Remy and Amanda Log
take 2

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His guilt and doubt melted away with a sigh at her touch and words.  Turning his head he caught her lips with his, his hands left her shoulders to pull her slender and promising form against his. Her kiss burned him as it had on the platform turning his heart into a raging inferno of longing.

He spoke aloud, lips barely unlocked with hers and still within contact and his breath coming with short sighs: "I don' want t' say goodnight later. I need y' now and I need y' den."

Amanda was pressed into Remy, his kiss intense. She could feel his hands seeming to burn against her skin, even through the material of the dress.  She found herself melting.

As their lips parted, barely that is, she had her eyes half closed and listening to him closely. Ohhh, he was smooth, knew just the words to say.  She however knew they were just more than words to get at her.

Forcing herself, Amanda had to push back from him. It was then she realized she was breathing a little heavier, her body was heating, her heart beating hard. Taking his hand in hers, she turned and unlocked her door. She pulled him inside, closing then locking the door behind her.

She pulled her cape off, hanging it up. She turned to him, her eyes looking very inviting, her body calling for him to take her. She held out her hand, "Needs should be taken care of. Let me take care of your need."

This is the Amanda he knew from his dreams. His mind reeled at the clear invitation her eyes and body sent, almost demanding. This was the Amanda that had sent him sprawling into wakefulness with pain and fear, however irrational it was.

He took her hand and stepped close. "It more dan a need, chere." He whispered against her ear, teeth grazing ever so softly against her ear lobe. He didn't say anything more, she had that affect on him, he was usually quite the speaker.

Inhaling her scent he kissed beneath her ear lobe along the sensitive flesh to shoulder, moving the thin strap of her dress further down as he went. His moist lips, teeth, and tongue all tasted her.

Amanda didn't move, except to curl her fingers around Remy's as he stepped closer. She tipped her head up to him then to one side as his lips came close to her ear. She pulled her hand from his so that she could wrap her arms around him. Arms going under his, she spayed her hands over his back, giving a pleased little sigh.

"More than a need...Mmmm," She moaned softly as his manly scent whiffed around her. Amanda had to fight hard from melting into Remy. He was doing all the right things to her to get her revved up.

Amanda tipped her head back, the strap falling and her dress started to slowly slip down. Right now the only thing holding it up as the zipper in back and his body.

The sigh, the moan, her fingers across his back... they all sent shivers and goosebumps along his spine. As she revealed her long sensuous neck to him he reached up to trace it with a light fingertip, his other hand slipping around and finding the zipper.

Slowly pulling the zipper down he ran his thumb just above where it parted, feeling and tracing down the flesh of her spine with a circular motion.

As the dress slipped further down he returned his lips to her shoulder, kissing down to her collar bone. Inhaling her scent he nipped and kissed to the base of her throat, a dip in the collar bone where he ran the tip of his tongue.

Amanda moved her hands over the material of the suit Remy was wearing, totally enjoying what he was doing to her body. However she decided to slow things down some.

Bringing her hands around, Amanda pushed Remy back. She was all for the tease. It heightened the sex afterwards, made it that much more...rewarding one could say. As she pushed him back, she pushed his jacket off then caught her dress as it tried to fall away.

"Go sit on the couch, chere," She cupped his cheek as she spoke then stepped back. As he did, she turned her back to him however watched him over it as she pulled the zipper the rest of the way down. "I'm sure you had a lot of women strip for you, but has it been one you needed so badly?"

Dumbfounded, Remy blinked as he backed toward the couch, not taking his eyes off of her for an instant. He sat in the corner, arms and legs slowly sprawling and finding their comfortable positions. He relaxed like he couldn't on the first day he had sat on the couch. He didn't bother hiding the noticable bulge, there wasn't a way to hide it gracefully so he didn't think of it.

He didn't think of 'a lot of a women' or try to remember if any had stripped for him, his mind and body completely caught up and rolled with her standing there. "Nevah," he finally forced out with held breath. "Nevah have I needed one as bad as I need y'." He wondered, given his past, if she was believing anything he said at all.

Amanda gave little smirk, a seductive one and with a finger pointed to his most impressive and hard to ignore bulge in his pants. "I can tell. Though it is still hard to believe that you have never wanted a woman as much as you do me. I must say it is quiet flattering."

Her eyes then traveled over his handsome form, "Why don't you show me." She looked down to his pants. "Take yourself out and let me see and I'll show you." She let the top of her dress fall to her waist, still with her back to him and her arms covering her breast. Slowly she licked her lips to urge him on.

"Chere, y' make Remy blush," it was meant to be teasing but came out breathlessly. He traced the curves of her slender back and shoulders with hungry eyes as she let the dress fall part way.

His mouth went dry as she licked her lips, but he wasn't about to disapoint. Shedding his jacket he untucked the blue dress shirt beneath it pulling it free of his pants before unbuttoning and unzipping. Pulling himself free of his boxers Remy displayed himself for her, as red and hungry as his odd eyes.

Tracing her form again with those red, lustful eyes he touched himself with a steady fingertip and traced his length from base to head as he now licked his lips in mirror fashion of her.

"Ohhh, my," Amanda breathed as she was impressed by his size and how hard, red and hungry he was. It was very flattering for her and she liked that quiet a bit. It was causing her to grow wetter between her legs as she watched him trace his length then licked his lips.

Amanda slowly turned around, her hands lowering to reveal her breast. Perk nipples pointed right at him while her fingers caressed then moved down to catch at her dress and slowly push it over her slender round hips.

Once over, the dress fell right to the floor, revealing that under the covering was nothing but a black garter and hose, nothing else. Stepping out of the pool at her feet, she moved a little closer as she turned around, "You like my garter, I just bought it yesterday. You are the first to see it." She then moved and in clearing off her coffee table, sat down upon it.

"I want you to keep stroking yourself, but not to fast." she parted her legs with her hands upon her knees. "Just imagine, working your way here," She moved one hand up her inner leg then to her lower lips, rubbing her fingers over herself. Her eyes were smoldering as she watched his reaction, "Imagine yourself slowly rubbing against me, getting all...wet." She then brought her finger down and dipped it inside her only to pull it out.

"Or you can imagine," she moved her finger up to her lips, "Me leaning down between those muscular legs of yours and slowly licking you." She demonstrated upon her finger, "Biting," she showed him, "Then taking you in," She covered her finger with her lips, sucking upon it and also cleaning it of her juices.

Amanda then laid back upon her table, propped up on her elbows before one hand pulled at her nipples, "While I imagine you between my legs, tongue licking all over." She turned her head to him, watching.

Remy's breath grew heavier as she revealed her clearly excited breasts, his heart beat pounded in his ears as she removed the dress completely and turned for him. She had been wearing beneath her dress the whole night, the thought and evidence drew a heavy sigh from his parted lips.

As she spoke, he did exactly as told and slowly touched himself, watching her hands and what they did to her body just feet from him. He panted just as slowly, small whispering moans from her words and actions as he pressed an index finger against the vien and traced it up and down.

His mouth watered, imagining himself between her legs. He finished her imagining for her, breathless and unable to hide the occasional small moan: "My tongue delvin' 'tween your wet lips, pulsin' in and out wit' slow strokes 'fore I find your sweet spot. Hearin' your moans an' cries an' feelin' your nails tanglin' my hair... leavin' marks on my shoulders as I nibble..." The whole time he continued to tease himself with painfully slow strokes.

Edging up to the edge of the couch he reached over, running his other hand up her knee and thigh to the garter where he paused to slide it down her leg.

Amanda turned her head more fully to Remy, her body lounged out over the coffee table, looking like a tart that was asking to be taken. She moved her fingers down between her legs, playing over the wetness that was already there as his words made her get even more hotter.

Amanda watched more intently upon his stroking, damn, did he even know how good he look doing that. She wanted to wrap her lips around his cock right then and just suck the life from him. Make him squirm and just beg for her to stop.

However his touch snapped her from her dream. She shifted in sitting, moving her legs to face him more as her hoses and garter were pulled down her slender legs. Amanda then placed on foot upon his chest and pushed him back, moving herself to kneel before him. She reached up and grasped his pants, leaning in close to him with that sultry half closed eye look upon her face.  She then started to pull as in doing so, moved her body back.

As Amanda did, she lowered her head and merely breathed upon his thick, hard, red cock that wanted to be touched by her so badly. She tipped her head, just breathing down his length before pulling away to get his pants off, boxers and all.

Amanda looked up to Remy, "Take your shirt off, baby," her words were breathy as she slid her hands up his legs slowly however again, that tease, she never touched where he wanted her to.

 Her teasing left Remy half anticipating and half frustrated as she continued to make him think she was finally going to go there, only to pull away again. He was ready to grovel before her but he knew now she had plans, and he had best see them through.

Slowly, getting into the groove of her game, his fingers painstakingly undid each button. Traveling down his chest and abdomen until it lay open to partly reveal his finely sculpted chest, abs, and arms.

Amanda marveled at the sight that was being revealed to her. Soft brown eyes drank in each little detail of his body. How his chest rose and fell with each pain staking breath. How his fingers slowly pushed each button through the tiny hole then part to reveal a well sculpted body that the great Masters would have loved to place into marble.

Leaning forward slightly he threaded each arms through the sleeves and let the shirt fall back against the couch. He stayed leaning, wanting to touch her but knowing she'd send him back until she wanted him to. He eyed her openly, wantingly, remembering the dreams... they now seemed more like premonitions instead of merely lustful, wet dreams.

Amanda pulled back as Remy leaned forward. Muscular arms that could hold her tightly to him were freed from the confines of the material. She seemed to melt under his gaze, reading the longing, the wanting within those unusual red eyes.

He was at her mercy. That excited him more than cause him frustration, and the heavy desire lowering his eye lids grew along with the throbbing in his member. "Make me beg..." he whispered, lips parted and moist again.

Amanda slowly raked her nails down his legs as his whisper reached her eyes.  She gave a little moan, "Ohhh, I plan to." She leaned in close, her head tipping as if to kiss him, "I want you to want me so much that it hurts."  She pulled back then slowly stood up. "Don¹t move," She half commanded.

Turning on the balls of her heels, she moved away from him, her back to him as she walked over to her bar. She disappeared behind it and took out a glass. Setting it down, she the slowly dropped ice cube after ice cube into it from the bucket that sat there.

Then taking the glass she walked over, taking one cube and running it over her lips. She bent over him, however still not touching and sat it down. She then lowered back down between his legs, purposely rubbing her breast against one. Amanda then sucked upon the cube till it was melting before pulling it from her lips and raising it up to his body.

Dangling it over him, she let a drop fall upon his collar bone. She then moved down so a drop could fall upon his chest. Amanda swore that when it touched his body it turned to steam. Damn, this man was hot. It was going to be a very interesting night, that was for sure.

She finally however moved it over his right nipple and let one cold drop fall upon it. Amanda then leaned in and heated it with her breath. A few more fell, dripping down upon him then started to run. That was when she touched him, with her tongue and gave a quick flick.

Remy's breath caught and held as the cold drop landed upon his collar bone. He stared at her hands, breathing shallowly in wait as she moved above his nipple. Cold, though he knew it could be colder it still made him start and gasp with pleasure. Heat from her breath in counteraction drew a whispering moan.

His hands had found the edge of the couch, the kneaded it with finger tips and dug in with heels as her tongue reached out and finally touched him. That elusive touch she kept leaning in for and then pulling away, keeping him on the verge and straining against the commands she voiced. "Don't move" he understood as "Stay", he just waited to hear a "good boy" and feel her hands patting his head.

The flick of her tongue left him wanting more and he tried to lean into that mouth, unable to stop the begging noises in his throat.

Amanda smiled, a little gleeful smile then huffed out a breath. She pulled back, going to the other side and repeating the process, letting one drop fall then another before she leaned in and flicked them off. Amanda then pulled back, lowering her hand just over his sternum. She then started to run the cube down the line, slowly, letting it melt upon his heated skin.

Her tongue slowly traveled over her lips as she watched, glancing to his fingers and seeing how white his knuckles were. So this one was used to taking orders. He was behaving so wonderfully. Other thoughts circled in her mind. So many things she could do with him. But all were up stairs. Later. For now the teasing will continue.

Amanda sat back on her legs as she got closer to his thick. She then raised the cube up and let a drop fall upon the hard, very red and throbbing crown.  She smiled at the reaction especially when another fell right away. She then switched hands and started rubbing it lightly over it, circling him, adding more shine to what was already there. "Mmm, looks soooo good," She purred.  Amanda leaned in and it looked like she was about to lick him but instead sucked the remainder of the cube into her mouth.

Amanda rose up off her knees and then bent over. Placing her hands on either side of his head and leaned over him. She lowered down to kiss him, pressing her cold lips upon his. Her lips parted and she fed him the rest of the little cube before pulling back slightly and moving her lips along his jaw line to his ear. She nuzzled into it, licked it slowly, tracing the shell before whispering to him, "Just good enough to eat." She then nipped upon his ear lobe, sucking upon it as she pulled back till she had to release it.

Remy shuddered as the cold drew a straight line down the middle of his chest. She was good. This night was going to be better, so much better than he had anticipated.

Remy jumped as two sharp drops landed onto his thick, pulsing member. His head snapped back with a sharp intake of breath. He didn't get time to recover as she then spread the warming liquid over his length, touching him again. That drew forth a long moan as she then took him into a much belated and much too short kiss.

Taking the melting cube he held it in his mouth, rolling his tongue over the smooth surface before it slid down his throat. He whimpered as she licked his ear, her tongue still chilled, and gripped the couch anew as his mouth watered.

"Mon dieu," he panted as his ear and scalp were left tingling, hints of desperation creeping into his voice. "Y' villian." He closed his eyes as if in concentration, panting with heavy breaths. He wanted to grab her, pin her, and ream her. But these little games were more than just games he knew. Testing his will power and durability. He wasn't ready to beg yet though he easily could... he wasn't sure it would do him much good.

Opening his eyes he turned and faced, still panting. If from the cube, or her scent, or perhaps the stimulation along, his mouth continued to water. He licked a hint of moisture from the corner of his lip.

Amanda giggled, "I'm not a villian," She snapped her teeth at his ear lobe again. But then her eyes locked to his. They were so close and she did want to kiss him again but not now. Amanda pulled away, standing up and taking his hand. "Let's move this to a more comfortable setting.

She pulled him along behind her, glancing back at times as she lead him down the hall and up some stairs. She took him then to some double doors and pushed them open. Revealed was her massive bed in a Victorian style with canopy. Beautiful old furniture that matched that style of the room.

She let go of his hand and motioned to the bed. "Go have a seat, darling and wait for me." Amanda moved over to her closet. "And close your eyes." She then grabbed a bag of goodies and until he closed them, she then returned.

Setting it down, Amanda opened it. She then took his hands and pulled him up. "Keep your eyes closed, I think you will like this." Amanda then pulled out a soft silk blind fold and placed it around his eyes. "Will make this a little more interesting." Once she tightened it, Amanda moved away from Remy, leaving him standing in all his glory as she fixed up the bed.

Remy could hear noises but nothing more. She then returned and with a hand upon his chest, pushed him back onto the bed with one hand, "Move up, darling, till I say stop." She waited till he moved before crawling on herself. "Stop, baby boy," She breathed then crawled up over him, kissing her way up his chest while her breast teased his cock.

Remy squirmed beneath her, arching into her kisses and moving his hips against her teasing breast. Hands found her shoulder blades and caressed her back and sides, softly, knowing she'd pull away if he got too demanding and held her where she was. He also knew he was breaking an unspoken rule, he wasn't to touch her unless she said so.

He couldn't help himself, she was keeping him on a fine edge.  Daring, his hands moved lower to the small of her back. He wanted to reach around, tease her clit and sex with his knowing hands, but didn't push it that far. Back up he reached between their bodies and cupped her teasing breast, kneading it even as he missed it's teasing.

Amanda kept laying kisses across Remy's chest. Some were little sucking kisses, others just plan. And she squirmed upon him, just torturing his member so as she rubbed her breast over it. However Amanda felt his hands touch her. And she closed her eyes for a moment, letting out a little moan.

His hands were strong and that simple touch burned her skin with more desire for him. Amanda lifted her head as Remy dared to touch her soft body. She laid there watching him, letting him and knowing he should be punished for this. However the feel of his hands upon her breast were wonderful.

She then reached down and took one hand. She brought his wrist up to her lips and kissed his pulse point then swirled her tongue. She then moved, going further up his body, taking his arm over his head and before he knew it, she had a shackle around it. She took the other and did the same. The leather was soft but firm. Amanda would have used her medieval ones but... Maybe later.

Amanda looked down at Remy, a little twinkle in her brown eyes. She leaned down and kissed him, long and hard before pulling back, her fingers gripping his hair and pulling his head back a little, "You have been a bad boy," She breathed over his lips, "I think a spanking is in order."

Amanda pulled from Remy and got off the bed. Reaching into the bag, she pulled out a ridding crop then came back. She reached under his legs and pulled them up. Using one arm she held them bent and up, exposing his nice ass. Amanda rubbed it with the crop. "Now, darling, you have to count to ten. And I want to hear each lovely number from your lips or I will have to start over. And don't loose count either." She leaned back a little to gaze at him then before he knew it, the first one hit with a little sting.

Remy jumped as the sharp blow hit him. He hadn't thought she was serious... but he kept forgetting the dreams, kept forgetting this was exactly what he should be expecting. "One," he kept his voice even, the next few hits he thought she was being too easy on him.

Then the 4th blow drew forth a yelp and twitch of his right leg. He hesitated before counting that blow: "...four." The fifth only grew worse, leaving him numb and yet also tingling as he unknowingly held his breath for the sixth.

The seventh caused him to writhe, arching his back and neck against the bed, his legs squirming in her grasp as he fought for self control. Another pause before he counted that one off, fighting back the pain for a breath. "Seven!"

Now he trembled in wait for blow eight, a tear threatening to squeeze past his tightly closed eyes as the crop hit. On the ninth he was just glad it was almost over, but still begged: "Nine... please!" However, through all his writhing and tears and pleas, the truth was revealed after the tenth.

"Ten," a shuddering breath as he relaxed, though his legs still held tense. Laying his head to the side a moist strand of hair from the fine sweat he had broken into teased over his jaw line, pointing at a smile even as he panted through the pain.

Amanda was rather enjoying this little spanking she was giving this fine young man. His tight ass was becoming nicely red and she sort of wished she would have sprayed it with water to give it that extra sting but as she looked at him, she could see his lashes were moist from tears that wanted to fall or threatened to. She thought, maybe she was doing it to hard and guilt started to form within her.

Amanda slowly lowered his legs. She heard his please, the beg within it. She moved up his body, playing the crop upon his chest and then reaching over and seeing him smile. So he liked it.

Amanda reached up and gently pulled that strand from his face. She leaned on one arm as she was sitting up beside him. "You were so good, darling." She was stroking his cheek then moved her fingers down his neck, making little patterns as she did. She tweaked a nipple so his attention would be snapped back to her.

She then leaned down then kissed him lightly. Amanda slowly pulled away, softly gazing at him, "Tell me how beautiful I am. And how much you want me." She quietly breathed to him.

Tentative, he moved his legs and suppressed a wince as he rearranged them. Reaching up to her to run a hand through her hair his eyes grew intense for a brief flash. "I was born a thief, chere... been one since I could crawl. I pocketed many gems and jewels... den we thiefin' t'gether an' I tell m'self, I trade my pety life if I could jus' steal y' heart."

Amanda leaned into Remy's touch, half closing her eyes as he caressed her.  She was melting under his words, of him wanting to steal her heart. Of course she wouldn't let that happen. Could she? It was her most prized possession.

Sitting up so they were eye to eye he lay his forehead against hers. "Y'r mem'ry plagued me at night, like a thiefin' I had failed. Y' left me sleepless an' eratic. Once I wake dazed, black and blue, burned... my mutant gift briefly turned on me as I lose control."

Amanda gave a slow blink as they touched. She still was gently rubbing his chest however with the backs of her fingers, just listening as he told how she left him sleepless and dazed.

"Dat is how beautiful y' are, and how much I always wanted y'." His lips and hands moved the slightest, unsure and clearly seeking a kiss and embrace he didn't want to be punished for.

Amanda looked down at his lips, seeing his body twitch but not move. She blinked slowly again and looked into his eyes. She then nodded to him, giving him that permission as she tipped her head then pressed her lips to his as she kiss him.

Her lips parted for his tongue to venture in and she invited it with a lick of her tongue upon his lips. She moaned softly as her hand slid down his body and then moved away. However she moved it so that she could then gently grasp his cock at last and slowly start to stroke it. Her thumb when it came to the crown, rubbed over it, smearing the shiny fluid that seeped out.

Slowly Amanda shifted her body, getting to her knees as she did not break the kiss. She then moved her body and straddled him, now letting go of his cock to place her arms around him as she remained on her knees and pushed her body against his. She was forced to look down at him and he to tip his head up.

She finally pulled back from the kiss, her breathing heavy and desire showing in her eyes.

Remy's eyes flashed and burned with slightly uncontroled waves of power that crackled and fssssst the air around them, the sound of air molecules being kinetically charged and blown. He barely even noticed his brief loss of control.

A mere shift and a slight lift with his guiding hands and he'd have her. But he didn't want to *have* her. That wasn't enough. And she was still the commander of his heart, he did what she said.

Breasts pressed against his chest Remy could feel the pert nipples against his flesh, felt her heavy breathing against his rising and falling chest as he gazed up at her.

Keeping his gaze locked on hers his hands came up to her shoulder blades, touching, feeling, tracing her spine to the small of her back. Fingers splayed across her hips Remy shifted his own hips beneath her but didn't move otherwise.

"Amanda," he moaned her name lowly, husky, lips remaining parted as his breath came with slow pants.

Amanda raised a hand and ran the backs of her fingers lightly over Remy's cheek as she gazed down at him. The air around her, which had been charged by his mutant power, feeling almost like a Quickening which in turn charged her and seemed to make her press more against him.

Her fingers moved through his hair as her eyes continued to caress his face.  She then leaned down and gave him a slow, long, soft kiss. She pulled back just as slowly, "Remy," she breathed then kissed him again.

However as she did so, Amanda's body started to slide down. She moved so her hips were just right and as his hardness finally touched her, she moaned softly. Amanda rubbed herself against his length, sliding smoothly for she was extremely wet and wanting him.

Then she pushed him back, forcing him to lay down, however she went with him and as she did, she sank the rest of the down on him, taking all of him inside her till flesh was touching flesh and no more could be given. Amanda had closed her eyes, tipped her head back and moaned her pleasure, "Ohhh god, Remy."

As she pushed him down Remy's hands followed her hips, splayed fingers gently rubbing in anticipation and encouragement. She was wet, and tight, and hot, and more than he had imagined. He sighed as she slid down his length, a moaning whisper he had long been wanting to release.

He pulsed within her wet and tight sex. Her moan ignited one from his own parted lips as his hands wandered over her spread thighs. Reaching up he kissed her exposed throat, lips and tongue leaving their mark as he sucked and tasted her flesh.

Holding her hips still he swiveled his own, gently stirring himself within her with a grinding motion. His moan was muffled against her shoulder until he lay himself back against the bed to use his upper body as leverage in the stirring.

Amanda's body shivered as Remy's hot lips touch her skin, sucked and licked upon it. It felt like a little mini sun had come to rest there. All over her skin, little bumps formed right after her body shook a little.

She looked down at him, seeing him lay back from her so he could put more effort into grinding into her. And so she added to his pleasure and started to aide him, moving her hips as she braced herself upon him.

Hands moved to his chest, bracing her body as she pushed up. Her hips slowly moved in a circle. She did this for a little while, rubbing her sex over him which sent very pleasant sensations through her body. It was then she decided to raise up.

Amanda pulled up his length, inner muscles squeezing as she did so, only to let gravity drop her back down. A little grunt was pushed forth from her.  She repeated the action. "Is this what you dreamed about, Remy?" Her voice was soft and sexual as she looked down at him with those smoky eyes of her that were lighted by the pleasures his body was bringing to her.

Satisfying and ecstatic moans were released as Amanda slid up and down his length. Fingers on her thighs rubbed, carressed, guided, and followed her movements.

"More," Remy moaned in response, arching his spine briefly. "Mon dieu, Amanda," he slowly thrust up to meet her half way. "So much more."

Bringing his hands to her spine he petted and stroked the small of her back before tracing down the arch of her ribs down and around to her breasts. Cupping each, he kneaded and pushed them in time to her slow thrusting.

Amanda moaned and purred at the feel of Remy's hands upon her body. She adored the way he touched her, caressed and guided her some upon his thick.  But yet he allowed her complete and full control. She rode him at a nice and steady pace.

She started rocking him harder, her hands upon his upper chest, her head thrown back and moans were leaving her. She pushed down, leaning down to him and kissing him hard, "Ohhh, Remy," she breathed between deep long kisses.  Amanda then suddenly rolled and forced them around so that he was now on top of her and she was looking up at him.

She leaned up and started kissing him feverishly, her arms wrapping around him and clawing at his back, leaving little red trails while her heels dug into the bed and offered some force to his thrusts as she met him. "Ohh, yessss darling, just like that. God you are so good." She praised. Amanda was getting so close to pure release that would be just magical with this man.

Craning his neck down to meet her Remy held himself partially up on bent elbos, fingers digging into the sheets. Feeling the red marks her nails left behind added to his need, fueled his thrusts, and made him want more from those nails. More pain and more demands from her body, he craved it like he craved air.

As her inner walls began squeezing tighter Remy hastened, reaching above her shoulders to grip the sheets and hold her in place. His thrusts became harder, shorter, faster. As he thrust in he also thrust up, burying himself that much more with each stroke.

Grunts and moans forced past his lips with each hard thrust even as he pressed them to hers, wanting to taste her kiss as he tasted her orgasm.

Amanda was grunting and moaning, having it mixed in with his own and loving the feel of Remy and what he was doing. The way he hooked his hips was what was right to touch that elusive spot deep within her. She gasped hard when he did, thrusting her body up into him and seeming to hold that position.

Amanda then finally breathed after a long moment and returned his kisses, feeling her body giving into him, completely. It was a wash of feeling coming over her. A wave of pure pleasures that ran from head to toe. Amanda released, her orgasm spreading over him while she moaned into his mouth as she was.

"Uhhhhhhh," Amanda moaned as they broke apart, "God, Remy...ohhhhh." Her nails dug into his back, leaving their mark upon his skin.

As they broke apart Remy buried his face in the crook of her neck. His thrusts still going strong even as his own was released white hot and deep within her spasming sex, a loud moan with her name upon it tearing from his throat.

He continued, thrusts growing weaker as his own body softened and succumbed to exhaustion. Panting to replenish his lungs Remy removed himself. Setting his legs to the side and his lower body off of hers he then propped himself up on elbos either side of her.

"Amanda," a breathy whisper, a soft kiss along her jaw line. His heartbeat was still barely calming. He wanted to speak but could think of nothing not already spoken, and his inner most feelings were currently very cliche.

Amanda was weak and little Mmm left her lips. She turned her head to him, her body shaking as he left her only to lay beside her and half over her, still feeding her his body warmth. She could feel his heart beating against her chest, even as she caressed him while he laid kisses upon her.

Amanda raised a hand and into his hair, making little trails in it as she admired the color. Amanda seemed to be glowing, feeling well satisfied and content and if she could, she would be purring right now.

"Of course you know now...I'm not going to let you leave any time soon," Amanda purred as her head tipped back while he kissed along her jaw and working his way to her ear. She shivered delightfully. Amanda twisted her body and hooked her leg around his, her arm going around to his back, feeling the trails she left.

She pushed up a little to look at his back and smirked, "Well, I see I left my mark on you." She turned her head to his lips then kissed him deeply.

Remy trembled at the slight sting of her touch upon the marks she had left on him. He was branded as hers in more than physical ways.  Leaning into the kiss with a deep sigh Remy's tongue danced with hers, drawing it into his mouth before breaking away to catch her lower lip with his teeth.

Sucking, pulling gently before speaking between layered kisses to her lip: "I was y'rs months 'fore t'night, Amanda." Another feverish kiss, one hand coming up to run up her arm to the shoulder as he tried to pull closer. "An' Remy not goin' no where."

Amanda's body gave a little shiver. The sensation dancing up and down her spine. She liked the feeling very much and his words...he knew just what to say to charm her. And that kiss, the touch, Amanda was melting all over again.

He was physically and mentally satisfied, but part of him didn't want to quite yet even though they both needed to rest. Breaking another kiss Remy looked down into her eyes, nose to nose, as his hand rubbed the smooth flesh of her shoulder.

Amanda had her eyes half closed, looking at him but now. She was in a blissful state, something she hadn't experienced in a very long time. Her own hand was gently stroking his back, fingers making little non patters over it. She started to rub her nose against his, her breathing very soft.

"You know it has been a long time since I have woken in the morning with a man as handsome as you beside me," she brushed her lips over his. "And I like giving wake up calls," she smiled as she used her leg to pull him to her, pressing their hips together.

Amanda then smoothed her hand up into his hair, kissing along his jaw.  "Would you like for me to give you a wake up call, Remy?" Her words were breathy, voiced between kisses as she moved to his ear and breathed a hot gentle breath into it, laced with a soft moan.

Remy released a breath with a small whimper as her hot breath and moan sent shocks up his nape and across his shoulders. Running a palm down her side to her curved hip that met his, holding her to his body. Turning his head just a bit he caught her ear lobe between his teeth, nipping and tugging as his tongue tip flicked along it.

"A wake up call from y'... I can't find de words, chere," he half whispered, half moaned. "Wake Remy, he def'netly return de favor." He moved his hips against hers, not surprised to feel the twitching of renewed interest so soon.

"I can't t'ink o' a better way t' greet de new day," he released her ear lobe to run his tongue around it's outer rim. "Or t' end dis night, dan wit' y'." He shifted his head slightly again, catching her left eye with his.

Amanda drew in a breath through clenched teeth as Remy bit, nibbled and sucked upon her earlobe. It all made her moan softly, her body shift under him and her nails gently rake his back. She felt her breath start to quicken as more of his words caressed her ear.

"Mmm," she purred, her leg rubbing against his, a hand sliding down his back then cupped his ass. She pulled him into her more as she felt her body wanting him yet again.

She then turned her head slightly as he did and then took it a step further.  Amanda tipped her head and kissed Remy deeply. Her tongue played with his, gently caressing, teasing in ways before she pulled back sucking upon his bottom lip.

She pulled him so he was nearly fully upon her, "Then let's end the night making love and awake in the morning as lovers," she breathed, her legs parting and inviting him to come play, yet again.

A sighing moan against her lips, Remy reached down to guide himself into her once more. Sinking into her his right hand came back up to cup her breast. His mind reeled at her words. She wanted more, she wanted more from him. This wouldn't be a one night stand.

Smiling down into her eyes as their crotchs met Remy couldn't hide the pure joy in his strange eyes. Taking her lips again he slowly grinded himself against her hips before drawing out to set a steady and slow beat.

Drawing his legs up he guided her thighs up and over his, tracing the smooth contours with one hand while the other returned to her breast.

Amanda's hands were moving over Remy, gently touching his skin here and there. She had closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath as she felt Remy moving his hand between them and then guiding his already hard member inside her awaiting walls.

She moaned deeply in her exhale, pressing her body up into his. "Mmmm," she purred then opened her sultry brown eyes. She gazed into his and what she saw there, made her smile. She leaned in to return his kiss, as well grinding her body into his. A long leg curled around, urging him slowly on.

Amanda shifted her body to Remy's will, raising her legs, "Ohh, god Remy, and to think we could have been doing this all along." Amanda looked down at his hand upon her breast then back up to him, leaning in to kiss at his chin, his jaw line, then to his ear.

Her inner walls squeezed and urged her lover on as their bodies danced, sweat mingling with the other's, breath being taken in and shared. She made love to this young man and wondered if she should really be doing this, for she was setting herself up to get very attached, very attached indeed.

Moaning into Amanda's mouth, Remy's thrusts grew harder, faster at the squeezing of her sex- digging in and up. He kneaded and pressed her breast with each yearning thrust into her. "We got time t' make up fo de lost passions," he mumbled against her lips in a promise.  He wasn't going to let her go hungry or wanting ever again.

Everything narrowed in on her from their kiss, to the friction of their thighs with each thrust. Each slick spot on their bodies that
rubbed together, sharing sweat or liquid from their passions seemed enhanced.

He wasn't aware of the brightly glowing air around their bodies, didn't know his powers were once more running amock without his total concentration to keep them in check. Not until he dug both hands into the covers directly above each of her shoulder did he see it.  The glowing spreading from his hands and out to cover the entire bed.

Using his wrists on her shoulders to keep her body from sliding too much he dug in with each hard thrust, mindful of the glowing but completely lost in her to pay it much heed.

Amanda groaned deeply at Remy's promise, she wouldn't mind making up for lost time with him...oh hell...not mind at all if it was like this each time. Her nails raked his back while her back arched, her head pushing back into the pillow.

Her eyes were closed as she was being rocked into heavenly bliss yet again.  So she did not register the glow that was happening around them. "Ohhhh," Amanda moaned her head tossing from side to side as she bucked up into him, seeming to pull him down as well with her inner walls. She groaned deeply as more little moans left her with each thrust.

Amanda opened her eyes and tried to raise up and toss them over. She threw her full weight into him and rolled them over as she was now atop him, straddling his hips and bucking down it him. Her eyes were closed as she rose up, tossing her long raven hair back while her back arched and she groaned out, "Remmmmyyyy, God...Mmmmm."

She reached down, opening her eyes to grab his hands...and it was then that she noticed the glow....

Remy bucked up into her, his spine a snake bent on it's prey. His heels dug into the matress as his hands each gripped a hand full of blanket. He felt the tingling, heating below him and within his hands... saw her gaze shift.

"Dieu," he groaned, eyes drifting closed before he turned his head to glance at his right hand, at the glowing blanket. Why they both hadn't been sent to la-la land by now he wasn't sure. His powers usually went out of control when they... went out of control. They didn't stay around waiting for his order.

He could still feel the connection to the energy though. A buzzing, tingling all around him. Arching his back into her he gripped the blankets tighter, knuckles going white as his eyes clenched shut and brows knitted.

Slowly the glowing came in and away from the corners of the bed, -out- of the blanket and -onto- Remy's body, the immediate air around him and up to and around Amanda's aura until she glowed a rosey blood.  The air around her tickling, crackling as the power slowly disapated itself.

Watching her now Remy rose with each of her thrusts to meet and drive himself further in. Moaning, breathless gasps for air as his hands rose to touch her, passing through the crackling aura and to her flesh.

Amanda kept moving upon Remy, slowly, but kept up though. She watched as he was pulling the energy back around to himself, not realizing that it was now going to her as well. She was just amazed at how he was able to do that.

Amanda started thrusting down onto Remy harder, feeling all tingly over her body. She moaned softly, mixing her own in with his. The sensation around her almost felt a Quickening. The power, the energy surging through her body. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling either.

It wasn't till she felt his hands upon her that she realized she was glowing as well. "Ahhh, Remy," she raked her nails down his chest while her head dropped back again. His touch was like fire upon her skin, burning her down deep. She moaned and tipped her head back, grinding her hips into him, making little circular motions.

Amanda could feel the wave of release approaching quickly, getting ready to crash down upon her. "Remy...," She breathed, her body showing signs of her release fast approaching, "Remyyyyy," She seemed to move a bit faster then suddenly she froze, feeling that wonderful wave just shoot right through her, going from her toes all the way to her hair.

Moaning loudly Remy bucked as her inner walls clamped around his throbbing member, grinded himself into her as her spine went rigid. The fast heat surrounding him, the squeezing and massaging from the muscles of her sex sent his own climax chasing hers.

He came fast and strong, arching himself back against the bed as it drew itself out within her. Even as it subsided his thighs remained tense for a moment before relaxing and setting back against the bed.  Gasping for breath and slick with both sweat and their mingling  orgasms he ran a hand through the damp hair of her temple.

His eyes definetly were feeling the after glow this time, and as his body slowly replenished itself of oxygen he soon felt his whole form was fatigued and exhausted with satisfaction. Not just satisfaction... but knowing he wouldn't be waking alone.

"Dieu, Amanda," his breath was heavy with wonder and admiration, sleep and dreams. Though he knew this night would, for once, hold a different theme for his dreams. "Dere only y'. I knew it before."

Amanda found air hard to come by as she released over her lover but soon it came back to her. She let it fill her lungs and calm her before letting fatigue and exhaustion take over. She laid down upon his chest, hearing his heart beating.

A little moan left her as he caressed her then she lifted her head slightly to look at him. The look in his eyes, the feel of him under her, Amanda could feel herself starting to tip, tip over so she would be falling in love with him.

Amanda moved up and kissed Remy deeply, "Shhh," she breathed, "...close your eyes and go to sleep," she was running her hand in his hair before shifting and coming apart from him. She snuggled up beside him, draping a leg over his body. She smoothed a hand down his chest as she laid her head upon his shoulder.

Amanda laid there awake for a little while, just listening to Remy as he was falling asleep. She wondered if she was going to allow this to last this time. She was never really good at relationships. Only one was with Duncan and even that they never stayed together for more than a few months. Was this man hoping for longer? Would she?

She looked up at him, "We'll just have to wait and see. So far...we are starting out on the right foot." she stroked his cheek, speaking mostly to herself softly.

Her voice was lost to him, though he half heard her it was from his sleep. He murmered in response to whatever it was he thought he heard and felt against his cheek.

The Dreams had left him. Finally. This time his sleep was full of color and feelings, the images themselves he'd forget before awakening. He felt secure and safe, loved and wanted. As if for the first time... and indeed, it might as well be the first time for he couldn't truly recall having felt this way before.

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