sight seeing in Paris. Have you been to Paris before?"

Remy chuckled softly.  "Y' could say dat," he had been raised between Nawlins and Paris.  There wasn't a lock he hadn't picked in either town as a young sewer rat.  

"I've lived here before," he added.  Coming up behind her as she knelt in front of the fire he placed his hands on her shoulders, kneeling as well to place his lips near her ear.  "An' dere's only one t'ing I want t' be seein' in Paris."

He teased her ear with the tip of his tongue, then reached over to start the necasarry spark with a fingertip.  As the flames slowly came life he nuzzled the back of her neck, hands stroking her upper arms but not restraining.

Amanda gave a little shiver when Remy started licking her ear. His breath so hot, his hands so warm, it made her close her eyes and moan softly. She turned her head to him, lips so close. She leaned in with a tip of her head and kissed him softly. It was a soft, lingering kiss.

"You will then have to show me your favorite spots in the City," She purred even as she pulled away from him to lay before the fire place upon her back looking up at him while slowly removing her cloths.

Reaching for her he stilled her hands.  "Allow me t' show y' some of dem now, chere."  Remy wanted to undress her, touch her every inch of flesh, kiss and taste everything about her from her fingertips to her toes.  Slow.  So very slow, sensual.

He helped her out of her blouse, one arm at a time while he kissed and nipped from her wrists to her elbos, let the blouse go and continued along her upper arm.  "Jus' relax," he whispered.  He would show her why she was his favorite part of Paris.

He never moved to remove his own clothing, so wrapped in her essence and senses.  Besides, that might destract her.  

Running a hand up into her hair he kissed the corner of her jaw.  Half hovering over her he could feel her body heat radiating and spiraling up around him, turning up his own temperature.  With the glow of the fire so close her fair flesh seemed a lustrous shade of amber.  And he taste it, felt it.  Kissing down her neck to the valley between her breasts while his fingers teased her ribs. 

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