Remy and Amanda Log

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Admist the dream world half-memories and feelings from just last night carressed him before he awakened, slightly confused and slightly drugged as most awakening dreams will leave people.

She was there, he smelt her before opening his eyes. He smelt himself. Felt the silkness of her hair against his shoulder. Felt the chill of morning's kiss along his nude form. Stirring, he stretched his left arm and leg out, realizing at that movement his limbs weren't the only things to be stirring awake already.

Amanda felt Remy moving in the early morning. Making her become more aware of what was around her. At first she thought she had been dreaming. That night was wonderful, unexpectant and romantic. She however realized it wasn't.

She felt the warmth of Remy's body, heard his breathing and his heart beating. She opened her eyes and looked down his body and saw something that made an eyebrow raise. She smirked then started moving down his body.

It seemed to call to her, drawing her closer. And when she met it, she parted her lips and took him down, smelling his scent and hers upon him. She only suckled upon his crown for some time, tongue swirling around, stroking, pressing before she then just took him deep into her throat, her lips pressing to his base as she moaned deeply to make him feel the vibration.

Remy went from droswy arousal to full alert in a manner of seconds.  Sensing her body warmth shifting, moving down his body he half sat up on his elbos to reach for her, eyes barely opening in the process.  Then he felt that mouth, tongue, lips upon his tip. He gasped, gently arching back down to his pillow before moaning as she took him whole.

"Amandaaa," he breathed, right hand reaching down to tangle within her strands. It had been too long since he'd had a lover to take care of him like this. Waking up wet and hungry he usually had to take care of it himself, the last 3 months with Logan and the dreams not counting.

The mouth she had taken joy in teasing in with last night was now hot, slick, inviting. And all he had to do was wake up. "Mon dieu, Amanda," He writhed admidst the bed covers, moaning, stroking her head, and digging hands and heels into the bed as she drove him into bliss.

Amanda kept her head going, moving her lips up and down that wonderful length. She sucked and pulled, her tongue gliding and pressing at times to give him so much pleasure. She then moaned as she felt him really start to enjoy it. She could tell by the movement of Remy's body. A glance told her his fingers of one hand tore into the sheets, his other in her hair massaging her, urging her on. His legs were pushing his cock more into her mouth.

Amanda curled her hand around Remy's bent leg and her fingers played with his sac. Gently they flicked, caressed, pulled upon him before fingering the sensitive skin below them then working her way back to his tight bud. Amanda wondered, testing the back entrance to see if he would like it, would like the invasion of her fingers to give him really good pleasure.

Remy's mind was lost to the sheer sensations she was giving him, his head lolled from side to side as her mouth worked him over. He whimpered as her fingers tested his entrance and encouraged her on with a moan as he lifted his hips slightly higher.

"Do it, chere," he panted, finding his voice still ridden with sleep even though he was very much awake for this. "Dieu... Ammmaan- uhnnn..." he was close, so close. He stroked her head as his heels and hand kneaded the bed.

Amanda heard the go ahead and she did not hesitate to do what she planned once she got the go ahead. She pushed her finger inside, working him in what seemed to be in time with her mouth which moved over his cock.

After a while, Amanda worked in a second finger and this time, she made sure she pushed her fingers in deeper, so she could rub at his gland. Amanda knew it would really please Remy, stimulating him so he would release. And she could drink him down for her morning...cream.

She was doing everything right, more than right. Rubbing, tasting, pressing in each right spot to make his head reel and body come alive. She stretched him, taking him a step further, and then pushed him off the ledge with the second motion.

Arching into the bed Remy released himself with a cry, fed her his seed long and hard. Panting as his climax ebbed, muscles relaxed, and mind returned he touched her head again. Softly, waiting and feeling her clean each drop from his sensitive skin.

"Mornin'," he breathed, remembering her promise of a wake up call.

Amanda drank all Remy had to give, moaning softly and wiggling a little as well. She slowly pulled her fingers from him then as she finished up cleaning him, she lifted her head. She gave him long loving licks all around before gently laying him down.  She turned her head to him, placing her chin upon his hip and smiled, her eyes dancing with pleasure. "Morning yourself."

She then moved up his body, placing little kisses up body. She then was over him, hovering her plush body there. "It seems I had breakfast in bed already." She then laid fully upon him, placing her arms on either side of his head to let her fingers play in his hair. "Now, would you like for me to get you something to eat?"

Wriggling slightly under her Remy stretched and wrapped his arms about her back. Taking her mouth he tasted himself upon her kiss. "Chere," he spoke between kisses and nibbling her lips. "You'll do more dan fine."

"Me?" Amanda questioned as she kissed his lips. Amanda was adoring it and the way Remy was holding her. She then smiled at him, shifting as he was.

Sitting them both up he wrapped her legs about his abdomen as he continued to take her kiss deeper and longer. His hands roamed as he slowly continued to rearrange their bodies. "Always knew y' was good 'nough t' eat." Though it made him chuckle after he spoke it.

Amanda purred into the kiss Remy was giving her, taking each one as he was, deeper and longer. She had her arms wrapped around his neck, gently playing, scratching over it as they kissed. Amanda then giggled at his words, "I've been told that a time or two."

Pushing her to the sheets, feet towards the head of the bed, Remy hovered to better explore his delicious morsel. Biting along her collar bone his free hand traced over her breasts, ribs, abdomen and crotch to tease her inner thighs.

Amanda then laid back, stretching her arms over her head, wiggling a little under him. Her back arched as he nibbled upon her, slowly working his way down. "Mmm," she moaned, her breath quickening to his every touch. "Ohhh, Remyyyy," she sighed, keeping herself from touching him.

"Remy, you....see anything you like?" Amanda got out between little pants and moans, her legs moving slightly to rub against him slowly.

Remy found himself teasing and licking the flesh just above a pert nipple as she panted and moaned her question to his ears. The rubbing was helping speed his recovery, he pressed into it.

Between nibbles and licks Remy spoke of what he liked. "De goosebumps, as I lick and touch y' here," he ran his tongue over her alert nipple, ran his questing fingers further up her inner thigh. "Y'r unstable breathing as I kiss y' here," he kissed her
between her breasts, trailing them to her side below the ribs to plant a firm bite mark.

"Remy likes all he sees," he breathed, inhaling deeper as he kissed her hip. Fingers brushed against her sex as his lips kissed up to her lower abdomen, paused, and continued across to her other hip to leave another bite mark. All the while, his index finger pressed, inched into her.

Amanda squirmed under her lover, his teasing of her taking her to new heights that she hadn't felt in so long. Her skin broke out in goose bumps, making her shiver and moan softly. Finger in turn which were above her head, dug into the bedding under them, gripping and pulling as her back arched up into him more.

A little whine slipped forth from her in feeling his hand sliding up her legs, getting closer to her over heated flesh. Legs then parted as well. But as he nipped her, a gasp was taken in, her body jumping a little before a deep moan seeped out.

"Ohhh, that is wonderfulllll," Amanda groaned not sure if it was to his comment or the fact of what he was doing to her. As his finger entered her, pressing into her while he nipped her again, inner muscles squeezed while her hips lifted as well.

"Remmmmy...ohhhh, god, you make me so hot," She moaned finally moving to prop herself up on her elbows.

Remy moaned, biting her hip harder as he insert a second finger and began to slowly pulse them within her. Once, twice, three times pumping them. Releasing her hip from his teeth he withdrew his fingers and, making sure she watched, inhaled the scent from them with a moan.

Tongue tip between open, slightly bared lips. He guides his tongue up one finger, taking her juices into his mouth as he then sucks it clean. The still moist middle finger he reinserts into her. One, two, three thrusts. Upon exit he circles her outer lips, one, two, three times and then delves into again.

"Tell Remy what y' feelin' when he do dis," a low, husky whisper as he repeats his last act again.

Amanda was withering under the ministering of Remy and what he was doing to her. Her head dropped back as her chest pushed out a little, feeling him slowly pulsing his fingers within her neither region. She let out a deep moan, her body shivering till he pulled his fingers out.

Amanda lifted her head, panting as she did to watch him lick his fingers clean but then he drove his middle finger back into her. Amanda let out a little squeak only to drop back fully upon her back.

"I feel...ohhh, tingly, little sparks flying up my spine. My pulse just races so high to heat me and I feel like I can't breath. I want body needs more." Amanda looked at Remy with such fire and passion in her eyes.

"Remy give y' all y' need, girl," he added his index finger again, enjoying the look in her eye... and making her wait. Scissoring his fingers he adds a third, pressing the ring and index together while resting the middle atop.

Slowly he presses these in and out, stretching her bit by bit.

"Tell Remy what y' want him t' do," she was so wet and warm, he wanted to draw this out, long and slow until they both couldn't control themselves and lost it.

"I give y' three choices," he works his fingers within her still, holding her on the brink. "5 skilled fingers stretching for an entire fist." He brushes her clit with his thumb. "Lips, teeth, tongue..." he moaned softly, kissing her inner thigh. "Or both, make y' scream twice."

He stares up at her, eyes flashing a brighter red and fingers still working within her.

Amanda squirmed and panted, barely able to speak. Her body was tense at times, like a puddle at others. He was working her as if he knew how to for so long. She parted her lips but nothing came out and it was then he gave her the choices.

With each one she moaned, her body reacting to his fingers. She then finally raised her head, seeing the flashing in his eyes. To see it turned her on more but at the same time frightened her. It was a great mixture to feel.

"I...both," she finally answered, "Make...scream...for youuuuuuu," Amanda dropped back again, her back arching as she reached over her head for the foot railing of her bed and grasping it, as if holding on for the ride of her life.

Remy buried a moan within her inner thigh, biting to smother the sound. This was what he had longed for. To have Amanda at his mercy, to have her wanting, needing, crying out for him much as he wanted to be at her mercy, wanting, needing, crying out for her...

Adding in the little finger's tip Remy folded his thumb onto the top of the pile and squeezed his digits together. Slowly stretching her he inched in, coating his knuckles by drawing back out and spreading the gathered moisture along them. Then inching back in and pushed the knuckles past the barrier, up to his wrist in her sex.

Curling his fingers into a fist he waited, looked up at her until the initial surprise, pain, waves of sensation ebbed a bit.

Then: short, small thrusts in threes. One, two, three... pause... one, two, three... feeling her swollen heat brush against the side of his fist with each movement, the ridges scrape along his knuckles, the shivering workings of her inner muscles... and the moist clit between his other hand's thumb and index, squeezing and rolling.

Amanda gave a little groan as Remy bit her yet again, her body quivering, not sure what was to come next. She had given herself over to him, she was at his mercy and it was something she did so willingly. Amanda was amazed at herself that she would even do such a thing.

Amanda then felt pressure. She gasped, her body freezing for a moment as she was stretched. It was like a tease as he was working his hand within her, but then it wasn't. Amanda groaned, "Ohhh," as he was finally inside of her.  Her body tensed, the pain spread through her followed closely by the bliss of pleasure.

She calmed down, her breathing becoming somewhat normal. She was relaxed, her legs falling wider if that was possible. Amanda then was pushed further, Remy started to thrust his hand within her, her body responding by squeezing him. "Ahhh, God," she cried out, now her body really shuddering as she was just loosing complete control.

Her head tossed from side to side, not a single thought could be found in her pretty head. All Amanda concentrated on was this man that was taking her to heights she had not felt in so long. "Remy....ohhh, Remyyyyyyy," she arched her back, feeling a fast approaching release coming upon her.

Once more burying a moan within her thigh Remy felt her approaching climax, the squeezing upon his whole hand and the ridges in her sex brushing against his fingers. He picked the pace up a bit and continued to rub against her swollen g-spot.

As she bucked over the edge into orgasm he continued thrusting, riding the wave as his hand was enveloped within her climax. He kissed her thigh as she ebbed, waiting for her to relax her hold on him before gently removing his hand.

Nuzzling her hip he kissed up to her navel, gazing up at her and petting her leg with one hand as he cleaned the other. Small whispering moans as he licked his wrist and palm, eyes flashing as he watched her and tasted her... "Jus' a sample, chere," he breathed, reminding her what was next.

Amanda was trying to catch her breath, her orgasm seemed almost blinding as she was finally coming down off it. Her skin over sensitive as she felt her lover moving up her body. She shivered then lifted her head to look at him. Her eyes showed such pleasures and how content she was with what he was doing.

She smiled a little as he moved up, kissing her. She then watched him as he licked his wrist and palm, eyes flashing. She then giggled as her head dropped back. "Oh baby, I loved your sample and am eager for the rest." She lifted her head back up to met his eyes again.

She finally moved a leg, finding the strength from somewhere, and started rubbing it up and down his side while her one hand finally came down to tread through his soft long locks.

Closing his eyes at her attentions Remy practically purred his contentment as he continued to clean his hand with his tongue.  Nuzzling against her leg as she rubbed him he reopened his eyes, laying his cleaned and moist hand upon her thigh.

"How eager are y', chere?" He asked, a smirk playing across his lips. He could draw this encounter out to whole new levels of lust, even for him, if he felt so inclined.

Amanda slowly raised her body up, sitting up and making him do the same as well.

She moved her hands up to his cheeks then pulled him into a deep and sensual kiss, tasting herself upon him. She slowly pulled back, sucking upon his bottom lip. "Very eager," She finally spoke once she broke the kiss.

She ran her finger tips down his skin, feeling the heat from his body, his pulse racing just under it. She then lightly raked her nails down his chest, while she leaned in and nuzzled his right ear. Her hot breath caressed before she bit upon his ear lobe and sucked upon it. "Lets go to new heights, baby," she whispered in his ear.

Moaning, Remy smiled and pressed against her for a small instance.  They'd go to new heights, of that he was already sure. He had never felt this strongly for a woman before. He wanted to give until the only strength left in his body was the last breath, and he didn't plan on dieing any time soon...

With a seductive and secretive grin Remy slowly inched away from her, drawing her with him to the edge of the bed. Lowering his legs he half-knelt as he kissed her collar, hand cupping and kneading her breast as his lips found the other.

Lower still, savouring her navel with his tongue before once again finding her heated and throbbing pleasure. He didn't waste any time on teasing this round. Tasting her outter lips his tongue then pressed between them as he settled into a kneeling and worshiping position on the floor, arranging her legs over his shoulders.

Amanda purred into Remy's little press against her but it was short lived as he pulled back. He moved away with this grin upon his face that made him even more handsome...if that was possible. Amanda could tell he was up to something and she flowed with him more than willing to find out.

She tipped her head to one side to allow him more access to her. She leaned upon one hand while the other played in his long soft hair, massaging his head. She gasped softly when she felt his hot breath upon her more than sensitive breast. It caused her to arch her back as she drew in a deep breath.

But still lower he moved, teasing, tasting and bringing her back to full raging fires again. She looked down but then cried out a little as he didn't indeed waste any time. She pushed her hips up into him while she dropped back upon the bed, her legs falling over his shoulder and using them to pull him more to her while fingers twisted in the sheets again.

"Ohh, god, Remy. Mmm, you are so...never going to let you leave," Amanda withered under the attention feeling herself just loosing all sorts of control. "Ohh, just love the way your tongue feels."

Though vocally he couldn't express himself as she was, Remy did respond to her oaths physically. He pressed his teeth against her clit as his tongue delved deeper to bathe and taste of her flowered center. Hands roamed up and down her thighs, kneading and tracing out his desire.

He wasn't planning on leaving but wouldn't fight if she had the oath she spoke of comforted him, he would not be begging on his hands and knees for her to keep him. He hoped.

That thought alone turned him up an notch, his kiss becoming more heated and hungry for her climax. His hands kneaded harder into the deep thigh muscles over his shoulders.

Amanda was a firm believer in actions always spoke louder than words. Remy was doing just that. She did not need to hear his words but felt them and could tell he was pleased. Amanda squirmed with such pleasures from what he was doing, the way his hands kneaded her thighs, it was sending shivers through her body.

She moved her hips but not to much as to cause him problems and her upper body arched as she played with her own nipples while panting deeply. A heat pooled at her core and wanted to spread through her body. Amanda was not going to prevent it and after a while of Remy driving her to many many edges then pulling her back, she finally was allowed to plunge over.

Amanda gasped hard, her back arched as she cried out her release, feeding Remy once again from her sweet honey pot.

Pulling back slightly as her climax peaked Remy lapped at her sex and the gift she was feeding him. As she began to ebb his tongue once more delved deep to clean what was left, scrubbing her thoroughly as he moaned, hands still kneading her thighs like a hungry kit.

Moving out again he lapped at the leftovers along her inner thighs before crawling up her body, nuzzling a breast, and looking down into her eyes.

"Dat a new height, chere?" He breathed, leaning in to kiss her neck.

Amanda shuddered and shook at Remy's cleaning till she finally couldn't take to much more. She panted, trying to catch her breath as she moved back up her body, nuzzling her then looking down at her.

Her brown eyes gazed up at him with a very satisfied look to them. She smiled a little, pretty much all the strength she had left to do. She tipped her head then finally raised a hand to move into his long soft locks. She curled her fingers with it and nodded a little before answering, "Ohhh, yes, new height indeed, lover."

She gripped his hair as she turned her head and kissed him deeply, folding her other arm around him. She slowly pulled back from the kiss, "You want to shower then get something to eat from the kitchen?" Amanda however still held Remy close to her, as if not wanting to let him go so soon.


Remy turned his head, smelling her hair as he kissed her below her ear lobe. He had no desire to pull away from her embrace any time soon either. Her warmth and smell called to him. He didn't answer her so much in words as actions once more.

Reaching down to scoop her legs back onto the bed he then settle in next to her, legs next to hers and arms on either side of her head as he continued to nuzzle her ear. He was famished but right now, it wasn't time to eat yet.

"When y' ready," he murmered next to her ear.

Amanda was loving how Remy nuzzled her, cuddled into her. It was melting the romantic heart in her. She had always dreamed of a man who would give her this much attention. Sure Duncan came close at times but like this?

"Mmm," She purred as he shifted them and she was laying back on the bed, head buried in the pillow while she was gazing up toward the ceiling. Not like she would see it to clearly, her vision was blurred from half closed eyes.

Slowly fingers ran down his back, caressing while he continued to nuzzle her ear. She sighed heavily at his words, "Remmmy," She purred his name out as she lifted her head a little to kiss at his neck and shoulders.

Amanda started kissing her way up and along his jaw line till she nuzzled him so his lips were over hers. Amanda placed small kisses upon Remy's lips at first but then she gradually deepened them, making them more passionate and wanting, needing, desiring of him.  Remy pressed into the kiss with a sharp intake of breath, one hand balancing him while the other caressed the side of her face. He would never tire of needing her like this, would do everything to keep her from tiring of him.

Though he had promised her three things in the early morning, by the second he hadn't been sure she'd have the strength for the finale.  Now though, he felt himself returning full throttle, eager to please and eager for release.

As he reawakened he straddled her hips, pressing their groins together so she could feel him returning, feel his thick between her legs, rubbing against her sex up and down as he became hard.

Moaning into the kiss he reluctantly broke away, lips brushing against hers as he spoke. "Amm-manda," he took a breath, his accent heavy with need. "Chere, t'ink y' can stand?" What he had planned needed a bit more friction than bed sheets on a horizontal level.

Amanda arched her body under Remy as they kissed, her nails lightly raking over his back. She wondered if this was what heaven felt like for she could have sworn she was there. It had been so long since a man made her feel this way, wanted her this way.

She dared not move as Remy did only to feel his hardness pressing against her. She purred as her hips tipped up to him, moving with his to bring him to that state.  As their kiss broke, she liked her own to moisten them and his as well. She kept her eyes half closed while still caressing him, "For you, darling, anything," she answered as she started to rise up but still staying close to him.

God, he was addicting and he made her want so much more. Oh she could feel herself getting into trouble over this man and at the moment, she sure did not mind.

Remy stayed close to her as he backed off the bed with her, lips caressing her shoulders and collar as he kept his hips near hers. The journey was slow, his constant desires to pause now and then, caress a thigh, kiss an ear, feel his length teasing her thighs...

Finally, off the bed, he scooped both her legs up and around his hips, still not allowing himself to enter her folds. Staring into her eyes he found an empty portion of wall and gently pressed her against it, letting her use his body and the wall for support.

"Times three," he breathed, drawing back and resting the head of his thick against her entrance.

Amanda moved as slowly as Remy, keeping hers with his, and shivering when he touched, kissed or teased her. This was all like a dream to her, as if she was still in bed and dreaming all this and not really awake this morning. It was amazing and unlike any time she had ever been with a man.

As they finally got off the bed, her light weight was lifted, leg going around his hips. Amanda slide her arms around his neck, keeping her body close, feeling his breath upon her heated skin. She didn't know what he had planed but at this point, he would do whatever he wanted and she was game for it.

She gazed down into those red and black eyes as she felt her back touching the cool wall. Amanda closed her eyes as she tipped her head back against the wall. A soft moan left her, feeling Remy's crown just at her entrance then was slowly sinking down upon him. She gripped his shoulders tightly, panting as he filled her, "Third time is always a charm," she purred.

Moaning as her slick, tight walls surrounded him Remy bowed his head against her shoulder until they rested hip to hip. Kissing up to her tipped chin he withdrew, starting a slow and thorough pace tip to base with each thrust. Panting through parted and moist lips he watched her face closely.

"If y' asked," he gasped out, "I wouldn' stop." Each time with her had been a thrill ride, nothing compared from his lovers before. He had never so been involved, heart, body, and soul, with a woman like this. He wanted to give her the stars. "I'm y' servant," he moaned, taking the speed up just a notch but keeping it just as thorough.

Amanda panted heavily,holding on to Remy as much as she could. But the pace he was setting, the feel of him moving within her, it made her loose all control she might have had. Amanda gave herself over to him.

She turned her head to him, the glow of pure pleasure lighting it. She brushed his hair back with one hand, even as the air was being pushed from her with each thrust. "I...I don't...would not....askkkk you to...stop," she
managed to get out, "Oh Remy."

Amanda leaned in and kissed him deeply, her tongue darting into his mouth so she could caress it, taste him. She pulled from the kiss, her brown eyes gazing into his reds once again. She half closed her eyes, feeling the pleasures of him, his hands burning their impression into her skin, into her soul. His cock, making its home within her and making her want no one else. His lips, they caressed her. Everything about him...Amanda did not want to give up.

She leaned in once more, pressing her lips to his in a kiss that revealed all this to him and then some. She scratched his back with her other hand, feeling her release fast approaching, wanting, needing and trying to draw his out as well.

As they clung to one another the tightening of her inner walls around his pumping thick signaled her approaching release. Remy pressed into the kiss with a smothered moan, grapping her hips as he doubled
the speed. Thrusting in and up with each entrance his fingers dug into her thighs to keep her steady, a panting grunt released with each thrust that forced him to relent the kiss.

Staring into her eyes as he pulled from the kiss he knew they'd never part. They couldn't. If what he saw in her was true. If what he had felt when they first met... the dreams... if it was true.

His release was spiraling close, each thrust from his tensed thighs and hips, each moan, scratch down his flesh, and slick tightening of her body sent him to the edge. They both shared a fine sheen of sweat. As her release let go he drove himself into her one last time, crying out her name as he gushed into her deepest regions.

Amanda shuddered and shook in Remy's powerful arms. Feeling him fill her yet again over and over. She laid her head upon his shoulder, her breath heavy, heart still beating fast till it finally was slowly. Her sweat mixed with his at the closeness of their bodies.

She at last pulled back a little, a single hand coming to wipe the sweat from his brow. She then cupped his cheek and kissed him lightly. She pulled back with a little smile, "Now this...this is a morning to remember." It was then that Amanda knew, her life was taking a different path than the one she had been traveling upon. One where she had no idea where it was going to take her.

"I give y' de world, chere," Remy whispered, leaning into her embrace before scooping her up and laying her atop the bed. "If y' let me." Despite his hunger his eye lids felt heavy, his body felt warm next
to her. Breakfast could wait another few moments. Closing his eyes he kissed her shoulder, inhaling her sweet scent before drifting into a half sleep.

Amanda laid next to Remy upon the bed, drinking his warmth from his body. She too had that sleepy feeling, her eyes fluttering with sleep. She turned her body to face him, taking in the manly scent of him and their sex. It was something she missed.

Amanda fell into a light sleep, her legs twined with Remy's from some time till she woke again about mid morning. She blinked slowly, her face against his chest, her arms around him. She smiled as she realized it wasn't just some sweet wet dream.

She laid there for a moment, letting one hand roam over his body, feeling each smooth muscles, each little bump or scare upon him. Then she slowly pulled away from him. She reached over after she got up and pulled the blanket over him then leaned down and kissed his temple.

Amanda then pulled a robe on and walked out, going to get some fruit. She sliced up some bananas, apples, oranges, placed some grapes on the tray and some cheese. She then grabbed some juice and placed it in a canister with two glasses.

Amanda carried the tray back up, opening the door and closing it quietly behind her. She then sat it on the table next to the bed then went to shower while Remy was still sleeping.

A single red eye blinked open at the scent of fruit, his stomach complaining bitterly at the reminder to eat. Lazily he stretched out beneath the sheets, a smile coming to his lips as he heard the shower running. Rising he took an orange and slice of cheese. A few apple pieces before he stood from the bed.

Plucking a strawberry from the tray he walked into the restroom, admiring Amanda's form through the fuzzy glass shower door. "Sleep well, chere?" he crooned, opening the door and stepping in, the warm water seeping into a few slightly sore muscles.

Amanda was rubbing her hands over her body when she jumped at the sound of Remy's voice echoing in the shower. She looked over her shoulder and smiled as he was stepping in. "Mmm, best sleep I had in ages."

Amanda turned fully to face him, her eyes traveling over his well formed muscles. "How about you?" She raised her arms, her hands moving to his shoulders. She started moving her hands down his arms, following the water then going against it as she came back up. Amanda then ran her hands down his chest.

"You see the breakfast...or shall I say brunch I left for you. I'm not much of a cooker but I can slice up some fruit and make a nice arrangement." She smirked.

The way she touched him sent shivers through his bones, though it was anything but cold in here. Remy returned the smirk. "Slice me up any day, Amanda" and brought the strawberry up to her lips, not
letting her have it but running the tip over her lower lip and then upper.

"I t'ink we both be sleepin' well fo a long time t' come," he whispered next to her ear, nipping at her lobe.

Amanda moved her hands slowly around Remy's waist, smiling to his words. She half closed her eyes and tipped her head a little at she saw the strawberry being brought to her lips. She was about to bite it when he pulled it away slightly then rubbed it over her lips. The action had a reaction. She held onto him tighter as her tongue came and played upon the tip of the berry.

She let out a little moan as she could not stop the shiver that traveled up her spine. "I won't argue with that. Not in the least," She purred as she moved her hands up his back and pressed her body against his. "So what would you like to do today? Hmm? Have you ever toured Paris before? Or..." Amanda turned her head to him, her lips just brushing over his, "...would you rather spend the day right here, making sweet love to each other?" She breathed, "It does not matter to me, because I'm going to make sure you are here with me tonight." She pressed her lips to his in a sensuous kiss, one that held the promise of what she just spoke.

Remy gently pressed into the kiss, arms wrapping about the small of her back. "Paris," he whispered in between kisses. "I've seen," another kiss this time on her jaw. "But y'," on her collar bone. "I'm still gettin' t' know." Back up the other side of her jaw he ran his tongue, tasting her salty sweet flesh with the smooth water of the shower.

He paused and then pulled up to look at her. "We could do both," a playful and promising glint to his eyes as he held the fruit to her lips for her to take this time.

Amanda closed her eyes, giving a little purr as her arms wrapped around him, one hand coming to rest upon his bare bottom and gripping it a little as he kissed and licked upon her skin.

She opened her eyes as he pulled back to gaze into her brown eyes, the strawberry before her lips. She parted her lips, "Mmm, that we can do. I wonder what kind of...excitement we can out there. Like the gardens, the shops, all the other places I know that we can...explore..." She bit into the strawberry with her finishing words, at the same moment, her other hand moving between their bodies, taking a firm grip upon his cock and gently stroking.

Remy's mouth parted to reply but was cut off by a low moan as her hand did it's magic and rendered him speechless for the... he had lost count. Still, his lips moved slowly for a moment before giving up on whatever it was he had wanted to say.

Tracing her hip to ribs his hands made a slow journey to her breasts, cupping and kneading them, thumbs rubbing back and forth over her nipples. His hips made small, short thrusts into her strokes.

"Amandaa," finally finding his voice. "unnn, chere, y'll be de death o' me," he panted, a brief smile on his lips as he looked to her eyes.

Amanda was loving the reactions she was getting from Remy, The way she could make him speechless with a touch. Granted that touch would make most men speechless but the look upon his face was just heavenly.

Amanda's own body came alive from his light touch. The way his fingers glided over her hips to her breast adding to the heated sensation of the water. She gave a little purr as she rocked a little closer, drawing a breath to raise her breast as her nipples grew harder under his playing.

"Not the death, my sweet, but a new height in life," She moaned as she returned his gaze. Amanda then slowly started sinking down. Her lips touching his skin here and there, placing little nips, sucking bites, especially upon his nipples as she worked her way down.

In crouching before him, she rubbed her cheek against his hip, "Consider this a...  taste at what we can do when we go... out sight seeing." She then craddled him in her hand, pulling his cock to her and placed a slow flat lick up the underside of him hard flesh to the crown which she kissed.

She pulled back and repeated the action but this time instead of kissing him, she took his crown into her mouth and let her tongue and teeth play over him, making little sucking noises and she took him in and out of her mouth.

Remy braced himself against the side wall, fingers attempting to dig into the tile as she took him whole, in and out. Whimpering moans escaped his slack jaw and parted lips. Reaching down with his other hand he gently threaded his fingertips through her wet hair. A brief smirk played across his lips as he thought of all the surprised tourists they'd... surprise. Unless she gagged him there was no way he could keep silent during her heavenly sight seeing.

Eyes fluttered closed as his head turned to the cieling, gasping moans replacing the small whimpers. Instinctually his hips made small, abondoned thrusts into her warm and inviting mouth.

Amanda closed her eyes, nails raking down those hips and thighs as she pleasured him once again. She found herself loving those little whimpers which turned into moans as she went on thrusting his member down her throat.

She curled her hands around to his ass, gripping his cheeks and squeezing them. As she did, Amanda pushed his hip to her, making him go down her throat, press her nose to his skin and she swallowed hard upon him then moaned as she drew back.

She looked up at him, to see his reaction, suckling just on his crown. Ohh, Amanda had this feeling that this tour of Paris was going to be the best and the most fun.

Gasping moans founds their way past Remy's parted lips as she swallowed him, his fingers attempting to bore into the shower walls. Through heavy eye lids he gazed down at her and moved his hand to the crook of her neck and shoulder. Massaging her flesh gently as he watched her sucking upon his crown.

"We gonna surprise more den a few tourists, chere," he half breathed, half moaned.

Amanda smiled with his cock still in her mouth then giggled, "That's what makes it so much fun." Amanda parted her lips more and swallowed Remy back down, this time she did not hold back. Her teeth gently raked his cock at times, her nose pressed to his skin when she would push him all the way back, swallowing hard to knead his crown.

And as she did this, Amanda circled her arms around him and massaged his ass cheeks before taking a wet finger and venturing along his crack. She rubbed over his tight bud before pushing the tip of her finger inside. Then she placed more inside, getting deeper and deeper till she found his love button and tickled it.

It was then she started to give Remy what he wanted with her mouth and her finger.

"Dieu," Remy moaned, fingers giving up on finding anything to hold onto as his palm pressed against the wall. It became a fight to hold back, draw this out as long as he could while he moaned and gasp at her explorations. She was doing all the right things and more.

A warm aura faded into view around their bodies, the water sizzling as it bounced off of it. Barely aware of his once more active gift Remy reached down to grip Amanda's shoulders as his climax neared.

"uhhhnnNN! Amannnda, mon dieu," another gasping moan followed by a loud cry as he released himself into her warm, moist, magical mouth. The building aura of his not-so undercontrol gift exploded out away from their bodies, temporarily killing the immediate supply of oxygen within the room.

Amanda's eyes were closed as she worked Remy, her mouth pulling and caressing his length as she took him down. So she was also unaware of his gift spreading around them or the water sizzling upon contact of it.

What she was aware of was Remy's release. Amanda never stopped her movements, however instead worked with his release. Arms tightening around him, she pushed in closer to him, her body resting against his as she drank him down.

However suddenly Amanda couldn't breath. She pulled off of Remy, her eyes opening as she gasped for air... 

Remy's orgasm quickly changed into a gag when he gasped for air and found nothing. Stumbling back he fell against the wall and slid downnext to Amanda. As he began to feel fuzzy, and see blurry, he hit the side of the tub in a last effort to reach to the door while tugging on Amanda's arm. Then he blacked out.

Because of the open door and most of the shock being stopped by the walls of the room, air slowly leaked back into the room. Faster than it would have had the door been closed.

Though only out for a few moments Remy still stared at the floor in confusion. His body hung at the chest from the lip of the tub.

Amanda was like Remy, lacking in air, feeling the world spinning. She grabbed at her throat realizing, no, no one took her head. So she was still alive. But what was happening. She fluttered her eyes, fighting to stay conscious. She felt Remy tug at her and she slipped in the tub, a hand clawing for the edge. She then passed out, slipping down so the water was running over her and she was under him while his body was over the tub half way.

A rush of air entered her lungs in a few moments, her body shook from it. It felt much like coming back to life but she never died. Amanda gasped again, "Remy?" she called out, not realizing she was under him till a hand reached out and felt his leg.

"Remy?" her voice still small.

Remy. Remy? Her voice broke through the fog in his ears as he shifted against the tub, feeling bruised skin along his ribs and chest. Blinking at the water raining from above Remy lowered himself back into the tub and next to Amanda.

He leaned towards her, worry on his face as he continued to fill his lungs. Drawing her close to him he cupped his hands behind her neck. "Chere," his voice weak as he took another long gasp. "Y' okay...?" Looking her body over he cursed himself under his
breath. "I'm sorry, chere... y' really got t' me I guess." He could help the small smirk.

Amanda shifted a little but the water mostly helped slide her up against Remy. She blinked a few times to get oriented before placing a hand upon him as he settled next to her. She was drawn to him and her brown eyes finally focused up his handsome features.

Amanda read the concern in his eyes. She was touched by that display. So few men cared these days but for themselves. She reached up and touched his cheek then gave a little smile as well, "Well...I've been told I have that effect on me." She drew in another deep breath.

She leaned in and kissed him lightly, her soft lips brushing over his.  "Sweetheart," she started out slowly, "Does...this happen often?" Amanda was right now more concerned about him. She was worried that one day, something would happen to him and she didn't think she could bare that.

"Non," he put on a daring smile. "Jus' wit' y'." Searching her face he knew if it kept happening he'd have to come up with more excuses. And she was the first to sincerely return his love. He wasn't often honest about his life and gift.

"Chere," he still smiled. He had chosen long ago to choose a smile. He wasn't quite as dark about his own life as most would think. "I won' lie. It takes concentration t' keep dem in check. An' I've nevah lost it in public..."

Chewing his lower lip with a sly smirk he added: "Last time I remember, Remy still had trouble keepin' his attention on de control o' his gift wit' a lover. Though it nevah hurt no one... Remy wonder when de luck will dry up." His smile faded now. He didn't often want to think about it. If he ever hurt Amanda because of his own attention ... he drew her against his body, nuzzling into the crook of her neck.

Amanda could tell something wasn't right. She learned to read people a long time ago. He was trying to keep her from worrying. Amanda closed her eyes, tipping her head as she held Remy close to her. "Honey, when you're with me...the luck never dries up." She smiled a little, trying to ease his fears. "We will just have to be more...aware, so to speak." She pulled back looking down at him, her fingers under his chin to tip his head up to her.

"Lover, you are not going to drive me away and I'm not going to leave just because of this. I have done this to much in the past and it is time I grew to speak," She smirked thinking of her age. "Now what do you say we put all this behind us for now and go have some fun. Then we can talk some more later, okay?"

Reaching up Remy pulled her back into a kiss with a smile on his face. "You're my kind o' woman, less talk an' more fun." He chuckled as he stood, helping her to her feet on the way.

Grabbing a towel he wrapped it over her shoulders, rubbing her arms and back through the soft material before grabbing a towel for himself. Dressing in his suite from the other night he tsked as he wished he had remembered his jeans, tee, and boots.

"First stop: clothing." He announced with a smirk: he didn't want to stain this somewhat borrowed suit. 

Amanda smiled, "What can I say, one of my flaws you can say." She stood still as Remy dried her, glancing here and there over her shoulder at him.  She then finished and walked back into the bedroom, looking at her clothing. Blood stained them and she had but no choice except to put it on.

"I have to agree, clothing." Amanda pulled her duster on then turned to Remy ready to go. She walked over, extending her hand and took his, "Let's go, darling."

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